Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy Week Everyone?

February being the month of love and bliss?


Apart from V-Day and lovey-dovey flicks shown on the TV all week, there are no public holidays (and you'd feel guilty to even take an offday after long CNY holidays in January) and if you are in the sales department, you will be cracking your head everyday trying to figure out how to hit your target in a short period of 24 weekdays (another bit of downside whereby Feb tends to be a 'silent' month as majority of us would be broke after forking out our savings for Christmas, New Year and CNY. For parents, they'd be saving to spend on their kids' school fees and supplies).

So yeah, as I am conicidentally in sales, Feb totally bums me out. Sales ain't doing too well and big lady boss is pressuring our team every opportunity that she has. And recently, she made a very-last-minute decision to organize a workshop and we had to prepare all wordings, marketing materials, venue booking, and to send out invites to all potential participants that we have in our database in 3 days. We are used to last-minute situations like these, but this time unfortunately our team is is in Philippines and one is in Singapore for overseas assignments. Since I'm in HQ whereby all resources are available...indirectly means that I have to do majority of the work! Just today my back is totally aching from emailing out invites to potential participants. And tomorrow will be another day to re-check whether any of the emails have bounced back and I need to make calls to get their new email adds or fax number etc. Of course, the most pressuring part is to actually get people to attend the workshop. And it's not easy when it's last minute whereby people would already have plans :p Big boss won't take any excuse for not being able to get the amount of people that she let's hope that response will be good this time :)

But hey, despite all this...we've got MSN and Skype to thank as me and my colleagues are able to communicate fast in completing this task successfully!

I just hope that big boss won't make a last-minute decision to fly me off in order to help with the workshop as I have a weekend project to do this week! *Fingers crossed*

Ah well...big boss should consider giving me a pay rise as I'm such a patient, non-whining employee haha. Hope you guys are doing better than me ;)

Happy Wednesday everyone!