Thursday, April 17, 2008

Addicted to boYleGs

get a boyleg now!! it's yummylicious :)

No, I’m not planning to switch to having guys’ legs! Boylegs is a type of underwear which is a super micro mini version of shorts. Some girls think that thongs and g-strings are the sexiest, but I find them really uncomfortable (but its pretty sexy to see the straps peeking out from a girl’s low-cut jeans! ;p ). I’m more onto boylegs…not only it’s comfortable, doesn’t leave any marks on your skin, and it looks alluring too. Maybe you will think, “hah…look like shorts? Where got sexy…no curvy design one’. As for me, it’s like, ‘Hey! Look at me! I’m only wearing my mini shorts…ONLY mini shorts ya…” hahahaha.


Basically, I’m getting addicted. I just bought one yesterday for 9 bucks! I tried it on back at home and it’s the most comfortable compared to the other boylegs I’ve bought. Now I have them in colors of pink, black, turquoise, and most recently, rrrrrRed!!!! You don’t need to get branded ones like Blush!, Triumph, or La Senza (btw, I love their strapless bra…VERY convenient and stays on where it’s supposed to be *wink* ). Just go to some little lingerie boutiques and you can find really nice ones at a really reasonable price.

Gatal will have a nice surprise once he comes back from his sales trip!

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