Saturday, April 26, 2008

FREEZE for unity

I was browsing through the Star newspaper website few days ago when I came across this article entitled “One Posting on Facebook drew 1,000 to take part in KL Freeze”( It was about this 24 year-old guy and his group of friends who organized a ‘freeze’ event (KL Freeze in Unison) with the objective of promoting the concept “unity in diversity”. The main attraction of the event is whereby all participants are required to basically ‘freeze’, not moving at all, for about a few minutes. It is such a simple act but gives a meaningful message to all. Because of the unexpected turnout at the event, radio station decided to support for their another ‘freeze’ event, which was held in conjunction with World Earth Day on the 20th April at Sunway Pyramid. It’s objective is to promote environmentalism. To make the event more symbolic, it was suggested that participants come up with their own creative ways to such as wearing sunglasses to symbolize global warming, holding a fluorescent light bulb to symbolize saving energy etc. Even for those who couldn’t make it, they can just turn off all the lights in their house and basically sit quietly for a few minutes. Pretty cool huh?

These guys are really good…I admire them for their creativity and mission in life. These are the kind of people we need nowadays…people who think ‘out-of-the-box’. If I was in kl at that time, I’d definitely go and have a freezing time! Hmm…maybe we could have a similar version in Sabah…we do a Freeze for Sabah event…and all the buffaloes will freeze along with us hehe.

Check out their fantastic website here!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

what goEs aRouNd coMes arouNd

Me not talking about relationships here! Remember in my previous post about me getting the red eye infection?

I think I may have passed it to my dear boyfriend! He sms-ed me earlier this afternoon and apparently he got a red eye too! I got it on my right eye and he got it on his left…kebetulan sangat ni hahaha...

Anyway, hopefully he gets better soon. Red eye contact is soooo not cool!! ;p

Addicted to boYleGs

get a boyleg now!! it's yummylicious :)

No, I’m not planning to switch to having guys’ legs! Boylegs is a type of underwear which is a super micro mini version of shorts. Some girls think that thongs and g-strings are the sexiest, but I find them really uncomfortable (but its pretty sexy to see the straps peeking out from a girl’s low-cut jeans! ;p ). I’m more onto boylegs…not only it’s comfortable, doesn’t leave any marks on your skin, and it looks alluring too. Maybe you will think, “hah…look like shorts? Where got sexy…no curvy design one’. As for me, it’s like, ‘Hey! Look at me! I’m only wearing my mini shorts…ONLY mini shorts ya…” hahahaha.


Basically, I’m getting addicted. I just bought one yesterday for 9 bucks! I tried it on back at home and it’s the most comfortable compared to the other boylegs I’ve bought. Now I have them in colors of pink, black, turquoise, and most recently, rrrrrRed!!!! You don’t need to get branded ones like Blush!, Triumph, or La Senza (btw, I love their strapless bra…VERY convenient and stays on where it’s supposed to be *wink* ). Just go to some little lingerie boutiques and you can find really nice ones at a really reasonable price.

Gatal will have a nice surprise once he comes back from his sales trip!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dancing in my officE cLotheS

my outfit is sexier than this!

Yup, Mum picked me up from work and forgot to bring my dance clothes along.

Instead of expressing myself freely in my midriff sports top and elastic sports pants, I was dancing awkwardly in my buttoned white shirt (tied up above my abdomen) and my beige (luckily it’s low-waist!) skirt.

How cool is that?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Red is HOT, but red eyes is NOT

your eye shouldn't look like this!

It started about 2 weeks ago. There was a lot of discharge (tahi mata!) coming out from my right eye every half an hour and was downright annoying. I didn’t give it much thought and dismissed it as a sign of fatigue and resolved it by applying normal eye drops. Everyday when I wake up, I couldn’t even open my eye as the discharge had dried up and practically ‘glued’ my eyes together. Still, I ignored it and applied more eye drops…until yesterday.

