Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lookin' good, mrs. officer

I was driving back home one late night and was listening half-heartedly to the radio while another part of my mind was struggling to fight the fatigueness that was slowly creeping into my head. Then, I heard THAT song. "Wee-oo-wee-oo-wee-oo..." it went. Huh? Lagu apa ni...cam syok juga and I never heard it before. Like a person who just had a mugful of Nescafe, I was instantly awake and waited patiently for the DJ to announce the singer at the end of the song. At the same time I was trying to catch the lyrics of the main chorus. No success there...the man was rapping like a speed boat. And so was the DJ...but I managed to hear him say "Bobby Valentino".

Ooh...I have one of his songs. He likes to sing really sexy songs, so I went to the Net and search for all Bobby's lyrics which has the wordings "wee-oo" But I search and search and search...and no results. I'm like 'Oh, this is so depressing!'...until that day when me and my colleague went to have lunch at Warisan Square.

We passed through Centre Point (to catch the air-con obviously) and just went into the entrance when I heard the familiar music in a nearby distance. Like a mad lady, I looked left and right frantically to search for the source...aha! It came from a shop sellings cds and games stuff. I practically ran to the store and demanded the person at the counter for the title of the song. Person A pointed towards person B who was standing next to the cd player. Before she could say, "Tanya dia..." I was at Person B's side in an instant, who showed me the cd cover with an amused look on his face. Yes! I finally got the title!

"When I get all up in ya
We can hear the angels callin' us
We can see the sunrise before us
And when I'm in that thang
I'll make that body sang
I'll make you say
wee-ooh wee-ooh wee
wee-ooh wee-ooh wee
wee-ooh wee-ooh wee"
Mrs. Officer - Li'l Wayne feat. Bobby Valentino
Now I have the song, where can I get a lady cop uniform? *winkS*

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally. I can Breathe

Forgive me a thousand times for not updating this li’l site of mine. My job is really one endless train journey. Everyday there is something new to do…thinking of new promotions for the beauty centre every month, handling customers from beauty centre and outside suppliers and distributors, helping out with my boss for upcoming exhibitions, creating attractive wordings and headlines for advertisements and write-ups…and the list goes on and on. And now, we’re opening up a new retail outlet in few days’ time so we’re like training new staff in terms of products (Not easy since we have 2 skin care lines and 3 aesthetics devices. For 1 skin care brand, there’s like about 30 products and you gotta familiarize with each of their benefits and ingredients and what sort of skin care program is suitable for teens, young adults, or the elderly depending on their skin type. Ugh!) Besides training, we’re also preparing all the stock, product brochures, member application forms bla bla…plus we’ll be having an opening ceremony of the outlet this coming week and I’m in charge of sending out invitations to VIPs, newspaper reporters and dealing with catering. Phew! And coincidentally, my boss thought of our company having a website, and I was the lucky one given the task to prepare out all the info on ALL of the products and services we have. And now it’s the December, the busiest month of the year. Not only we need to be prepared for the big crowd of customers wanting to look beautiful and young for Christmas and New Year AND Chinese New Year, we need to think of new promotional strategies for our current and existing members for the year 2009. Arghh…

Enough about work! I may seem like a workaholic but I’m not! I’ve still got my social life hehe…I still attend my belly dance classes, went for my Kadazan language classes (just took the final exam last Saturday!), organize monthly gatherings for my fellow Komulakan friends, attend the party’s AGM, organize yet another Komulakan Youth Nite where I played hostess and was in charge for food & drinks and games (everyone was pretty entertained!), did a dance & dinner show with my dance studio girls (everyone love it!), did more dance performances for my friend’s wedding, went for trip to Ranau with my fellow Komulakans (was supposed to go to Apas, Tawau this weekend but couldn’t make it ‘cos I was as busy as hell), oh! And I also got to celebrate my 25th birthday hehe! I got a lot of pressies, thanks you guys!

