Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flaunt it Like it's Hot!!

I've taken up a new, shaping and painting people's nails! :) I've always looked in awe on how manicurists do their thing effortlessly and help their customers' come up with neat and gorgeous nails. But nowadays, manis and pedis are super expensive. I remembered during my college days, it only costs around RM15 for mani and pedi set (single color only). Now they're charging RM28 just for manicure!I once did the French Manicure at 1 Utama shopping mall and was charged RM49...totally outrageous if you ask me. So I thought, you just need to master the basic skills of manicure and you can do it on your own or do other people's more outrageous manicures in nail salons :p

I've just started on 2 models and it's kinda like my weekend project. When I'm able to do people's nails with ease, perhaps I can make it as my weekend job heehee. We'll see! :D

My 1st Model: Kristin

She prefers short nails. Painted hers a sweet pink color :)


Painted her toenails too!

my 2nd model: sweet cousin Jetrute :)

She just gotten her 1st manicure :)