Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DJs Re-energize!

me in my new pink dress :)

DJ B the human energizer!

One thing for sure: our local DJs need to learn a thing or two from their KL counterparts. My company was one of the sponsors for a Jap shoe brand launch and I was given 2 complimentary tix to the party thanks to one of the organizers (All bosses were overseas and I brought my dance partner instead. They needn’t know that teehee!). We got free goodies including this really cool golden bag with tiger motif and loads of discount vouchers (Didn’t get to use any yet as my schedule was too hectic and I gave one free 2-weeks trial pass to a friend as I don’t do gym-ming!). For a RM55 ticket, a small bottle of Tiger and RM2 sushi’s don’t give the worth, but I gave them the credits for hiring that DJ-MC crew known as Biggie and Syze. I think my partner and I were the only ones dancing 3 hours non-stop (I’ve checked the crowd!). Right from the beginning when DJ B started spinning the tracks, we literally were hogging the left side of the bar and didn’t care about getting empty seats (or whoever was gawking at us). The best part was when the DJ played all my fave old school R&B from Usher, Ja Rule, and especially N.E.R.D.! (KK DJs never play N.E.R.D. songs. Ndak syok ba) I was momentarily transported back to my college clubbing days where there was a time I telampau syok sendiri on one of the little platforms located on the huge dance floor of a well-known club with several other girls hehe. Plus, we also earned ourselves free drinks sponsored by a nice gentleman (whom my partner commented that he merely did that to get his entertainment expenses claim haha). I wanted pina colada but the bar was out of supplies, so I stuck to long island instead.

I was lucky I didn’t get extra spider veins on my legs after that night, but I am willing to take the risk for another cloud-nine-deliriously-happy experience like that (no alcoholic beverages needed).

KK DJs, now it’s your time to make us swoon.