Thursday, May 15, 2008

baju i want!

Gatal is in kl now doing sales for 1 whole week.

I’m waiting for my toppy shoppy baju hehehe…buy nice2 cute2 one for me ya.

Below are some of my random faves from TS, but of course I wasn’t hoping the exact outfits from gatal. Knowing him, he’ll probably get me a short-sleeved top or blouse.

He wanted to get me heels in the first place. Hello! If baju besar sikit still can alter la, but once u don’t fit the shoe, you’ll never fit the shoe. And he asked if I like Vincci. Huh…kalau bagi saya Nine West or Aldo baru la. Hmm speaking of shoes, once when I was in Jakarta, I saw these really nice pair of pink wedges (original J.Lo brand) with flowers motifs and stuff…memang style Jenny from the Block. They were the last pair, last size…but it was size 4. And it cost around RM300++ after 70% discount. Waduh…

When I become rich and famous, I’m gonna have my own shoe label. It’ll be called tiNa sUffiaN.


The details on how an outfit is designed can really affect the quality of the outfit itself. The 3 dresses above may look simple, but you'll feel like the luckiest girl in the world once you wear it :)

I've always have a thing for ballet-like shoes. These satin heels is just too cute to be true!

I've been looking far and near for a horizontal-striped top like this. I think it's chic and will make me look more 'berisi' hehe

I think black is one of my faves. I have black tops, black skirt, black jeans, black bra, black undies, black dress...but so does everybody else! Black will forever remain as ultimate universal color. I like this dress 'cos of its figure-hugging design. You can be very sexy even if you're not wearing skimpy outfits ;)

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