Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love it like Hong Kong :)

If there's one thing everyone should have done in their lives, it's definitely travelling. I love it whenever I've just came back from a vacation or even a business trip, I'm always so excited to share my stories with everyone at home. And even better, having the knowledge and being able to provide travelling tips to those who wants to travel to places you have been to e.g. (1) its totally safe to walk around at night in Amsterdam, and you can find H&M shops anywhere over there! or (2)The yummiest fresh milk in the world can be found in Denmark or even funny facts like (3)Finding the loo in Hong Kong is like trying to discover gold :p Seriously!!

Talking about Hong Kong, I went there for a 1-week holiday back in January (before Chinese New Year. Don't go there during CNY!) The most memorable experience for me in HK? Yup, you got it right. Finding the precious toilets to ease yourself hahaha! Can you believe that their MTR (train) stations haven't a single toilet?! And you have to look at the station map to locate 'the nearest toilet' (with a star sign...i still remember hehe) What's matter how hard you plead to the shop owners to let you use their toilet, they won't allow it (even if you made a purchase of their stuff. i've asked!) Unless there is a wet market nearby whereby the toilets are for free (thankfully they're clean enough), you'd have to walk into a cafe and order yourself a cuppa before being able to use their toilet. If you happen to be at a boutique mall (no fittnig rooms here), there are toilets available but it's automatically locked from the inside. Only the boutique staff have the keys, so you'd have to wait for them in order to enter. Phew! Tiring, isn't it?

Anyway, toilets aside. Let's move on to more positive stories :) It was winter season in HK during January.As long you have a warm winter coat on with your jeans and sneakers, you'll do just fine. Personally, I think winter over there is equivalent to spring in Europe. Don't even think how's winter gonna be in Copenhagen. Brrrrr!!!! In terms of the Hongkies, generally they are quite friendly and will help you if you are lost. It'll be an advantage if you are able to converse in Mandarin (if you don't know Cantonese). Majority of the elderly speak Cantonese, the middle-aged able to understand Mandarin, and the youth being able to understand English. There's a lot of China nationals around too, so you can speak Mandarin to them no problem :)

As for shopping, well once you've been here, you won't want to go to KL anymore! All clothes are of the latest fashion and so cheap you'd think it's illegal under the trading law hehe. But too bad it's winter, so you'll see more of cute winter coats (which, sadly, you won't have the chance to wear in Malaysia). But there are still spring/summer clothes on sale and international brands like H&M have started selling their spring/summer collection. And you won't see any strappy heels around though, more to ballet flats and boots. I was hoping to get a nice pair of strappy heels, but I'm quite happy with my purchase of black flats (very comfortable!) in which I can use for exhibitions whereby I am required to stand for hours for 2-3 days :p

Here are some pics I took during my trip. Enjoy!

The hotel that we stayed - Anne Black YWCA in Kowloon. Not bad, RM140++ per night

The bright night streets of Kowloon

My high-school friend Dotty, who stays with her HK hubby over there :)

One funny street sign. In translation it literally means, wash clothes street :D

Ladies Market in Mongkok. Don't go here! It's just like Petaling Street..full with rude and pushy sellers

At the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant. Only go there if you want to have the 'Jumbo Experience' cos the food's pretty expensive there :p Shark fin's soup can cost up to RM100 PER BOWL :p

The free ferry ride from the port to the floating restaurant

How the restaurant looks like during the day, without its colorful light bulbs :p

Saw this huge cemetary right in the middle of the city on the way back from Aberdeen to Central!

One of the boutique malls I'vebeen to - Island Beverly.You'll see it right after you exit the Central MTR station

McD in HK is quite tasty! Especially the chicken wings. And the french fries tasted more potato-ey :D

Sunset view between TST and Central. Took this from Harbour City (the whole mall is of luxury brands. Believe it! Poor meagre me can just do window shopping haha)

Took this while on the ferry from TST to Central. Much cheaper than if you take the underground train

Me at Victoria's Peak. Wanted to go during the night as the scenery will be even more magnificent with the night lights and all. But too bad we don't have the time. And it's hazy during the day, so we're not able to see much of the view :p

The Love Section at the Peak where people will post up love notes for their loved ones. Pretty sweet :)

These incense sticks in one of the oldest temples, Man Mo Temple, take weeks to burn out!

The longest I've been on to...Central-Mid Levels 25-mins escalator ride :D

Going up is fun...cos its just escalator and some stairs ^-^

But going down is so tiring! Its either the stairs or steep slope. So remember girls, don't wear heels if you plan to go here!

Night view of the skyscrapers. But that night the lights show wasn't that appealing though..wasn't quite impressed :p

The cable car ride to the Buddha and Monastery. The weather's so hazy everyday :p

Not for the faint-hearted...i think there's approximately 350 steps to reach the Buddha!

My favorite Fa Yuen Street...loads of cheap but good quality clothes :D

Met Goofy in his Chinese suit in Disneyland :D

The beautiful night scenery of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

A typical 'Lok Lok' foodie shop in the city :D

Yummies! :)

A typical dish (rice with omelette with veggies) which can cost up to RM12. and it's for 1 person but can be shared by 2! mahal la :p