Monday, September 22, 2008

it's time to dance!

What’s up y’all? Now not only I’m busy with work, I’m also busy dancing my (poor,tired) feet away practically every night for our dinner party and dance show next month! Yup, it’s definitely very exciting. We’ll be doing from bellydance to ballroom, from hip hop to shuffle…u name it, we got it! We’ve been practicing for 2 ½ hours from night to night to another night…so for those who will be attending our show, you’ll totally not going to regret it! I’m like going to work from 9am-6pm…then off to dance practice from 8pm-11pm. By the time I reach home, it’s nearly midnight and that’s only when I get to eat my dinner! I go to bed around 1.30am and then wake up at 7 the next day and start the same routine all over again. So you can see why I hardly had the chance to update my blog hehe. So, I’ll be doing 3 dances (some only had to do 1 dance. Lucky them!) which are samba, bellydancing, and another type of bellydance but with drum music (very exotic one ehehe. And we’ll be wearing straw skirts with feathery head gear *wink*). Originally, I was included in hip hop…but apparently I was too small compared to my other dance partners who are more ‘berisi’ and terpaksa kena kicked out. Bummer!

Talking about dance, I’ll share with u a pic of our last dance performance at e-west, this karaoke place at Luyang. It was really funny ‘cos I was only told about it less than a week towards the day of the performance! Nevertheless, we did our previous routine and all went smoothly. This time we performed at a small function room and it’s completely different to performing in a big hall with a big audience. Somehow, I felt that the atmosphere was more intimate ‘cos we were just dancing few feet away from the audience (and smaller group of people) who can detect our moves and expressions at a closer view. But I didn’t let that scare me and we got extra ‘ang pows’ in the end hehe!

in colors of black and red :)

Oh and Mum, my aunt and me went to 1 Borneo today. I met up with my fellow Komulakan friend Gloria to find prizes for the games. I’m organizing this get-together event with Komulakans from all around Sabah so we’re going to have performances, games, and great food! Anyway, we went to the Daiso shop where all are priced at RM5. We got some real funny stuff like a paper fan, hand towel, shower gel, bedroom slippers to be given as prizes haha! Get-togethers should be fun, so we must do things from the unexpected point of view :)

And I got to do some shopping too! It’s my lucky day ‘cos I can actually find work pants my size! Normally I had to get mine done at the tailor’s. I found the perfect beige pants to replace my old fading beige pants at Urban Inc (Thank you Urban Inc!You’ll always be my fave store) There wasn’t any discount, but who cares right? Once you’ve found the one, just go ahead and buy it. Just like in relationships, once you’ve found Mr/Ms Right, don’t wait for a ‘discount’ (meaning surveying for other potential candidates) and don’t let your future partner go!

I also got this really nice foundation at MAC which is the SatinFinish range. Let’s hope that it’s as good as my Benefit foundation :) The guy at MAC who attended to my aid was very patient and helpful, thumbs up for MAC and I’ll definitely go there in the future for its great products and service!

For those who haven’t tried Dome’s Espreski drink yet, well you should. I tried the Chai Chiller ( I personally adore chai teas! ) and it was smooth (no crunchy ice cubes!) and not too rich. Ooh, and the whipped cream was absolutely yummylicious!

It was a relaxing weekend. I’d better get ready for another dance + work – packed week ahead. And good luck to you too!

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