Thursday, November 11, 2010

yayness to busy life

Hi guys! Whoa been so busy the past few months. How does the combination of work, dance practices, dance performances, gathering with friends, and outstation business trips sound? Pretty hectic right? :p And now it’s November already, less than 2 months to the New Year! And I’ve already got activities lined up for this Dec…fund-raising bazaar, cousin’s engagement, primary schoolmate’s wedding, and family camping trip at my house phew! Anyway, here are some pics to share with you guys :)

Drink fest yummy! I love Grey Goose and Bacardi Apple Rum ^-^

Celebrated a colorful Raya with her li'l relatives :)

At Marina Bay Sands for exhibition~

Taking pics before performance at Promenade :)

Yet another performance at Runway Cafe :D

Had fun with the girls at Shen :)

Annual Baila Fitness dance show at Star City

With Karen Madrid, Mexican bellydance instructor from KL. She's good!

The After Party with the dancers at the Bed :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who's the Boss

Sometimes getting a present for a guy is a bit boring. If it's not a shirt, then it should be shorts. If it's not a bag, then it should be wallet. And I'm not into gadgets either, so don't bring me to that department!

I have so many things going on lately from work to dance practice to fund-raising events. Poor R's birthday had already passed by, I have attended his b-day party, and I haven't got him a present yet! Jahat betul me oh kan hehe~~

So I went for a super express b-day shopping and got him the Hugo Boss Element deodorant stick. I like it 'cos the smell's not too strong or too masculine and I guess it suits R's shy personality. Hope you like it, R :)

The cologne, not the deodorant stick hehe

Hugo Element is made up of light, fresh top notes of calone that fade away into zingy ginger and coriander heart notes. A cedarwood base gives the fragrance a masculine end. Element is an urban, romantic scent with blends of citrus, woods and spices and is inspired by the formation of granite stone which touches all elements-- coming from fire, becoming part of the earth, and weathered by air and water

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life's a Beach~

"You're like my own personal brand of heroin." Edward Cullen

Her feelings are numb up to a point where even her boyfriend's hectic work schedule (which usually drives her nuts) doesn't bother her one bit.

Friday, August 6, 2010

fever,fever go away!

Obviously everyone's down with the flu and fever these days. No thanks to Mum and the lousy weather! Now I'm in the office, trying my best to concentrate on my work and pushing away negative thoughts of having the urge to puke and a terrible headache. I'll be having youth group launching event at my house this Sunday, so hopefully I'll be fine by then 'cos I'll be one of the them who's going to give a welcoming speech! It's been a year since I gave a formal speech in front of VIPs, and it won't look good it I keep coughing my head off during my speech in front 3 VVIPs this weekend hehe ;)

Anyway, on to brighter news. Finally, there's a new set of sofas at home yayy! The old ones are still allright but they're more than a decade old already. Time to out with the old, and in with the new! It's always refreshing to see new furniture at home and somehow it gives you a bit of motivation to face the challenges for that day :)

Oh, and my 27th celebration will be coming soon! I've started to draft out my list of invites and hope that everyone is able to come :) Like last year, the day will fall during the month of Ramadhan and so it'll be Ramadhan buffet for all, once again heehee! I was thinking white gold necklace with my name embedded on it from gatal, but when I checked out the price it's gonna eat half of his salary (oops) so never mind lah. I'm eyeing Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume NYC (sweet smell like strawberries and bubblegum) but not sure whether its available in KK yet. Need to check out Sasa or Parkson when I have the chance.

"We started with this idea that we wanted to create something fun. We wanted to create a party in a bottle and reflect that in the packaging with a real sense of whimsy, fun and joie de vivre. And then we took it from there. Portability and fashion played key roles in the development of the packaging and overall concept." Quote by SJP

Perfumer: Honorine Blanc

Perfume notes: Top notes: Italian mandarin, white osmanthus, wild red strawberries; Heart notes: gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa and red rose damascena; Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla absolute, rum flavor and creamy musks.

Since my Europe trip, I've made a promise to myself that No More Unnecessary Shopping! until next Jan where me and Mum will be flying to HK for shop till you drop vacation. But this morning toyboat texted me that they'll be going to check out their friend's new boutique in Donggongon. No harm for me right? I'll just leave my credit card at home :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jalan-jalan makan angin with my Brit Police Hat!

Who says you can't have fun with your friends and relatives at the same time? I had a super fun weekend with both! My niece Devina (It's kinda weird to have someone who is only 1 year younger to call you Aunty!) and her KL friends came over here for a 'cuti-cuti sabah' weekend holiday and luckily I managed to take a few hours of my time and hit the clubs with them. It was really raining heavily that night, but hey! Who cares ;)

Me and the KL gurls~

Me and Devina, who calls me Aunty!

