Thursday, April 10, 2008

the research executive explores sAbah

First of all, I wanna say, HIDUP SHEILAS!! Hehehe…that’s because barely a month after our last belly performance, we’ve got another one coming up early next month! Our last performance was quite a success, despite minor problems from the CD player. The music went ‘mute’ for a couple of times, but luckily we’ve got the whole music memorized like bread and water and managed to keep up with the beat. We were a ‘colorful’ group, me in a fiery red skirt, and the other two in baby blue and peach skirts respectively. Cute right? :)

the sheilas are back and better than ever!

Anyway! I had a blast last weekend ‘cos my good ol’ friend Sai came to visit! He’s from Pakistan, works in KL, and paid a visit to Sabah. Whoa! Now that’s really ‘country-colorful!’ He may only spend about 3D 2N in kk, but we (me, si gatal, my parents, and my uncle) made sure that he enjoyed his stay here. His company chose to stay at nexus, which is like half an hour from the city! But it’s 5-star, so it’s ok. For the whole trip, we brought him to upperstar for drinks and had a looooot of chit-chat…we yakked non-stop about 4 hours (I had a very ‘kaw’ long island tea, luckily si gatal was driving!). Sai talked about his work (don’t forget to get me freebies next time!), about his friends back in kl, and of course, how much he missed his miss Diana (my mis tengkorak!). Hehehe…I hope you guys will meet up pretty soon!

Next day, we brought Sai to gayang seafood restaurant and he had a first try of the famous soft shell crabs! He was like, ‘you can eat the shell?!’ hahaha very funny. Then, we showed him my grandma’s place and even got the chance to say hello to grandma! I think grandma was really surprised to have a nearly 6-footer in her kedai runcit! After that, Sai (finally!) had a full view of my house and its surroundings. He said my place looked like the Sopranos’ hse! This guy memang big fan of sopranos…buat suit pun ikut style mafia (but that’s cool!) He took lots of pictures, including the herd of buffaloes down by the road hehehe…And at night we planned to bring him to the launching of my cousin Stacy’s fan club (AFUNDI STACY!!), but he had to attend his company’s dinner so couldn’t make it. Anyhow, I hope he had a good stay in kk and wondered if he managed to carry the bon jovi song pretty well *wink*

Enough of holidays, today is my 4th day in my new job! You know, all (not majority..but ALL) of my colleagues are Chinese. But that’s a good thing actually, ‘cos I’m able to sharpen up my Mandarin-speaking skills! And the girls…their faces are so fair and smooth, it’s like I’m the only one with tanned skin (with pimples) there. But so far they’re good to me, my boss is good to me (she complimented on my shoes…twice!) and the environment is good to me as well hehe. We had a farewell party for one of the staff today and had a pizza party! We practically stuffed our faces with pizzas, chicken wings, garlic bread, and gulped down fizzy drinks. The beauticians, on the other hand, ate daintily in their white uniforms. I guess they didn’t want to smudge their outfits! These few days I studied the products and services. It’s more on the technical side, getting familiar with all the scientific terms and all, but hopefully I’ll be going out into the field soon and have more fun studying human behavior!! J

Here’s to a successful career…cheers!!

us at upperstar!

burnt coconuts, anyone?


Diana Rikasari said...

tinaaaaaaaaaaaa gosh i so love your spirit!! i guess we both are research executives, only in different fields heheheh....cheers for our successful careers!! :D

V oN toP said...

mis tengkorak...i was actually referring sai as the research executive.he explores sabah..gettit?ahahahahaha!

Diana Rikasari said...

ooohhhhh hehehhe...stupid me yaaaa??? :D