Saturday, April 26, 2008

FREEZE for unity

I was browsing through the Star newspaper website few days ago when I came across this article entitled “One Posting on Facebook drew 1,000 to take part in KL Freeze”( It was about this 24 year-old guy and his group of friends who organized a ‘freeze’ event (KL Freeze in Unison) with the objective of promoting the concept “unity in diversity”. The main attraction of the event is whereby all participants are required to basically ‘freeze’, not moving at all, for about a few minutes. It is such a simple act but gives a meaningful message to all. Because of the unexpected turnout at the event, radio station decided to support for their another ‘freeze’ event, which was held in conjunction with World Earth Day on the 20th April at Sunway Pyramid. It’s objective is to promote environmentalism. To make the event more symbolic, it was suggested that participants come up with their own creative ways to such as wearing sunglasses to symbolize global warming, holding a fluorescent light bulb to symbolize saving energy etc. Even for those who couldn’t make it, they can just turn off all the lights in their house and basically sit quietly for a few minutes. Pretty cool huh?

These guys are really good…I admire them for their creativity and mission in life. These are the kind of people we need nowadays…people who think ‘out-of-the-box’. If I was in kl at that time, I’d definitely go and have a freezing time! Hmm…maybe we could have a similar version in Sabah…we do a Freeze for Sabah event…and all the buffaloes will freeze along with us hehe.

Check out their fantastic website here!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for that. We really appreciate it. Really do.

I think they did do a Freeze in KK. The same day we helped do their Freeze For World Earth Day. And it's amazing out of the many states, Sabah was the only one who took the initiative to a simultaneous Freeze, for the same cause, at the same time.

We're already working on the next project. Won't be Freeze though. If you happen to be in KL, join in!

Zain HD of

V oN toP said...

alrite i will!