Friday, June 25, 2010

Have a sNickers WeekeNd...and then some more

I live for Snickers :)

Good ol' gatal brought back as what he had promised from Labuan...Snickers mini bars!!! As you all KK peeps know, unbelievably there are no Snickers bars available in all major supermarkets for a long looong time already (To CKS, Giant, Ngiu Kee...why are u not selling?!!). Maybe you can get them in Tong Hing, but the price would be hilariously ridiculous. So I'm so happy when gatal passed over the brown package to me, dah lama aku kepunan dengan cokelat ini :p Pity that gatal is still recovering from his illness (fever, migrane, sore throat, cough...and all fireworks). I can't imagine myself still able to go on for sales trips in the terrible state that he's in. It's a bit weird to see your guy in a vulnerable condition (being weak and not in the mood to talk, especially when he's the type who's very hyperactive and will tease you mercilessly whenever he gets the chance), I hope he gets real well soon and be back to his ol' funny self :D

Another reason to jump 10 metres up in joy is that i'll be meeting up some new and old friends this weekend AND i get to wear my new outfit which I bought from a trip to Europe recently! Euro-whaaa? Will let you know the details later ;)

Tonight will be bringing out my Sarawakian friends (poor boys still in college, transportation is a major problem for as usual, i'll be the lady driver!) to check out this new SEVEN club in Penampang. Gonna meet up with my other friends there as well, one of them being a PR honcho for the club itself. She promised to pass me the CD containing all the original pics which she took of me during a photoshoot few months' back, yay can't wait! I LOVE it when people invites me for photoshoots 'cos u can get good quality pics from them FOC and you don't need to use your bunny years' old digicam and trying to take pics of yourself in the backyard ;p

As for the new outfit, I'll be wearing it tomorrow for an afternoon wedding (It'll be at Dewan Tun Fuad, hope the air-con's working! It's been in an 'out of order' situation for the past few months. Fix it, man! No one wants to go to weddings getting all sweaty and stuffy). And at night, I'll be meeting up my new buddy, Keeran from Bangsar, whom I get to know from CouchSurfing
(its a really great networking site to meet up with new friends.its safer cos u can check out their references from their friends etc. Worth to check it out!). Aaaand, on Sunday, a buddy of mine has invited moi for a Japanese dinner!! yum, sahimi here i come. I wonder if Hyatt's Nagisa having their Sunday brunch buffet, that'll be even super! *mouth is drooling already*

Have a nice weekend, u guys! Kalau tiada mau buat pun, tengoklah astro hehehe ~~~

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