Monday, July 18, 2011

little yellow-eyed monster

That's what I am right now...*SIGH!* I have not been well since last week. During my visit to the 1st doctor, I mentioned that I had lost my appetite, feel like vomiting, feel tired all the time, and that my pee pee was on the yellowish side. He asked to see the urine sample. One glance at it and scolded me, "You have not drink any water at all, young lady!" And he prescribed me some gastric, anti-puke, and multivitamins medication.

Few days after that, I'm not getting any better, and my pee was still an awful sight of yellow despite drinking gallons of water. But it was strange, despite all that, I did not have any 'normal' sick symptoms such as flu, sore throat or cough. I just felt terribly tired and totally not into food. And worse yet, my colleagues commented that my eyes are becoming 'yellow'! Aghast, I googgle-d the following symptoms:

- Loss of appetite
- Fatigue
- Yellow eyes/skin (jaundice)
- Dark urine
- Itchiness
- Feels like vomiting

And this is the answer I got: Hepatitis

OMG!!!! I have a problem with my liver?! But I'm not alcoholic!! I quickly looked through the causes of hepatitis section and found out that you can be infected by someone who has the virus. And it can also due to lack of personal hygiene (I MUST wash my hands before consuming anything from now on!) and toxic from raw/undercooked seafood (I have been eating seafood regularly in shops during lunch breaks. GLUM!)

Right after work that day I paid a visit to another doctor who is more reliable and straight-forward. When she looked into my eyes, Lady Doc immediately took my blood for hep testing. And she told me that it will take months for me to recover, and that means NO alcohol, NO oily deep-fried food, and NO extreme exercise for 3 whole months! SIGH :(

Anyway, liver woes aside, here are some pics in which I spent time with my friends and HK friends at Mamutik Island before I got sick. Compared to Manukan and Sapi, Mamutik is less crowded (which means less rubbish!) and more Europeans and less bratty kids running/screaming about. So it's perfect for those who just wants to chill and read a good book or just simply doze off under the sun and amongst the windy breeze :)

My friends from HK. 1st time in Sabah and 1st time snorkelling!

With my girls Kristin and Melissa :) I miss my normal skin color SIGH

Met a new friend, Hani, from Bogor :) I love her waterproof camera hehe

After this, I will be going to the clinic to get my blood test results. Hope it's not too serious! Fingers crossed :p