Tuesday, May 27, 2008

V the little hostess

Once again, another Komulakan e-club gathering was a success! This time, it was held in pusakag (karaoke café) in donggongon and as the organizer, I was a bit worried that no one will show up. But the crowd turned out good (eventhough they were a tad bit late. Biasa la tu kan…sabah timing)! Thanks to Melissa, Shirley, ivy, michelle, ewon, willie, Gideon, Daniel, lis, ann, merilyn, chadley, and osmund. Anyway, I played hostess that nite, trying my best mc-ing and making sure that everyone’s not bored and having a good time. I did some ‘interviewing’ and guess what answer my cousin Chadley gave when I asked him what his specialty dish is (he can cook!). ‘Air’, he said, as in water. Du-uh! He’s forever the prankster and he’ll get u laughing until yr stomach hurts if you would’ve known him. It was my favorite part actually, giving people a good time! Shirley was the b-day girl of the month, and we bought her the most gorgeous blueberry cake and brought her dancing on stage whenever lagu rancak dimainkan. A sporting one, this girl. Apa pun ok haha! And congrats to Gideon and ann for their upcoming engagement next month. I was the one urging them to let out the secret, and Gideon was like, ‘ok guys, don’t forget to come to my granny’s b-day ya…’ Aduhai…but that’s good ‘cos we had a few good laughs.

Surprise, surprise. Mum and her friends decided to stop by and her friend’s daughter, Marina, came along too. 6 years back Marina and I were in this dance group doing traditional and ballroom dance performances. Miss those times :)

Anyway, we spent the whole night singing karaoke (sumbang or not we just sing!), dancing, makan2, and of course, drinking. Maybe I was the hostess or whatever, dunno why I kena suruh minum saja. jD mix vodka mix tiger…I can feel my head spinning in no time. But of course, being the hostess, I can’t let myself sprawling on the floor. So I determinedly let my chin up, and made sure my legs are crossed at all times hehehe. Also, as a hostess, you can’t leave until everyone does. So I only managed to go home around 2 plus in the morning and had barely 4 hours of sleep. Next day I headed off to work, still trapped in the pissed mode. I staggered up the stairs to the office and walked in with a blur look on my face. Suddenly I spotted this guy, his back facing towards me in my boss’ office. Hmm…this should be the new graphic designer starting his first day in the co. Without a moment hesitation, I literally marched to boss’ room and greeted my boss and PA (they just came back from Shanghai with new haircuts) before introducing myself to the guy.

ME: Hi! Are you the new guy? (Eyes trying to focus on him despite the dizziness of my mabukness. I offered my hand for a handshake)

GUY: Hi! Yes. (Looking a bit terkejut before shaking my hand. I think no one intro themselves to him yet that morning.)

ME: Nice to meet you, I’m Tina. And yr name is? (Grinning stupidly)

GUY: You can call me Ah Fan. (smiling…with amusement maybe?)

ME: Ok! Ah Fan… (I looked at my boss who was watching me with this look on her face. Did she guess? Nah, don’t think so).

Come to think about it, it was pretty funny. I mean, if a stranger suddenly introduced himself too enthusiastically to me, I would think ada udang di sebalik batu. But Ah Fan was cool about it. Turns out we went to the same high school (my very very senior cos he has graduated when I just started my first year). But he seriously doesn’t look his age. Clad in casual tee and jeans with studs (the big round ones) on his ears, he looked like a college kid. When he said he was in his early 30s, I was like ‘Whoa!’ Betul ka ni?! But ok bat u…look young is good hehe.

Anyway, welcome to the world of aesthetics skin care Ah Fan, and we are eagerly awaiting for your creative concepts and designs

It's V the little hostess!

komulakans can't wait to get their hands on the yummy food!

The b-day girl of the month...my sweet li'l Shirley :)

congrats to Gideon and Ann for their upcoming engagement :) aramai tii!

group photo of le komulakans..pre-mabuk mode hehehe~

Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't make me malu lah

Had a nice last last weekend? Mine was both embarrassing and fun at the same time hehe…lemme tell u the sordid details!

