Sunday, April 13, 2008

6th senSe gOne wiLd

My mum has always had this mysterious phenomenon as what we called ‘sixth sense’. Once, many many years ago, a fortune teller in HK told her that she could practice to become a fortune reader as she had the ‘ability’. She didn’t become a fortune teller after that, but did relate a few amazing, sometimes scary experiences to me. Like once, she dreamt about a snake in our house. Few days after, a snake DID wind up in the living room! Yikes!

You know how the phrase goes, “Like mother, like daughter”? Well, I think I might have ‘inherited’ a bit of her predicting powers! I’ve occasionally had dreams about numbers, but there was one particular dream which goes like this: I bought some cloth materials at a place and was told this particular price (Sorry, I’ve forgotten the numbers!). When I woke up, the numbers were still clear in my memory. I was at kl at that time, so I called mum up and told her about my dream. She instantly told one of my uncles to use the numbers to buy 4d (how typical!). And guess what?! The number came out FIRST PRIZE…but unfortunately, my uncle didn’t ‘mix’ numbers (macam kasi terbalik-balik bah) around and failed to hit the jackpot. Moral of the story is? You must mix the numbers into few variations first before buying hehe.

Numbers aside, I think I have this strange kinda ability whereby I can make some things famous! It’s like before I came to know this particular singer or history or just about anything, people are not aware of it. But once I came to know of it, the next thing I see is that people will know about it too! Sounds confusing? Here are some examples. I remembered the last time I read this book about Anastacia, this story about a Russian princess who went missing when she was a child. Many years later, a woman appeared and declared she’s the missing princess Anastacia. Before I read the book, majority of Malaysians wouldn’t know who Anastacia was (except for history enthusiasts maybe). Anyway, after I read the book, few months later, the cartoon version of the Anastacia movie came to Malaysian cinemas. I was like, ‘Hey! I’ve read about her!’ And now everyone else knew about her previous existence too. Maybe you think it’s a coincidence? Well, of all princesses and queens in the world dating back hundreds and hundreds of years, why chose her? It could be Queen Elizabeth, Queen Marie-Antoinette, Queen Mary of Scots and so many more. Instead, they chose this legendary but practically unknown Russian princess.

Next example. I’m sure you know Michael Búble and his famous song, ‘Sway’. Before he became famous in Malaysia, there was one time when I was searching some jazz cd’s to add to my music collection. Initially, I planned to buy Norah Jones who was the most-listened-to jazz singer at that time. Somehow, Mr. Búble’s cd caught my attention amidst the endless rows of jazz cd’s. I decided to have a listen and bought it on impulse even though he was practically unknown to me, much less of his songs. Did he become famous? He was instantly featured on MTV, all cafes and parties were playing to his songs, ‘Sway’ became the choice of song for most cha-cha dancers for their dance routines, and was also the choice of song for contestants in singing competitions. Still think it’s a coincidence?

Ok lah, one last example. And this is the most recent one…one of my online friends told me about this song which was her ultimate favorite and that I listened to it too. Actually, the singer’s (also unknown to me) album was released for quite some time, which was last year. I’ve always intended to download it but never had the time. And when I did, few weeks later, suddenly the singer’s video clip (on the same song) came out in MTV. Then after that, it was aired couple of times (until now) in and played in cafes too. Here’s the deal, the song has been around for quite some time (apparently it was a hit in the U.S. since last year), but why does it only came here only after I’ve downloaded the song? I mean, hits from overseas usually will be aired in Malaysia after few weeks max.

Hehe maybe you think I’m just being silly, but it’s quite fun to think about it sometimes. Why don’t u try? Read about an unknown legendary person and see whether its made into a film few months after that (I’m waiting for a Mata Hari film to come out!).

Enough about me and my so-called sixth sense ability, I wanna say something about my job! A week has gone by, and I know that the worse has yet to come! Next week I will be going for my first sales+marketing assignment at Sabah Golf & Country Club. Time to meet the big shot golfers hehehe…Oh, and my boss Ms. A is in Singapore now for a couple of days…mau ikuuuuut!!! After that, she’s going to Vietnam next. Haiyaaa I’m so jealous!! I guess I just need to be patient and wait for the time when it’s gonna be my turn :)

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