Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a SniCkeRs weekend!

I'm glad that I had a productive weekend (which is a rare thing.I normally spend my weekends sleeping, doing housework, and being a couch potato) 'cos I got to meet up with my old friends, made a new one, and was belanja a japanese dinner by another friend! A truly friendship weekend :)

Andak, Mandy, Telca, V oN tOp :)

Friday night, me and the girls went to check out BLUE 7. The crowd was allright 'cos they had live screenings of the World Cup and the live band was quite good too (except the little, annoying part where they sang 5 Lady Gaga songs non-stop) and its not a medley! One of my girls' friend was working there and she recommended this vodka+soda thingy. She said it was supposed to be refreshing and bubbly. And it materialized as this greenish liquid, and when I tasted, it was completely the same taste as a cough medicine ;p looks like I'm not gonna order that anymore!

2 hours later, we head off to Shen's and was surprised that the pub was half-empty. Everyone at home watching the Cup, maybe? Anyway, one of my girls' bf met us there and bought us a bottle of Black Label ;p Luckily I stuck to my all-fave pina colada and didn't join the whiskey fest as the others were being challenged by the guys to drink glass after glass after glass. The result? One going to the washroom three times in a row for a barf fest and the other trying her best to stand up straight hehe. These are the masters of drinks, and it looked like they haven't being challenged for a long looooong time. Even being in another universe, my friend was still steady behind the wheel and all of us managed to get back home in one piece ;p

Me in my new Coach Poppy :)

V oN tOp & Keeran the great explorer!

Saturday night, I met up with a new friend, Keeran, whom I got to know through Couch Surfing. We met at the newly-opened Spanish restaurant, La Fuente, at 1 Borneo Hypermall. The interior deco was quite nice and they use the Italian Illy brand (quite famous in Europe) for coffee beverages. I had an iced mocha and this mini pizza dish with lots of melted cheese and chicken ham. Yum! Back to my new-found friend, Keeran is a great guy to hang out with 'cos he can talk quite a lot of topics, in other words, very talkative lah ;p he has travelled to lots of countries and can be a qualified walking encyclopedia! he owns an adventure travel company and is currently working with his parents to recruit Sabahan students financially in need to gain engineering scholarships and study at their college in KL. And the best part is? He has climbed Mt. Kinabalu and I haven't yet! Gosh, talk about major embarrassment :p All in all, we had a great time and now I have a place to crash to when I go to KL in the future :p

salmon shioyaki and agedashi tofu!

grilled squid....YUM!

tasty beef with sweet sauce :)

the grand tea ice-cream!!

Sunday night, a friend brought my mum and I out for dinner at Nagasaki in Lintas (I get to choose! So its Japanese all the way) As usual, Upperstar which was nearby was crammed with regulars. I have no idea why people liked to go Upperstar so much. Perhaps because of its hip decor ala Hard Rock Cafe, and its the place TO BE SEEN. Well! you don't get to eat yummy sashimi or green tea ice-cream in Upperstar (ble~~) We had salmon shioyaki (grilled salmon sprinkled with salt), grilled squid with teriyaki sauce, agedashi tofu, grilled beef in sweet sauce, kaki age (friend veggies), and of course, the un-missable green tea ice-cream :) The dinner was just nice as we didn't get too full and feeling bloaty after that. We arrived home around 10 plus, just the perfect timing to prepare for next day's work and get a good night's sleep :)

So, how's your plans for the upcoming weekend? I've got an agenda in hand already for tomorrow...TGIF!!! it's the day of CM...clubbing marathon yaayy!!

see you guys in a bit yeah *winks*

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