But I missed out some things too…like hanging out with my gatal. It’s been months since we went to the movies, or eat out at a restaurant, or just catch a glimpse of each other.It's like we're in a different wordls or something. He’s been pretty busy himself, worse than me!…he’s more like the doctor on call.
And my good friend has left for Spain (Barcelona!) to further her masters few months. Miss hanging out with her, stuffing our faces with glorious food, dance ourselves silly at clubs, and sing like mad at our usual karaoke place. Hopefully she'll bring back some hunky Spanish guys back(esp those who can cook! Yum)

Anyway, below are some pics that may depict major events that happen during the past few months in my life *wink*

See you guys soon!

More work to do. And it’s the weekend!


V and friends & cousins during her b-day :)

V and friends during her 2nd b-day bash hehe!

One of our monthly gatherings (Merilyn's b-day)

my cousin Bobbie's engagement...a day after my b-day :)

my 1st level Kadazan language graduation ceremony...with all my 'classmates' hee hee!

my dear friend May's wedding. Absolutely love her wedding gown!

Monday, September 22, 2008

it's time to dance!

What’s up y’all? Now not only I’m busy with work, I’m also busy dancing my (poor,tired) feet away practically every night for our dinner party and dance show next month! Yup, it’s definitely very exciting. We’ll be doing from bellydance to ballroom, from hip hop to shuffle…u name it, we got it! We’ve been practicing for 2 ½ hours from night to night to another night…so for those who will be attending our show, you’ll totally not going to regret it! I’m like going to work from 9am-6pm…then off to dance practice from 8pm-11pm. By the time I reach home, it’s nearly midnight and that’s only when I get to eat my dinner! I go to bed around 1.30am and then wake up at 7 the next day and start the same routine all over again. So you can see why I hardly had the chance to update my blog hehe. So, I’ll be doing 3 dances (some only had to do 1 dance. Lucky them!) which are samba, bellydancing, and another type of bellydance but with drum music (very exotic one ehehe. And we’ll be wearing straw skirts with feathery head gear *wink*). Originally, I was included in hip hop…but apparently I was too small compared to my other dance partners who are more ‘berisi’ and terpaksa kena kicked out. Bummer!

Talking about dance, I’ll share with u a pic of our last dance performance at e-west, this karaoke place at Luyang. It was really funny ‘cos I was only told about it less than a week towards the day of the performance! Nevertheless, we did our previous routine and all went smoothly. This time we performed at a small function room and it’s completely different to performing in a big hall with a big audience. Somehow, I felt that the atmosphere was more intimate ‘cos we were just dancing few feet away from the audience (and smaller group of people) who can detect our moves and expressions at a closer view. But I didn’t let that scare me and we got extra ‘ang pows’ in the end hehe!

in colors of black and red :)

Oh and Mum, my aunt and me went to 1 Borneo today. I met up with my fellow Komulakan friend Gloria to find prizes for the games. I’m organizing this get-together event with Komulakans from all around Sabah so we’re going to have performances, games, and great food! Anyway, we went to the Daiso shop where all are priced at RM5. We got some real funny stuff like a paper fan, hand towel, shower gel, bedroom slippers to be given as prizes haha! Get-togethers should be fun, so we must do things from the unexpected point of view :)

And I got to do some shopping too! It’s my lucky day ‘cos I can actually find work pants my size! Normally I had to get mine done at the tailor’s. I found the perfect beige pants to replace my old fading beige pants at Urban Inc (Thank you Urban Inc!You’ll always be my fave store) There wasn’t any discount, but who cares right? Once you’ve found the one, just go ahead and buy it. Just like in relationships, once you’ve found Mr/Ms Right, don’t wait for a ‘discount’ (meaning surveying for other potential candidates) and don’t let your future partner go!

I also got this really nice foundation at MAC which is the SatinFinish range. Let’s hope that it’s as good as my Benefit foundation :) The guy at MAC who attended to my aid was very patient and helpful, thumbs up for MAC and I’ll definitely go there in the future for its great products and service!

For those who haven’t tried Dome’s Espreski drink yet, well you should. I tried the Chai Chiller ( I personally adore chai teas! ) and it was smooth (no crunchy ice cubes!) and not too rich. Ooh, and the whipped cream was absolutely yummylicious!

