Wednesday, October 21, 2009

not a boyfriend/fiance/hubby stealer


I've been accused twice this year for trying to get my claws onto another's property. Twice!!

The first one practically yelled at me through sms that I was deliberately trying to ruin their relationship, and I was like, "Hello girl? Since when sms-ing and meeting up for drinks a crime?!" And the second was even more the hubby himself happens to be my cousin! She whined about how he never respond to her sms and calls (they are at long-distance level at the moment)and that strangely he used to sms me and chat online once in a while (which she thinks is better than her situation).No. 2 did not really point her finger at me, but I definitely got her hinting when she get the impression that he prefers to communicate with me than her. Well, that's not my problem! Maybe the poor guy is still trying to adjust to his new marriage life. You see, guys are just as complicated as girls hmph!

And I gotta give it to my mum for being the most observant person ever. I haven't seen my cousin for more than 10 years, so naturally we're really glad to see each other during their wedding. We also attended their post-wedding lunch at his aunt's place, and during that time my cousin would occasionally sit at my side and have a light chat with me or checking whether me and mum have enough to drink and eat. But few days after that, I heard mum talking on the phone saying that my cousin spend most of the time with me during the lunch and that his wife might get mixed signals. Of course, she was talking in Kadazan but I still can figure out what she was saying haha!After that, she told me that if my cousin drop by at KK, we should invite both of them to our house for makan and chit chat. In my heart I was thinking, 'Mum you watch too much soap opera! For sure the wife wouldn't get jealous easily' And see what happens now?

Mum should definitely be a part-time fortune teller.

So what went wrong? Maybe I was over-friendly? too touchy-feely? Sigh...I just hope I won't get any false accusations anymore anytime soon!