Right after that I headed over to Shen's to join gatal and his gang (Initially I didn't want to go, but he kept sms-ing me saying he was so drunk and needed me to be there. So I was like ok-lah, time for gf duty to take care of her man hehe. And I was right. He was so pissed he can't even stand straight hahaha..tu lah, who ask him to drink so much!

My very drunk gatal..he can't barely keep his eyes open!

Me and Elaine...luvly fren of mine :)

Me and Lyn Chiang...gatal's KB gang!

Me and another KB gang! He can really groove to the music!

Two days after that, me and 3 of my friends went for a 3-hours road trip to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau (also known as Tip of Borneo) at Kudat! Thank to the heavens above that the weather was good and the sun as shiny as the sunflower :) But it was really really humid and when we finally reached there, we were all sweating already after 10 minutes!

Guess who? hehehe

We had lunch consisting of chicken curry rice, maggie mee special and coconut water at the canteen. Be prepared to pay RM5 for a mere Maggie Curry soup with bits of chicken slices, tomatoes, and eggs :p If you wanna budget, bring your own picnic basket!

The RM5 maggie mee special!

Me and Sharon having refreshing natural coconut drinks :)

The view overlooking the Tip was simply magnificent. I have never seen the beach stretched so wide and the waves so big (I call it mini surf wave!), and of course, the sea looked vast and endless. It's my dream view from my bedroom window :)

My dream view from my bedroom!

The uphill walk towards the Tip~

It's like having your own private beach :)

The gorgeous view of the Tip. That's our driver below hehehe~

Nice natural sculpture made by the waves :)

Trying to show off our best air poses!

On the way back, we bought ourselves some snacks; I got peanuts, kuih cincin, and ubi kayu keropok which looked like flat A3 paper. And here's the climax part of the story: We stopped by at this roadside stall which sold jagung bakar as my friend really wanted to have some. Perhaps it was my mistake to switch off the engine 'cos when I wanted to start the car, it couldn't! And my guy friend, being an expert mechanic, failed to make the 4-wheel become alive again. So what were we to do? Waited 3 hours for the tow truck to come and save us! By the time I reached home, it was already 9pm (3 hours delay) :p

The infamous jagung bakar! Must-try hehehe~

My friend Toy hiding behind the ubi kayu keropok 'paper'

We took this pic before starting the 4-wheel. All look so happy wanna go home fast!

And what happened after that? Wait for tow truck for 3 hours! Sampai malam bah~

Anyhow, we had a great experience (even the car breakdown episode!) and looking forward for the next road trip!!!

Me fooling around with my Brit police hat esp bought from Denmark! Bring something unique all when you go for road trips, I guarantee you the memories will get more memorable as it gets!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a weekend of yummy scones and spanish food :)

I finally got to wear my new H&M dress for an Association's dinner :)

Another fantastic weekend! Had our successful clubbing marathon (of course someone sponsored our drinks teehee!) and checked out 2 food outlets in KK.

Since we were invited to an impromptu b-day dinner, we only had a few hours to spare for our marathon (so we called it our mini marathon!). We ended up at Promenade’s La Rendezvous and BED, both destinations which I haven’t been to in decades! Everyone knows that hardly anyone would go to La Rendezvous (mediocre live band, and the fact that no one goes there), but when I revisited this place, it seems comfy (the chairs) and the atmosphere more private, and best of all its non-smoky air that won’t get you having smoke-infested hair that last for days. If you just wanna chill with your friends, have a chat and actually being able to have conversation, then this is the place to be. It’s not the place to be seen, but more to the place to chill :) I had my usual pina colada and my fren Kristin wanted to have a go too, and I was glad that she loved it :)

With our Pina Coladas at La Rendezvous

At Bed, the band was playing better and they sang mu current favorite song, Nothing On You! I decided to have a go for the Long Island Black Iced Tea (since I like Black Tea, just wanna see it its better than the original Long Island) and Kristin went for Blue Lagoon. Overall, both drinks tasted like the original Long Island! Ah well

Long Island Black Iced Tea and Blue Lagoon at BED!

Next day, Mum and I went to check out this place which my boss claimed that they served yummy scones. It took us quite a while to find the place (The Crown Borneo Hotel at Tanjung Aru). The place was tastely decorated and the air-conditioning system just the perfect temperature. We ordered the sweet scones (RM3 per plate) and club sandwiches. The scones tasted really good (warm and crispy), and the clotted cream is just heavenly! Mum decided it was too sweet for her, so I guess those who’s not into desserts might not like this. Oh, for teh tarik lovers, their teh tarik 3 in 1 hot drink is really yummy, and I saw another patron’s frothy cappuccino looking good too, so I’d probably recommend that as well hehe

Sweet savoury scones with sinfully heavenly clotted cream

Another dish we ordered - club sandwiches! The chips were good too :)

The next food destination was La Fuente, the new Spanish restaurant at 1 Borneo. Again someone sponsored the food (my uncle) heehee, we ordered almost one of each on the menu which consist of smoked salmon salad, bruschettas (tomatoes on bread drenched with olive oil), mini pepperoni pizzas, braised lamb shank, and seafood paella. All dishes are great, but the winner has got to be the lamb shank. It’s so soft…simply cooked to perfection! The only downside was the paella, they shouldn’t cook the paella in tomato puree. We sabahans find it a bit hard to eat rice with tomato sauce! And for drinks, my uncle’s wife brought a bottle of Bailey’s and we got to drink without any corkage fee! (She worked there before so she got the benefits). Too bad it was working day the next day, so we had cut down a bit of the alcohol intake and go back early!