It was a relaxing weekend. I’d better get ready for another dance + work – packed week ahead. And good luck to you too!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

people come and go...but memories stay forever

Oh man…it’s been 2 months since my last blog entry! And I asked to myself, “Was I that busy?” Apparently, the answer’s a big, solid yes! No need to say about weekdays. I go home at 7 every night, cook dinner, have dinner, iron my work clothes for the next day, feed the dogs, prepare stuff that I need to bring to work, have a brief chat with my parents etc. By the time I’ve taken my shower, it’s already near to midnight and I have barely 5 minutes to glimpse through the day’s papers before heading to bed. And if I have dance class that day, forget about even reading the papers or watching 10 minutes of TV. Weekends are no help either. On Saturdays, I go to my weekly language class which took 3 hours. And at night, either I help Mum with housework or attending functions. It’s the same with Sundays. So you see, I practically have no time to even switch my laptop on to relate my goss of daily happenings. But I’m lucky today with few hours to spare hehe…will be going to a funeral later though.

Speaking of funerals, there are a lot of passings these few months. The latest were my late uncle M (my aunt’s husband), my another uncle’s late dad, and my bf’s aunty’s late mum. It’s a sad case for late uncle M, he’s still in his forties and has yet to reach the finer stages in life. He had been suffering from a long-term illness though, so letting go is also a good thing. On the other hand, he left behind a son and daughter who are barely in their teens. I know it’s very, very hard for them to accept the fact that their daddy will not be with them anymore. And I know it’s going to be twice as hard for my aunt to be a single mother and figure out ways to support her kids on her own. I’m not particularly close to late uncle M when he was still alive, but I pretty much 100% sure that he loved his family very much. He loved to joke around and not taking his illness seriously (which is another bad thing).

Anyway, the solemn event was a bit different from other typical Kadazan funerals. Before late uncle M passed, he requested that there will be no obituary about him in the papers and no gong instruments to be played during the funeral. Plus, he requested for the song, ‘Seasons in the Sun’ by Westlife, to be sung by us during the memorial service. What was originally a happy song turned into a sad, sad one. He even modified a bit of the lyrics so there were “Goodbye my friends”, “Goodbye my siblings”, “Goodbye my wife”, “Goodbye my children” etc. We were so touched by the wordings that we were too choked up to sing along. And at the burial service, everyone was crying, even my little cousins.

It was truly a gloomy event, but it has its creepy tales too! I personally didn’t see anything, but mum told me my other uncles and aunties did. Mum said late uncle M’s spirit was ‘fierce’ ‘cos he died young. Here’s the most terrifying one: late uncle M’s was known to always ‘hitch’ rides, be it anybody. So one night when his brother-in-law was driving home alone from town after buying medicine for his sick kid, suddenly he spotted from the rearview mirror that late uncle M was sitting in the back seat! Trying hard not to show his panic, he drove on as steadily as he could. The next thing he knew, late uncle M appeared on the passenger seat! If I were the brother-in-law, I would’ve stopped the car, get out and call someone to pick me up. But he didn’t stop (and trying his best not to look beside him) until he reached the family house (where the funeral was conducted). Once he switched off the car engine, he dashed out as though lightning had just struck him. And guess what happened next? The light inside the car turned on by itself! The brother-in-law saw it and assumed that late uncle M wanted to go out from the car as well. So he cautiously opened the passenger door, switched off the light, and closed the door back. Nothing more happened after that.

Sounds eerie? Here’s another one. Usually on the 6th day after a person has passed, the ‘momisok’ ceremony is conducted whereby all lights will be turned off at the deceased’s house so that the spirit goes back, take all his/her belongings, and to never return the house again. As late uncle M was a smoker and had a thing for ‘talak’, a local home-made alcoholic drink, we prepared a whole steamed chicken, peanuts, a bottle of talak, a ciggie pack, and a lighter for the spirit to take. We huddled in a group (with mixed feelings of scared and nervousness) and turned off all lights for a good 10 minutes. In the quiet darkness, we could hear distinct sounds of things being put down and barely audible footstep sounds from upstairs (Mum said that was the neighbour’s!). Apparently, one of my cousin saw a shadow descending slowly from the staircase and one of the aunties suddenly wept out of the blue. It was a really scary experience, but I push out all feelings of fear out of my mind (and managed to drive back home alone without having an extra ‘passenger’ in the back seat!)

