Friday, April 4, 2008

fRiendLier iNtervieweRs Needed

Finally! Someone who takes my education qualification seriously after going to numerous job interviews. She’s also one of the nicest, down-to-earth and friendliest interviewer I’ve come across (unlike the others who never crack smile or even give a single compliment to any of my achievements). It’s like my education has no benefits at all. Ha! You know, instead of being serious and putting up a poker face, interviewers should generally put their candidates at ease, like putting in some jokes at some point of time.

Anyway, this Very Nice interviewer gave me a bright smile once I walked into the meeting room and apologized profusely for making me wait for half an hour (Wait, do interviewers normally apologize?). During the interview, she went through the basic process such as scenario what-if q’s, but was particular about my grades in uni. I was so used of not being asked about my reputation during uni days that I’ve completely abandoned my transcripts and certificates at home. Suddenly she was asking, “What subjects did u learn during your master’s course?”, and “What grades did u get?” I was like, “Umm…I knew that I got all high distinctions during my 2nd sem back when I was doing bachelor’s…” Hahaha…that was sooo outdated, like 3 years ago. And she was even more surprised when I told her I studied in a Chinese high school. Then she started to speak Mandarin to me enthusiastically. Alamak…dah la my Mandarin rusty, how am I supposed to impress her? Anyhow, she didn’t mind my jumbled up speaking and went on to crack some jokes. She said that I was cute when I actually believed her when she said that I was required to work 7 days a week and that I paid for my own expenses if sent for overseas trip. How I know la…so I just laughed along when she burst out laughing with her PA and assistant manager. Oh! And when I said earlier that she was particular of what I studied, she actually asked me whether I know the definition of SWOT analysis and strategic alliance (SA). Luckily I remembered the terms since I used them almost every time for my assignments. I couldn’t remember the definition of SA, but I remembered STAR Alliance hahaha! Towards the end of the interview, Ms. Very Nice Interviewer said that I was smart, confident, and most importantly, exude a positive aura (uisehh!!). So was my useful personality worth it? Yess!!!! I’ve been accepted and will start next Monday!!

I was so excited that I went off to my fave boutique (it was having a spring sale at the same time!!) and got myself 2 fabulous button-down blouses and leopard-print pumps :)

Biasa la tu…kan?

my leopard-print pumps :)


Diana Rikasari said... where are u working? i mean, what company?? congrats proud of you...:)

V oN toP said...

its called skin fitness...provide skincare treatments and products,and also beauty services :)