I woke up with a very red right eye (plus more discharge!), but it didn’t feel itchy. I was like, ‘ok red eye in the morning is normal, it’ll go away soon’. But it didn’t. Several hours later, I was in my office still with a very red eye. Of course, my colleagues told me to do a check-up (and quick!). I know they don’t want to get infected hehe. So, after lunch I went to an optical shop to get a check-up. Apparently, I had an eye infection called Conjunctivitis. The cause could be a lot of reasons, but most probably I got it from another person who has the eye infection, or else I didn’t wash my hands properly while cleaning my contact lenses. I was given antibiotic eye drops and was told to do a check-up after a week. And no wearing contact lenses for a week! Phew…luckily I don’t have any dance performances this week. I will look really weird dancing with my glasses. They will call me ‘The Geeky Dancer’!

Anyway, I did some searching and found some info on conjunctivitis from wikipedia:

Conjunctivitis , commonly called "Pink Eye" and "Red Eye" in the UK, and "Madras Eye" in India is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids), most commonly due to an allergic reaction or an infection (usually bacterial, or viral).

Bacterial conjunctivitis ( in my case!) due to the common pyogenic (pus-producing) bacteria causes marked grittiness/irritation and a stringy, opaque, grey or yellowish mucopurulent discharge (gowl, goop, "gunk", "eye crust", sleep, or other regional names) that may cause the lids to stick together (matting), especially after sleeping. Another symptom that could be caused by Bacterial Conjunctivitis is severe crusting of the infected eye and the surrounding skin. Like viral conjunctivitis, it usually affects only one eye but may spread easily to the other eye.

Many people who have conjunctivitis have trouble opening their eyes in the morning because of the dried mucus on their eyelids. There is often excess mucus over the eye after sleeping for a long period of time. (which is sooo true!)

Bacterial conjunctivitis is usually treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointments that cover a broad range of bacteria (chloramphenicol or fusidic acid used in UK). However evidence suggests that this does not affect symptom severity and gains only modest reduction in duration from an average of 4.8 days (untreated controls) to 3.3 days for those given immediate antibiotics. Deferring antibiotics yields almost the same duration as those immediately starting treatment with 3.9 days duration, but with half the two-week clinic reattendance rate.

To guys and gals out there, if yr eyes are your most prominent asset, you should take good care of your peepers. Avoid rubbing them frequently, don’t wear contact lens unless you really have to, and for the gals, it’s wise to good quality cosmetic products as cheap ones can affect your eyes in a negative way ‘cos it may contain chemical properties which can irritate your eyes.

Just remember…red may be hot, but red eyes is definitely not!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a sunday jokE

I went to pump petrol in my pyjamas (spaghetti-strapped with purple flowers) today,with pimple creams on my face.

Yes ladies, bare essentials is the latest trend nowadays!

6th senSe gOne wiLd

My mum has always had this mysterious phenomenon as what we called ‘sixth sense’. Once, many many years ago, a fortune teller in HK told her that she could practice to become a fortune reader as she had the ‘ability’. She didn’t become a fortune teller after that, but did relate a few amazing, sometimes scary experiences to me. Like once, she dreamt about a snake in our house. Few days after, a snake DID wind up in the living room! Yikes!

You know how the phrase goes, “Like mother, like daughter”? Well, I think I might have ‘inherited’ a bit of her predicting powers! I’ve occasionally had dreams about numbers, but there was one particular dream which goes like this: I bought some cloth materials at a place and was told this particular price (Sorry, I’ve forgotten the numbers!). When I woke up, the numbers were still clear in my memory. I was at kl at that time, so I called mum up and told her about my dream. She instantly told one of my uncles to use the numbers to buy 4d (how typical!). And guess what?! The number came out FIRST PRIZE…but unfortunately, my uncle didn’t ‘mix’ numbers (macam kasi terbalik-balik bah) around and failed to hit the jackpot. Moral of the story is? You must mix the numbers into few variations first before buying hehe.