Whatever it is, so long you have strong willpower, you will not experience any ‘disturbances’ from the dead. Lastly, I pray for late uncle M’s peaceful soul and that he’s doing fine at the other side. To my aunt and cousins, be brave to face reality and we will always be here to support you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm a repeat offender

That would be the exact version of me...lots of tissues in my pockets but with a less red nose :)

you know, i really need to learn my lesson. never EVER attempt to kiss your boyfriend when he's got the flu & fever symptom (now he's having dry coughs). It's the 2nd time and the disease is definitely more teruk than the last. Couldn't sleep a wink last night due to sore throat, annoying headache with a dash of insomnia (or hyperactive mind syndrome). That got me to 'terbangun' 3 times at 12am, 3am, and 5am. Finally managed to drift off to slumberland after a gulp of paracetemol (not good, i know!) and tokusen.

Thought I can managed work today so I woke up with determination and went off to work, feeling slightly dizzy driving under the heavy morning rain. Mana tau...once I sat in front of my desk, all the feelings of sleepiness and dizziness started to invade me. I could barely lift my head and kept on wandering to the ladies' blowing my nose off. "My nose banjir," that was what I told my colleagues. During lunch break, I only had the interest for homemade fish ball meehoon soup and met up with gatal who's taking the half-day off (since he still sakit). I was tempted to spend the remaining hours snuggling in my comfy bed too, but being my stubborn self, I'm like 'what the hell, it's only a few hours left.' And so I tried my best doing some work tasks for the whole afternoon. Now it's half an hour towards closing, and Mum's going to fetch me (luckily!). Right after that, I'm going straight to the clinic, then go home and hit the hays.

Gatal's going for football selection somemore later this evening...I can't even stand of doing hip tilts in my Tuesday bellydancing class.

Ughh...I hate being sick!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good news!

Starting from this week onwards, I do not need to work on Saturdays yay! Due to the fuel price hike, the big bosses are so kind and considerate enough to let us off during the weekends. Now I can wake up late on Saturday mornings ;p

I went to yet another kaamatan festival few weeks back (around my kampung area), and the ‘special’ guests for that day were our very own AF finalists, Velvet and Stacey. Velvet belted out some songs and Stacey was not allowed to sing (yet!) but she brought the whole Trek Selebriti crew along instead! Trek Selebriti is a TV program on ASTRO which features interviews with artistes and celebrities the ‘informal’ way. Meaning that all interviews can be conducted anywhere but in the stuffy studio. So we got to have a closer view of the TV host Jimmy who’s famous for his phrase, “Yezzar!” He looked like the skinny version of me if I were a boy hahaha. If I had a brother I think he will looked like Jimmy, except if he does workouts ;p Practically everyone (majority girls) wanted to take pics with Mr. Jimmy. Mum told me to get a pic too, and I was like, no way! I don’t want to look like a desperate fan with a stupid grin on my face. Anyway, few people got interviewed, including one of the old neneks hehe. She was commenting on the food while waiting for her turn at the buffet table. Can’t wait to watch it on tv soon! Hmm I was at the buffet table at that time too, maybe there’ll be a glimpse of me in the scene yahaha…just watch out for the skinny girl in aquamarine MNG spaghetti-strapped top!

As usual, the highlight for the day was the beauty contest. Oh, but before that, I must tell you about the judges. Silly me for not taking their pic that time. They were former beauty queens, and of course, all looked drop dead gorgeous. Kathie Renjus was the head judge and she was wearing a cute strapless black baby doll with flower motifs over jeans. Sitting on her right was Francesca Julian, looking like a China doll with long, straight black hair and bangs. She wore this very designer-y halter backless dress with a very looow neckline. And on Kathie’s left was the newly crowned Miss Sabah, Devenna Jaikob who was clad in black from head to toe. She looked slimmer and definitely younger in person without all the heavy makeup. Mum said she’s pretty, and I think she needs to smile more ‘cos she’s got a great smile.

