Sunday, May 4, 2008

board games + karaoke + dance = ultimate fun

First of all, I’d like to thank my friends Melissa, ewon, osmund, tungab and Nicholson for making the effort to attend our komulakan e-club 1st gathering. To be frank, I’m a bit disappointed that the others couldn’t make it as I’d really like my friends of one side to get to know my other friends whom they’ve never met. They may not be aware of each other’s existence, but they play an important role in my life. I know those who didn’t attend had more important priorities (harvest festival fever is here!), so hopefully u guys can make it to the 2nd gathering :)

For our 1st gathering, I brought all members to have a fun session of playing board games at City Mall. Majority of us were first-timers (except Melissa), so we constantly had to get the owner’s (Chong Sean) attention to teach us the rules! Hehe poor owner, hope we didn’t kacau him too much. For those who’ve never been to CarcaSean Café, no worries ‘cos you don’t have to pay for the games, just for the drinks. I tried the Oreo milkshake recommended by Melissa and it was good, not too rich like some milkshakes (and u end up thirstier after that!). Oh, and I met a high school friend at the café too! I recognized her instantly, but she didn’t hehe. When I told her that I was the ‘little girl who always kena forced to take part in the track event during sports days every year’, she found it hard to believe me. “you’re so different now! More gorgeous!” says she. Huh…I know I looked like a nerd during my high school days (I was a prim and proper school girl always with her white blouse tucked in her proper below-the-knee blue skirt. And I had bangs! Patut la kan hihihi)

After 2 games, the boys practically dragged us girls to go for karaoke session at their favorite haunting joint, the pusakag (behind public bank at donggongon). Apparently, one of the boys’ dad has some shares there, so tau2 la tu. It’s my 2nd time going there (during my 1st visit, it was my first time ever singing karaoke in public! I sang too many songs from kadazan tunes, avril lavigne, Mariah carey & luther vandross endless love duet (gawd I love this song…this is going to be my lagu wajib during my wedding day hehe) to sheila on 7!) I had a bit to drink and when Melissa & I were ‘requested’ to sing ‘something stupid’ on stage, I was swaying here and there and I wasn’t sure how I sang the song! The guys got it all recorded in their hp’s and for sure I know it’s not an impressive performance! After singing, we got on the dance floor and did the sumazau, poco2, cha2, hip-hop, slow dancing, and whatever ‘moves’ that we can do…and all of this got recorded also!

We had too much of a good time that we got home like 4 in the morning! I was too scared to drive back alone so I got the guys to ‘escort’ my car until my home sweet home!! Anyway, all of us had a real blast, so let’s make our next gathering even more happening :)

this is a pretty simple game :)

melissa and ewon preparing their strategies!

that's no ordinary cards game...its a game of outlwas and sheriffs!

group photo of le komulakans

come and sing with us at the pusakag!

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