Numbers aside, I think I have this strange kinda ability whereby I can make some things famous! It’s like before I came to know this particular singer or history or just about anything, people are not aware of it. But once I came to know of it, the next thing I see is that people will know about it too! Sounds confusing? Here are some examples. I remembered the last time I read this book about Anastacia, this story about a Russian princess who went missing when she was a child. Many years later, a woman appeared and declared she’s the missing princess Anastacia. Before I read the book, majority of Malaysians wouldn’t know who Anastacia was (except for history enthusiasts maybe). Anyway, after I read the book, few months later, the cartoon version of the Anastacia movie came to Malaysian cinemas. I was like, ‘Hey! I’ve read about her!’ And now everyone else knew about her previous existence too. Maybe you think it’s a coincidence? Well, of all princesses and queens in the world dating back hundreds and hundreds of years, why chose her? It could be Queen Elizabeth, Queen Marie-Antoinette, Queen Mary of Scots and so many more. Instead, they chose this legendary but practically unknown Russian princess.

Next example. I’m sure you know Michael Búble and his famous song, ‘Sway’. Before he became famous in Malaysia, there was one time when I was searching some jazz cd’s to add to my music collection. Initially, I planned to buy Norah Jones who was the most-listened-to jazz singer at that time. Somehow, Mr. Búble’s cd caught my attention amidst the endless rows of jazz cd’s. I decided to have a listen and bought it on impulse even though he was practically unknown to me, much less of his songs. Did he become famous? He was instantly featured on MTV, all cafes and parties were playing to his songs, ‘Sway’ became the choice of song for most cha-cha dancers for their dance routines, and was also the choice of song for contestants in singing competitions. Still think it’s a coincidence?

Ok lah, one last example. And this is the most recent one…one of my online friends told me about this song which was her ultimate favorite and that I listened to it too. Actually, the singer’s (also unknown to me) album was released for quite some time, which was last year. I’ve always intended to download it but never had the time. And when I did, few weeks later, suddenly the singer’s video clip (on the same song) came out in MTV. Then after that, it was aired couple of times (until now) in and played in cafes too. Here’s the deal, the song has been around for quite some time (apparently it was a hit in the U.S. since last year), but why does it only came here only after I’ve downloaded the song? I mean, hits from overseas usually will be aired in Malaysia after few weeks max.

Hehe maybe you think I’m just being silly, but it’s quite fun to think about it sometimes. Why don’t u try? Read about an unknown legendary person and see whether its made into a film few months after that (I’m waiting for a Mata Hari film to come out!).

Enough about me and my so-called sixth sense ability, I wanna say something about my job! A week has gone by, and I know that the worse has yet to come! Next week I will be going for my first sales+marketing assignment at Sabah Golf & Country Club. Time to meet the big shot golfers hehehe…Oh, and my boss Ms. A is in Singapore now for a couple of days…mau ikuuuuut!!! After that, she’s going to Vietnam next. Haiyaaa I’m so jealous!! I guess I just need to be patient and wait for the time when it’s gonna be my turn :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

the research executive explores sAbah

First of all, I wanna say, HIDUP SHEILAS!! Hehehe…that’s because barely a month after our last belly performance, we’ve got another one coming up early next month! Our last performance was quite a success, despite minor problems from the CD player. The music went ‘mute’ for a couple of times, but luckily we’ve got the whole music memorized like bread and water and managed to keep up with the beat. We were a ‘colorful’ group, me in a fiery red skirt, and the other two in baby blue and peach skirts respectively. Cute right? :)

the sheilas are back and better than ever!

Anyway! I had a blast last weekend ‘cos my good ol’ friend Sai came to visit! He’s from Pakistan, works in KL, and paid a visit to Sabah. Whoa! Now that’s really ‘country-colorful!’ He may only spend about 3D 2N in kk, but we (me, si gatal, my parents, and my uncle) made sure that he enjoyed his stay here. His company chose to stay at nexus, which is like half an hour from the city! But it’s 5-star, so it’s ok. For the whole trip, we brought him to upperstar for drinks and had a looooot of chit-chat…we yakked non-stop about 4 hours (I had a very ‘kaw’ long island tea, luckily si gatal was driving!). Sai talked about his work (don’t forget to get me freebies next time!), about his friends back in kl, and of course, how much he missed his miss Diana (my mis tengkorak!). Hehehe…I hope you guys will meet up pretty soon!