Back to the beauty contest, I think all of us expected this girl Joanne to win the title since she was the 1st runner-up for Miss Sabah and also for the previous UPKO Kaamatan (where they had about 40 contestants!). And this was just a kampung level competition only, so our bets were all on her. However, very surprisingly, she got 3rd place in the end! I tell you our jaws practically fell to the ground and nearly cried out, “Whaaa..?!” Apparently, her costume was a mess (it was crooked), and Mum said her accessories weren’t original. Plus, her hairdo wasn’t well styled. So moral of the story is? No matter how pretty and how good you are in the Q&A session, don’t ignore other factors which are also crucial to the markings hehe. Basically, put in effort in all aspects of the contest.

Oh, and guess how many people attended the Komulakan’s 3rd monthly gathering? We have about hundreds of members, and only TWO showed up – which is me (of course! I’m the organizer), and the vice deputy no. 1. But we told ourselves, the show must go on, we must maintain the flow of the gathering etc etc… and so we had a nice dinner at Pizza Hut. Sometimes less people is good ‘cos there is so much to talk about. We yakked and laugh non-stop and nearly left our spaghetti and pizza to freeze!

So yeah, I had a nice weekend. Today marks the 3rd day of June (wow! It’s already mid-year!). Next week will also be the end of my probation period and I can’t wait to get the goodies at vastly discounted prices!! What are they? Tell you later lah ;p

for those who don't know...this is stacy's daddy hehe ;p

say hi to gorgeous velvet! her younger sis took part in the sugandoi (singing contest) and got 2nd place.work harder, little sis!

the newly crowned miss georgina. she's got elegant style :)

the other winners. The one we thought will win is the tallest at the back hihi...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My 1Borneo store wishlist!

need i say more?
Great clothes! Just waiting for the sales period hihihi

Feel like trying its famous celebrity fave lip balm

Gorgeous gorgeous shoes...
come here quick ya!
a brand in debenhams dept. store. i like it 'cos it has size for super petite girls like me!

famous us beauty chain store.i can just spend the whole day there!
Saw its mini booth in Tune Store last weekend. Haven’t try any of their products yet. I like their packaging though.

Yummy food in big portions!

It has opened!I like their reliable strapless bras hehe
Its range of red lippies eg Viva Glam are really HOT!

I adores its dresses, shades, earrings, and especially the knickers! Cute and naughty with bows, frills, and dangling jewelries hehe
It has a certain target market (A pair of jeans can cost about RM600), but I like their perfumes though…smells nice!

mmm shopping haven. It's more on the sophisticated side

Gorgeous heels...for those who likes quality
come fast! My foundation is finishing quick!

They serve great margharitas in big glasses. Memang ada kick!

My fave lotion brand. I swear by Rosewater and La Source

It sells everything from clothes to bags to accessories. A very colorful shop, perfect for the hip, the classy, and the casual

Sunday, June 15, 2008

hidup sheilas!

Boys and girls, give a big round of applause to another successful performance by the sheilas! It should be our 8th since our formation in year 2006. It was raining cats and dogs when I was rushing to atlantis (where the performance was held) from work and I was worried that my three skirts will be drenched and crumpled by the time I got there. However, with the help of my trusted little pink umbrella, I managed to bring my skirts into the restaurant safe and sound! Guess where our changing/waiting room was? I’d bet you never guess where. Yup, it was in the good ol’ washroom hahaha! The manager of the restaurant made a small partition there so that we needn’t change in the loos. One of us needed to keep an eye to avoid cheeky Peeping Toms while the other was changing! So yeah, basically we did 3 types of dances – the opening dance, the hip-hop belly dance, and the traditional belly dance. During our opening, I guess people were hungry and couldn’t wait to get their hands on the food, so the crowd was a bit quiet. But, after a few drinks and a hearty dinner, they got more responsive and clapped their hands as loud as they could whenever we went on stage to do our next performance. For our 3rd and final dance, we got to wear our (new!) skirts and they’re really sexy with slits on both sides way up to our thighs (Elizabeth hurley style) hehehe. I never showed so much leg before and nearly tripped on my own skirt! And after our final dance, we got the guests to join in and all volunteers were girls (c’mon guys! Be more sporting la). Surprisingly, one cute little boy was willing to join in as well. When I approached his table, he was like, ‘No no, I don’t want!’. After much encouragement from his family, then he agreed. Hehe, I know he wanted to participate in the first place, but mau pura2 act malu dulu! And the strange thing was? Right after our performance, suddenly everyone wanted to go back home…and it was only 10 plus. My partner said that they stayed on just because of us hahahaha. Memang betul tu!

