Thursday, November 17, 2011

happy 6th and many more to go!

Hapee 6 years to me and him this November!! Looking back, I guess we have matured up a notch (just a wee bit!) but we still goof around a lot and act like kids sometimes :p Sure, we do have our ups and downs (At times I would get frustrated with his forever-busy hotel career and he would get irritated with my whining of his forever-busy hotel career); but in the end, there's no point to argue in the first place 'cos it's what he does and what I do for a living. So yeah, patience and to understand the situation is really, really important in any relationship :)

Fortunately, he still has the time to bring me out for Japanese you're forgiven, buddy :p

We had beef soup, beef wrap with golden mushrooms, agedashi tofu, chicken gyoza, squid teppan, and green tea ice-cream. Food rating 7/10 :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello! Hello!

Wowee! Time flies soooo fast that it's already November!! When was my last post again?? Oh it's August...oops hehe. Ah well, life's always good and it seems like everyone's getting married this year! I just attended my friend's church wedding ceremony today 11-11-11 and it started at 11.11am :p yup, all for the sake of good feng shui :) Here are some pics I'd like to share with you guys!

My 28th Birthday :)

Zumba rave party!

Bachelorette party!

Sue's Big Day!

Did pedicure on Mum's hehe :)

Practicing dance performance for Melissa's wedding (she's is in the middle btw and joining the dance as well haha!)

My cousin, Yeye and my friend Merilyn, officially husband and wife!

This is our traditional version of the wedding ceremony :)

Me and my lovely all grown-up cousins :) gosh, how fast they've grown!

This is our traditional instruments, the gongs :) Usually played during festivities like weddings. I have yet to master to play all gongs!

Melissa and hubby, which happens to be my bf's brother :D

Melissa and her belly girls!

With my bf's cousins and respective gf's :D