Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So happy for them!

Sai and Diana were my coursemates back in college during 2006-2007. Didn't expect at that time that they will end up being a couple 'cos they were different, personality-wise. He's a serious (and sometimes moody) dude and she's a fun-loving-crazy girl...and Io and behold, now they are engaged! He who hails from Pakistan, and she from Jakarta; this shows that differences in terms of countries, culture, lifestyle are no barriers if you love,respect and support each other and want to spend your lifetime together.

I'm so so happy for these two lovebirds! Congratulations and all the best to them :)

Check out their lovely engagement pics

Thursday, June 2, 2011

vote for tina!

Hi guys! Do vote for me if you can at this 'Shots by Ashley - Who's that Girl Self-Portrait Contest' Who gets the most 'likes' wins a photoshoot and makeover :D

In order to vote for me, 'like' the Shots by Ashley page first, then 'like' my picture as shown below. Contest ends 30th June. Thanks guys!!!

"Like" Tina!

Girls, if you are interested you can join too. Closing date for entry should be on 15th June if not mistaken. But it's only open to Sabahans I think :p