Oh, and I wanted to comment about this salon I went nearby my workplace to do my hair for the performance. It was the closest to my office and the display of the salon looked attractive from the outside, so I chose it in the last minute. And the result was good! Initially, I wanted to do the normal, straightened hair since I had limited time. But then I saw one of the salon girls whose hair was wavy at the ends (kinda like the wavy, tousled look) which looked really nice on her. I thought she had a permanent perm or digital perm or something. Instead, she said that she only used the straightening iron which she kinda ‘ironed’ the upper part of the hair and twisted the straightening iron at the ends to create that ‘not so curly’ relaxed look. I tried it and I love it! ‘cos your hair looks more natural and doesn’t look overdone. I seriously recommend this salon to you girls out there. For a wash (use own shampoo), blow and set just cost me RM18! And the salon girls there have really good, stylish haircuts, so I think they have a professional hairstylist too. If you wanna pay a visit, it’s just behind the Liza Way boutique (beside Proton shop) in Api2 Centre. The salon is actually connected to the boutique so it’s like a boutique-beauty salon business.

It’s the middle of June now…and no public holidays around the corner, and that goes for July too. Sigh…can’t wait for my probation period to end early next month, so I can redeem free skincare products from the company I work for to cheer me up!

getting ready for our hip-hop belly performance!

our new (and sexy!) skirts for final performance.i luv my skirt!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bad Luck Sunday

Such bad luck for a cheery Sunday. Not only our land cruiser broke down halfway to Keningau, we had to wait for 4 hours for the tow truck to come to our rescue and forked out RM450 for the towing fees. We missed the funeral, breakfast and lunch altogether, and spent the 4 hours sleeping and watching Tom & Jerry movies in the crusier (the only vcd we found!). Anyway, what’s happened has happened. Let me share with you some pics I took during the UPKO (United Pasok Momogun Kadazan Dusun Murut Organisation) Kaamatan held on the 30th last month.

I remembered on that day, the weather was really hot (in the afternoon) and the venue was at a field (Padang Besar Tamparuli). Then in the evening it started raining heavily. But that didn’t stop people from coming as there were lots of stalls selling all kinds of yummy food, both modern and traditional. And of course, there was the 40 lovely girls contesting for the beauty queen title. Mum was in the beauty contest committee so I got to see all girls backstage, up close and personal hehehe. All of them wore really fantastic, colorful costumes and towered almost a head above my petite frame (and I was wearing heels!). While I was busy taking pics of them with other pro photographers, one of them approached me and asked whether he can take my pictures. I was like, ‘Me?!You should be taking pics of them!’ And Mr. Photographer said patiently, ‘Yes, I have taken pics of them. I’d like to take yours as well.’ I was having doubts that this little man (around my height) could be some deranged lunatic just wanting to take pics of young girls for his own viewing pleasure. But then, he was wearing a proper uniform and that a pro-looking camera was hanging from one of his shoulders, plus he looked serious enough. So I agreed.

What I didn’t expect that he would be taking soooo many pics! It’s like he took about 100 shots of me only. When I asked him about it, he said he needed to take a lot of pics in order to have the perfect snapshot for his painting. That’s when I realized that he was a portrait artist and his artworks (watercolour paintings) have been displayed in the art gallery section in the Sabah National Museum. So I got excited la, ‘cos like, my face could actually be displayed on the walls of the gallery! Mr. Artist said that the next upcoming exhibition will be in August and if my picture is to be displayed, he will give me a call. He also asked whether I have done modeling before ‘cos seems like I know how to pose. Hahaha! Biasa la…I everyday posing in front of my mirror kan. Besides my face, he took quite a lot of pics on my abs too (I was wearing midriff-sort-of top that day). Thinking that it’s one of his creative concepts, Mr. Artist said that it’s part of the theme entitled ‘Crunch’. Crunch huh? All I can think of anything related to crunch is Coco Crunch hehe.

