Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm not wearing underwear!

Here's a funny tale (based on actual event) to reduce your Monday Blues :p

Me: Here's the shorts I've bought for you, try it on! I wanna see if it fits. (handed to him this dark-colored,not-too-flashy checkered shorts)
Him: (Took the shorts self-consciously) Okay, I'll try it later.
Me: What later?? I wanna see now lah.
Him: Okay. (Put on shorts with his baggy pants that he was currently wearing inside)
Me: Aren't you going to take off your pants first? You won't know if it fits if you wear double shorts.
Him: I can't. (sheepish face)
Me: Why not?? (Getting impatient)
Him: 'Cos I'm not wearing underwear. 
Me: (can't decide whether I should laugh out real LOUD or chide him for being so ridicuolusly malu. Like helloooo...this is me I'm talking about hahaha)

Well that's the whole story. Hope it did cheer somebody up! :D

 Don't be shy-shy lah ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh Copycatism!

I've recently bought a belated birthday present for my friend (a baseball bat-like soft toy with a cute cartoon face from the Tokyo Street section in Pavillion KL shopping mall) and can't wait to see the happily surprised look on my friend's face as I was certain that it won't be available in KK.

Me: Here's your birthday pressie! Open it!
Friend: Okay! (opens wrapper) Wow it's really cute!!
Me: Yeah, it's cute isn't it? (grins broadly)
Friend: Yup, I saw them loads like this in City Mall*. I think they're really popular now! (Smiles)
Me: Argh! (groans inwardly)

Darn it to the power of copycatism...nothing is exclusive anymore. No more 'You can only get it in Paris' conversations whereby you say it with a smug look on your face and your listener looks at you with admiration and envy.

Ah well, at least my friend still likes it :p

*local mall which is only 40 minutes from my house