Sunday morning…I drove mum to a kampong to attend its AGM. It’s called Kg. Kibunut, and the road was so bumpy and full of potholes everywhere that I felt sorry for the tyres of my car hehe. Plus, the weather was so hot, it’s like being roasted under a super hot oven!
At the small balai raya, Mum sat in front facing the audience with the head village, chairman etc while my cousin and I found a spot where the ceiling fan was blowing nicely :) I was happily reading the day’s news (I know it’s gonna be boring, plus they’re speaking in Kadazan, which I unfortunately not fluent in, which will make it even boring) when all of a sudden, Mum asked me to sit in front with her. ‘You wakil Komulakan (youth group) la, so u sit in front’, she said. Dah la I was feeling sleepy because of the searing heat, now I have to be on my best behavior and no way I can doze off in front of everyone! Throughout the meeting process, I tried to look as attentive as I could and prevented myself from grabbing the news on the table for a read. It was that boring.

I was in a midst of daydreaming when I felt a nudge on my elbow. I looked at Mum expectantly and she said quietly, ‘the ketua kampung wants u to give a brief intro on what Komulakan is all about. Can u do that?’ Like a person who just got a dose of bitter espresso, I ‘woke up’ with a jolt. Hell, no! I didn’t prepare any speech at all and I’m not about to make a fool out of myself. One of the uncles sitting at the table gave me a questioning look and I shook my head adamantly. He got the message and he himself gave the intro on Komulakan (of course in Kadazan) soon after. Phew! I thought I was off the hook and began to relax…until about 15 minutes later. Mum gave me another nudge and whispered, ‘the ketua really wants u to give a brief intro. Just say your objectives and what are your activities.’ I’m like ‘no,no,no…I don’t waaaaaant’ in a whinny tone when I heard my name being called by the ketua himself.

There was a round of applause. Damn, there’s no way out now. I stood up, gave a nervous smile, and started ‘Hi, I’m Tina…the vice-chief for Komulakan Movement…’ It was the most embarrassing moment for me that day. I didn’t even start with a proper ‘Good afternoon to the ketua kampung etc’ greeting. Bascially I was just repeating what the uncle has previously explained (but now in Malay version), objective for the movement (make new friends…ha!), and some activities that we did. I didn’t even end with a proper thank-you. I just said, ‘Itu saja’ and sat down! My mum was like ‘why didn’t u say this, say that bla bla bla…’ Mana la I tau kan? Tiba2 kena suruh cakap. You should have watched the audience. They were ever so silent and looked at me with this look, which I interpret as ‘What’s this little girl doing up there?’ Haha…but anyway, everyone shook my hand after that and said, ‘Terima kasih, Komulakan’. I also met the ketua kampung’s daughter, which they recommend her to be the ketua Komulakan for that kg. itself. She’s nice and friendly, hopefully we’ll be able to do an official launching after the grand AGM in August this year.

I still felt embarrassed on the way back home (my cheeks were still flaming!), but I cheered up ‘cos I had a b-day party to attend to (gatal’s cousin). I think I overdressed that nite, in my black halter top (looks super nice and it costs only RM10!), Levi’s Lady Style, c&k vintage peep-toe heels, and a black & white polka-dotted hairband perched on my head. Everyone was either wearing shorts or sports pants…except for gatal’s brother’s gf, who was wearing sky-high heels, so that’s ok. I had super yummy shepherd’s pie (must learn how to make it!), my ever-favorite leafy veggies cooked with oyster sauce, and steamed prawns! And after that I had about 5 glasses (cute little ones) of Bailey’s and met a new friend too. She’s one of gatal’s cousin’s girl friend (belum jadi girlfriend lagi, she says!) and she’s really cute and friendly, and apparently loves playing computer games and a whiz on pc hardware! I think that’s cool, unlike me who knows nothing about computers. So anyway, I had a gud nite, listening to the others singing their hearts out with the help of a live band and chit chat with those who I jarang2 jumpa. As usual, gatal sang guardian angel for me…but I want new song! I want gatal to sing Stolen hehehe!