Anyhow, I pray that Mr. Artist will paint a very nice picture of me and display it nicely for everyone to see!

these nenek2 are waiting for their turn to perform a traditional ritual in welcoming the harvest

40 luvly girls crammed backstage. It's really heaty there...even the enormous fan doesn't help!

a view of the girls from the back hehe. I wanna do a Murut costume (the long sleeveless dress in the pic) for myself since I haven't got one yet!

busy memorizing answers for the Q&A session. Pakai A4 paper lagi tu hehe

the girls listening to a briefing on who's going to walk where on stage later on. I like this pic 'cos it shows all different costumes :)

this is rachael, my friend from my neighbour kampung. She's got the sunniest (and most charismatic) smile ever! When she smiles, it's like seeing the sun...seriously!

V and last year's winner, elizabeth. My God...I'm SO SMALL. and she said she looked fat...mana ada ohh!

the winner is from penampang, 2nd is from penampang, 3rd is from ranau. the winner is 1st runner-up for miss penampang, and the 2nd is 1st runner-up for miss sabah.yeahh...penampang girls rock!!

a very sweet girl with the poise, elegance, and a confident attitude. She deserved the title :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Masih Kaamatan Fever?

Hey guys! Didn’t get to blog for quite some time cos bz betul with kaamatan and office work after kaamatan (haiii!). Just got back from thanksgiving party for Stacy, our very own champion for AF6. Lupa nak bawa camera, so got one of the aunties’ camera to get a snapshot of me and the girl with her famous phrase “Alamak…terlebih sudah!” She’s still the sweet, down-to-earth girl (pakai baju kadazan lagi with tangkong and himpogot full set. Go gurl!) I know since she was a little kid. I wish her all the best in her career and that she stays true to her roots.

I took quite some pics during the May Kaamatan celebration. But I’m a bit tired now (non-stop going out! Mansau saja sia ni. Cam mana mau jadi isteri yang perfect kan), so I’ll just post up some. This was taken in Kg. Kiau, and its location is in Kota Belud, just before Ranau. Kg. Kiau is the hometown of our Komulakan Chief, Ewon. The road there was in good condition (better than gravel!), but there were some sharp turns where it felt like we’re on a rollercoaster ride! The weather there was very cooling, like in Genting Highlands, and the girls had such fair skin it made me (with decidedly tanned skin+zits) green with envy! The setting for the event was fairly simple, but everyone genuinely had fun, and I was there in the 1st place was because I was asked to be one of the judges for the beauty contest hehe. There were only around 8 contestants, so it was pretty easy to choose the winner! Ewon the chief had too much to drink (I think he hasn’t master the skill of drinking yet!) and he said a lot of funny things to me and kept on asking me to sing on stage. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any lyrics book and I can’t remember a phrase or two of any songs that I know. But the chief was adamant and was like ‘I offer u RM50..no? ok…RM200…no? Right RM1000 it is!’ Crazy…how to sing when I don’t know the lyrics?! So yeah…we had fun and left the place around 7pm. By that time the crowd were either dancing, singing, drinking, or trying to find their way home in the dark hehe. The journey back took about 2 hours plus. My driver for the day (Mac, another fellow Komulakan) was so knackered that after sending me back he got some sleep in his land cruiser first before heading back to home sweet home. Kesian hehe. Well…that’s the way of celebration :)

Anyway, will post more pics soon. I gotta hit the hays now…long journey to Keningau tomorrow. My family and I will be going to my aunt's funeral. For those who read 2day's daily express newspaper, you'll see an obituary for the late jane suleiman. She died of breast cancer at the age of 41. She left behind a loving husband and 4 children. It's sad and scary at the same time, 'cos breast cancer can just strike anyone at any age at anytime, just like that. I pray for the family so that they will be able to get through this painful process with utmost patience and courage.