Eva (uncle's wife),moi and mum feasting away!

Smoked salmon salad sprinkled with lemon and olive oil. Yumminess~~

Diced tomatoes on bread drenched with olive oil..taste normal la

Mini pizzas with pepperoni and lotsa cheeeese

The best dish of the night - braised lamb shank. SO SOFT

seafood paella...if they still serve with tomato pureed rice..better skip it!

Finale - Bailey's brought by Eva from corkage charge! :)

So what’s in it for next weekend? Thinking of going to the island for a relaxing treat, but we’ll just have to wait and see ! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a SniCkeRs weekend!

I'm glad that I had a productive weekend (which is a rare thing.I normally spend my weekends sleeping, doing housework, and being a couch potato) 'cos I got to meet up with my old friends, made a new one, and was belanja a japanese dinner by another friend! A truly friendship weekend :)

Andak, Mandy, Telca, V oN tOp :)

Friday night, me and the girls went to check out BLUE 7. The crowd was allright 'cos they had live screenings of the World Cup and the live band was quite good too (except the little, annoying part where they sang 5 Lady Gaga songs non-stop) and its not a medley! One of my girls' friend was working there and she recommended this vodka+soda thingy. She said it was supposed to be refreshing and bubbly. And it materialized as this greenish liquid, and when I tasted, it was completely the same taste as a cough medicine ;p looks like I'm not gonna order that anymore!

2 hours later, we head off to Shen's and was surprised that the pub was half-empty. Everyone at home watching the Cup, maybe? Anyway, one of my girls' bf met us there and bought us a bottle of Black Label ;p Luckily I stuck to my all-fave pina colada and didn't join the whiskey fest as the others were being challenged by the guys to drink glass after glass after glass. The result? One going to the washroom three times in a row for a barf fest and the other trying her best to stand up straight hehe. These are the masters of drinks, and it looked like they haven't being challenged for a long looooong time. Even being in another universe, my friend was still steady behind the wheel and all of us managed to get back home in one piece ;p

Me in my new Coach Poppy :)

V oN tOp & Keeran the great explorer!

Saturday night, I met up with a new friend, Keeran, whom I got to know through Couch Surfing. We met at the newly-opened Spanish restaurant, La Fuente, at 1 Borneo Hypermall. The interior deco was quite nice and they use the Italian Illy brand (quite famous in Europe) for coffee beverages. I had an iced mocha and this mini pizza dish with lots of melted cheese and chicken ham. Yum! Back to my new-found friend, Keeran is a great guy to hang out with 'cos he can talk quite a lot of topics, in other words, very talkative lah ;p he has travelled to lots of countries and can be a qualified walking encyclopedia! he owns an adventure travel company and is currently working with his parents to recruit Sabahan students financially in need to gain engineering scholarships and study at their college in KL. And the best part is? He has climbed Mt. Kinabalu and I haven't yet! Gosh, talk about major embarrassment :p All in all, we had a great time and now I have a place to crash to when I go to KL in the future :p

salmon shioyaki and agedashi tofu!

grilled squid....YUM!

tasty beef with sweet sauce :)

the grand tea ice-cream!!

Sunday night, a friend brought my mum and I out for dinner at Nagasaki in Lintas (I get to choose! So its Japanese all the way) As usual, Upperstar which was nearby was crammed with regulars. I have no idea why people liked to go Upperstar so much. Perhaps because of its hip decor ala Hard Rock Cafe, and its the place TO BE SEEN. Well! you don't get to eat yummy sashimi or green tea ice-cream in Upperstar (ble~~) We had salmon shioyaki (grilled salmon sprinkled with salt), grilled squid with teriyaki sauce, agedashi tofu, grilled beef in sweet sauce, kaki age (friend veggies), and of course, the un-missable green tea ice-cream :) The dinner was just nice as we didn't get too full and feeling bloaty after that. We arrived home around 10 plus, just the perfect timing to prepare for next day's work and get a good night's sleep :)

So, how's your plans for the upcoming weekend? I've got an agenda in hand already for tomorrow...TGIF!!! it's the day of CM...clubbing marathon yaayy!!

see you guys in a bit yeah *winks*