Oh, guess baju apa gatal bought for me from his sales trip?

This white frill-sleeved top from TS! It looked like any other top but I think it looks cute on me! It’s cute and clingy…hmm I guess gatal likes that, so that’s why he chose it muahahaha. I showed it to Mum, and the first thing she did was searching for the price tag. Typical. She stared at the tag and said, ‘Mahal juga’. I dunno whether she felt amused or not that her daughter’s bf bought a ludicrously expensive item which could easily be found in any other ordinary shops in KK ten times cheaper. Anyway, it’s the quality that counts right? *grin*

Friday, May 16, 2008

Make Me Over

I don’t mind being a guinea pig…especially when it comes to makeovers! My beautician friend, Claire, gave me day make-up makeover according to the colour of my dark blue blouse I was wearing that day. I’ve never really experiment with totally blue eyeshadows as the wrong type of application will make your face look washed out. But the results were good in the end, and my eyes appeared ten times bigger! We also played around with different types of hairstyles particularly the ‘messed-up-but-cool’ look. How I wish I have a personal hairstylist who can do my hair everyday and not to worry a single thing about flyaways, flat, limp and greasy hair, and hair that sticks out at the ends!

And here are some pics of the makeover!

I love this simple 'do! If only I'm rajin enough to do this everyday ;p

Whoever says curls make u look old isn't true! I think it makes you look cuter!

Me posing outside my workplace :)
I’m feeling happy ‘cos I’ve finally got a parking space at the basement of my workplace. No more long walks, crossing busy roads, getting caught under the rain and harsh sunshine!

Oh and recently I wore my new leopard-print pumps to work. My God…punya sakit! Dah la it’s still on the hard side (lucky I wore sheer socks or else my ankles will be full of cuts and blisters), then my toes kena pinched until I almost feel like crying out loud. Oh man…I'm only gonna wear those on special occasions.

Another lesson learnt: Don’t judge the shoe by its appearance. No matter how pretty and unique the shoe is, don’t buy it if it doesn’t feel right on your foot :(

Thursday, May 15, 2008

baju i want!

Gatal is in kl now doing sales for 1 whole week.

I’m waiting for my toppy shoppy baju hehehe…buy nice2 cute2 one for me ya.

Below are some of my random faves from TS, but of course I wasn’t hoping the exact outfits from gatal. Knowing him, he’ll probably get me a short-sleeved top or blouse.

He wanted to get me heels in the first place. Hello! If baju besar sikit still can alter la, but once u don’t fit the shoe, you’ll never fit the shoe. And he asked if I like Vincci. Huh…kalau bagi saya Nine West or Aldo baru la. Hmm speaking of shoes, once when I was in Jakarta, I saw these really nice pair of pink wedges (original J.Lo brand) with flowers motifs and stuff…memang style Jenny from the Block. They were the last pair, last size…but it was size 4. And it cost around RM300++ after 70% discount. Waduh…

When I become rich and famous, I’m gonna have my own shoe label. It’ll be called tiNa sUffiaN.



The details on how an outfit is designed can really affect the quality of the outfit itself. The 3 dresses above may look simple, but you'll feel like the luckiest girl in the world once you wear it :)

I've always have a thing for ballet-like shoes. These satin heels is just too cute to be true!


I've been looking far and near for a horizontal-striped top like this. I think it's chic and will make me look more 'berisi' hehe


I think black is one of my faves. I have black tops, black skirt, black jeans, black bra, black undies, black dress...but so does everybody else! Black will forever remain as ultimate universal color. I like this dress 'cos of its figure-hugging design. You can be very sexy even if you're not wearing skimpy outfits ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

red looks good on your nails, not on your dress

How was your weekend? Sleeping the whole day and lounging on the sofa watching back-to-back movies? Well, I spent the weekend dancing! Dance for practice, dance for rehearsal, and dance for the actual performance hehe. Thankfully we had a successful performance…the crowd was responsive and they were sporting enough to volunteer themselves at the dance floor during the open-dance-to-all session. Most of the volunteers were guys…where were the girls?? And I thought guys loathe bellydancing! Pity that one of our belly members couldn’t join us in the performance this time, but not to worry ‘cos there’ll be more waiting for us towards the end of the year!