Gosh, from now on I'm really gonna take gud care of my 2's and do the monthly breast examination regularly. If any of you girls don't know the correct procedure, better check with yr doc and ask her to do a demo. No time to be shy2 now!

the lovely (and fair) girls and boys doing the traditional Kadazan dance, the Sumazau.

the 1st unduk ngadau (beauty queen) for kg. kiau 2008. Muda lagi ni...baru 16-17 yrs old!

these girls are still young but they are very confident and have the attitude. Wish them a bright and prosperous future ahead ;)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

V the little hostess

Once again, another Komulakan e-club gathering was a success! This time, it was held in pusakag (karaoke cafĂ©) in donggongon and as the organizer, I was a bit worried that no one will show up. But the crowd turned out good (eventhough they were a tad bit late. Biasa la tu kan…sabah timing)! Thanks to Melissa, Shirley, ivy, michelle, ewon, willie, Gideon, Daniel, lis, ann, merilyn, chadley, and osmund. Anyway, I played hostess that nite, trying my best mc-ing and making sure that everyone’s not bored and having a good time. I did some ‘interviewing’ and guess what answer my cousin Chadley gave when I asked him what his specialty dish is (he can cook!). ‘Air’, he said, as in water. Du-uh! He’s forever the prankster and he’ll get u laughing until yr stomach hurts if you would’ve known him. It was my favorite part actually, giving people a good time! Shirley was the b-day girl of the month, and we bought her the most gorgeous blueberry cake and brought her dancing on stage whenever lagu rancak dimainkan. A sporting one, this girl. Apa pun ok haha! And congrats to Gideon and ann for their upcoming engagement next month. I was the one urging them to let out the secret, and Gideon was like, ‘ok guys, don’t forget to come to my granny’s b-day ya…’ Aduhai…but that’s good ‘cos we had a few good laughs.

Surprise, surprise. Mum and her friends decided to stop by and her friend’s daughter, Marina, came along too. 6 years back Marina and I were in this dance group doing traditional and ballroom dance performances. Miss those times :)

Anyway, we spent the whole night singing karaoke (sumbang or not we just sing!), dancing, makan2, and of course, drinking. Maybe I was the hostess or whatever, dunno why I kena suruh minum saja. jD mix vodka mix tiger…I can feel my head spinning in no time. But of course, being the hostess, I can’t let myself sprawling on the floor. So I determinedly let my chin up, and made sure my legs are crossed at all times hehehe. Also, as a hostess, you can’t leave until everyone does. So I only managed to go home around 2 plus in the morning and had barely 4 hours of sleep. Next day I headed off to work, still trapped in the pissed mode. I staggered up the stairs to the office and walked in with a blur look on my face. Suddenly I spotted this guy, his back facing towards me in my boss’ office. Hmm…this should be the new graphic designer starting his first day in the co. Without a moment hesitation, I literally marched to boss’ room and greeted my boss and PA (they just came back from Shanghai with new haircuts) before introducing myself to the guy.

ME: Hi! Are you the new guy? (Eyes trying to focus on him despite the dizziness of my mabukness. I offered my hand for a handshake)

GUY: Hi! Yes. (Looking a bit terkejut before shaking my hand. I think no one intro themselves to him yet that morning.)

ME: Nice to meet you, I’m Tina. And yr name is? (Grinning stupidly)

GUY: You can call me Ah Fan. (smiling…with amusement maybe?)

ME: Ok! Ah Fan… (I looked at my boss who was watching me with this look on her face. Did she guess? Nah, don’t think so).

Come to think about it, it was pretty funny. I mean, if a stranger suddenly introduced himself too enthusiastically to me, I would think ada udang di sebalik batu. But Ah Fan was cool about it. Turns out we went to the same high school (my very very senior cos he has graduated when I just started my first year). But he seriously doesn’t look his age. Clad in casual tee and jeans with studs (the big round ones) on his ears, he looked like a college kid. When he said he was in his early 30s, I was like ‘Whoa!’ Betul ka ni?! But ok bat u…look young is good hehe.

Anyway, welcome to the world of aesthetics skin care Ah Fan, and we are eagerly awaiting for your creative concepts and designs

It's V the little hostess!

komulakans can't wait to get their hands on the yummy food!

The b-day girl of the month...my sweet li'l Shirley :)

congrats to Gideon and Ann for their upcoming engagement :) aramai tii!

group photo of le komulakans..pre-mabuk mode hehehe~