Next day, we brought Sai to gayang seafood restaurant and he had a first try of the famous soft shell crabs! He was like, ‘you can eat the shell?!’ hahaha very funny. Then, we showed him my grandma’s place and even got the chance to say hello to grandma! I think grandma was really surprised to have a nearly 6-footer in her kedai runcit! After that, Sai (finally!) had a full view of my house and its surroundings. He said my place looked like the Sopranos’ hse! This guy memang big fan of sopranos…buat suit pun ikut style mafia (but that’s cool!) He took lots of pictures, including the herd of buffaloes down by the road hehehe…And at night we planned to bring him to the launching of my cousin Stacy’s fan club (AFUNDI STACY!!), but he had to attend his company’s dinner so couldn’t make it. Anyhow, I hope he had a good stay in kk and wondered if he managed to carry the bon jovi song pretty well *wink*

Enough of holidays, today is my 4th day in my new job! You know, all (not majority..but ALL) of my colleagues are Chinese. But that’s a good thing actually, ‘cos I’m able to sharpen up my Mandarin-speaking skills! And the girls…their faces are so fair and smooth, it’s like I’m the only one with tanned skin (with pimples) there. But so far they’re good to me, my boss is good to me (she complimented on my shoes…twice!) and the environment is good to me as well hehe. We had a farewell party for one of the staff today and had a pizza party! We practically stuffed our faces with pizzas, chicken wings, garlic bread, and gulped down fizzy drinks. The beauticians, on the other hand, ate daintily in their white uniforms. I guess they didn’t want to smudge their outfits! These few days I studied the products and services. It’s more on the technical side, getting familiar with all the scientific terms and all, but hopefully I’ll be going out into the field soon and have more fun studying human behavior!! J

Here’s to a successful career…cheers!!

us at upperstar!

burnt coconuts, anyone?

Friday, April 4, 2008

fRiendLier iNtervieweRs Needed

Finally! Someone who takes my education qualification seriously after going to numerous job interviews. She’s also one of the nicest, down-to-earth and friendliest interviewer I’ve come across (unlike the others who never crack smile or even give a single compliment to any of my achievements). It’s like my education has no benefits at all. Ha! You know, instead of being serious and putting up a poker face, interviewers should generally put their candidates at ease, like putting in some jokes at some point of time.

Anyway, this Very Nice interviewer gave me a bright smile once I walked into the meeting room and apologized profusely for making me wait for half an hour (Wait, do interviewers normally apologize?). During the interview, she went through the basic process such as scenario what-if q’s, but was particular about my grades in uni. I was so used of not being asked about my reputation during uni days that I’ve completely abandoned my transcripts and certificates at home. Suddenly she was asking, “What subjects did u learn during your master’s course?”, and “What grades did u get?” I was like, “Umm…I knew that I got all high distinctions during my 2nd sem back when I was doing bachelor’s…” Hahaha…that was sooo outdated, like 3 years ago. And she was even more surprised when I told her I studied in a Chinese high school. Then she started to speak Mandarin to me enthusiastically. Alamak…dah la my Mandarin rusty, how am I supposed to impress her? Anyhow, she didn’t mind my jumbled up speaking and went on to crack some jokes. She said that I was cute when I actually believed her when she said that I was required to work 7 days a week and that I paid for my own expenses if sent for overseas trip. How I know la…so I just laughed along when she burst out laughing with her PA and assistant manager. Oh! And when I said earlier that she was particular of what I studied, she actually asked me whether I know the definition of SWOT analysis and strategic alliance (SA). Luckily I remembered the terms since I used them almost every time for my assignments. I couldn’t remember the definition of SA, but I remembered STAR Alliance hahaha! Towards the end of the interview, Ms. Very Nice Interviewer said that I was smart, confident, and most importantly, exude a positive aura (uisehh!!). So was my useful personality worth it? Yess!!!! I’ve been accepted and will start next Monday!!

I was so excited that I went off to my fave boutique (it was having a spring sale at the same time!!) and got myself 2 fabulous button-down blouses and leopard-print pumps :)

Biasa la tu…kan?

my leopard-print pumps :)