All’s well do not end well though, as my monthly struck upon me on that day itself. Thank God I was wearing a liner, and double luck for me for wearing a dark green dress. After our performance, we stayed on for a bit at the wedding. It was during the time when I was cha-chaing away with my uncle. When I went back to my seat, my belly partner whispered into my ear, ‘U datang period ka?’ Alamak! ‘Obvious ka?’ I whispered back. ‘Ndak la. Kecik saja tu, macam pulau!’ Hahaha…she really knows how to put in her words. Luckily, I’ve brought a spare with me and headed straight for the ladies’. The moment I closed the cubicle door, I turned my dress around and had a critical look. Phew…it wasn’t that obvious.

When I went back inside the hall, I sat down and hoped that no one will ask me to dance. In the end, one guy did (forced by the groom) and his girlfriend was giving me this look, knowing I was the one shimmying in my swishy purple flair skirt earlier. But the song was finishing, so no one get to have a sneak peek of my barely-there bloody stain!

It was a great weekend. Despite the minor embarrassing flaw, I managed to earn few extra income for my own use :)
the sheilas for their 7th performance

Sunday, May 4, 2008

board games + karaoke + dance = ultimate fun

First of all, I’d like to thank my friends Melissa, ewon, osmund, tungab and Nicholson for making the effort to attend our komulakan e-club 1st gathering. To be frank, I’m a bit disappointed that the others couldn’t make it as I’d really like my friends of one side to get to know my other friends whom they’ve never met. They may not be aware of each other’s existence, but they play an important role in my life. I know those who didn’t attend had more important priorities (harvest festival fever is here!), so hopefully u guys can make it to the 2nd gathering :)

For our 1st gathering, I brought all members to have a fun session of playing board games at City Mall. Majority of us were first-timers (except Melissa), so we constantly had to get the owner’s (Chong Sean) attention to teach us the rules! Hehe poor owner, hope we didn’t kacau him too much. For those who’ve never been to CarcaSean Café, no worries ‘cos you don’t have to pay for the games, just for the drinks. I tried the Oreo milkshake recommended by Melissa and it was good, not too rich like some milkshakes (and u end up thirstier after that!). Oh, and I met a high school friend at the café too! I recognized her instantly, but she didn’t hehe. When I told her that I was the ‘little girl who always kena forced to take part in the track event during sports days every year’, she found it hard to believe me. “you’re so different now! More gorgeous!” says she. Huh…I know I looked like a nerd during my high school days (I was a prim and proper school girl always with her white blouse tucked in her proper below-the-knee blue skirt. And I had bangs! Patut la kan hihihi)

After 2 games, the boys practically dragged us girls to go for karaoke session at their favorite haunting joint, the pusakag (behind public bank at donggongon). Apparently, one of the boys’ dad has some shares there, so tau2 la tu. It’s my 2nd time going there (during my 1st visit, it was my first time ever singing karaoke in public! I sang too many songs from kadazan tunes, avril lavigne, Mariah carey & luther vandross endless love duet (gawd I love this song…this is going to be my lagu wajib during my wedding day hehe) to sheila on 7!) I had a bit to drink and when Melissa & I were ‘requested’ to sing ‘something stupid’ on stage, I was swaying here and there and I wasn’t sure how I sang the song! The guys got it all recorded in their hp’s and for sure I know it’s not an impressive performance! After singing, we got on the dance floor and did the sumazau, poco2, cha2, hip-hop, slow dancing, and whatever ‘moves’ that we can do…and all of this got recorded also!

We had too much of a good time that we got home like 4 in the morning! I was too scared to drive back alone so I got the guys to ‘escort’ my car until my home sweet home!! Anyway, all of us had a real blast, so let’s make our next gathering even more happening :)

this is a pretty simple game :)

melissa and ewon preparing their strategies!

that's no ordinary cards game...its a game of outlwas and sheriffs!

group photo of le komulakans

come and sing with us at the pusakag!