Thursday, November 17, 2011

happy 6th and many more to go!

Hapee 6 years to me and him this November!! Looking back, I guess we have matured up a notch (just a wee bit!) but we still goof around a lot and act like kids sometimes :p Sure, we do have our ups and downs (At times I would get frustrated with his forever-busy hotel career and he would get irritated with my whining of his forever-busy hotel career); but in the end, there's no point to argue in the first place 'cos it's what he does and what I do for a living. So yeah, patience and to understand the situation is really, really important in any relationship :)

Fortunately, he still has the time to bring me out for Japanese you're forgiven, buddy :p

We had beef soup, beef wrap with golden mushrooms, agedashi tofu, chicken gyoza, squid teppan, and green tea ice-cream. Food rating 7/10 :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello! Hello!

Wowee! Time flies soooo fast that it's already November!! When was my last post again?? Oh it's August...oops hehe. Ah well, life's always good and it seems like everyone's getting married this year! I just attended my friend's church wedding ceremony today 11-11-11 and it started at 11.11am :p yup, all for the sake of good feng shui :) Here are some pics I'd like to share with you guys!

My 28th Birthday :)

Zumba rave party!

Bachelorette party!

Sue's Big Day!

Did pedicure on Mum's hehe :)

Practicing dance performance for Melissa's wedding (she's is in the middle btw and joining the dance as well haha!)

My cousin, Yeye and my friend Merilyn, officially husband and wife!

This is our traditional version of the wedding ceremony :)

Me and my lovely all grown-up cousins :) gosh, how fast they've grown!

This is our traditional instruments, the gongs :) Usually played during festivities like weddings. I have yet to master to play all gongs!

Melissa and hubby, which happens to be my bf's brother :D

Melissa and her belly girls!

With my bf's cousins and respective gf's :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

No pre-birthday jitters here :)

It's not my birthday (yet!) but I've already received a few early gifts :D Mango fresh cream and yam cake by my colleagues and a pair of sexaay fishnet socks from my best buddies,Toy and Sharon. Oh, and Toy's bro bought me a slice of delicious dark chocolate cake at Party Play! (Don't look at the size of that cake...I can't even finish the whole slice! It is that rich haha) If you guys haven't check Party Play out, then you should. At first, I thought it was just one of those stylishly decorated cafes with ridiculously sky-high prices on dishes which you can easily make at home. And it actually is on the more expensive side, but my friend recommended that I just go for the appetizers and dessert, skip the main meals. My friend and her friends have practically tried almost everything on the menu and had made the ultimate decision. I was scanning through the menu while she was saying this and saw that the appetizers and dessert look really good. i mean, who can resist creme brulee, chocolate fondant with melted choc in the inside, sticky pudding, baked alaska?! YUM!! Party Play is located at Lintas, and you can just visit their FB page "Party Play" :)

Hari Raya fever is taking over and now everyone is obsessed in searching for the right baju kurung/kebaya to wear during the festive season. I'm like ,"Whatever, I can still wear my old kebayas. Even if the sarung is a bit tighter on my hips now!" But not for Mum. She simply must have a new outfit every year (the shinier,the better). So I took Mum for her Hari Raya shopping at Karamunsing Complex yesterday. And guess what? She ended up buying a blouse instead haha! But hey, at least I've found my birthday dress which costs only RM30! Mini dress with lacey sleeves (See?I just can't get enough of old-fashioned lace heehee) And I bought a top too that looks RM50 but is only RM25. Awesome bargain :p You know, sometimes you don't need to go to Topshop or Mango to find a nice outfit. You might be surprised on what you can find in stores which your Mum usually goes to ;) But I must say this, go for designer/high-end shoes.The fit is better and the heels last longer *winks* I still have my GUESS silver pointed heels which I bought 4-5 years ago. I have dance,run (and I mean, really run), and jump in it...and the heels are still intact, which happens to be 12cm high! So yeah, basically don't skimp on your shoes *grins*

Yummy cakes from Uncle Biscuit Bakery :)

Apple juice served in mini 'fish tank' at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe...cute!!

The sinfully bittersweet chocolate tart cake with baby macaroons which I can't finish!!

The nurse-themed fishnet stockings my nurse outfit is complete!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Couple conversation of the Day!

Scene 1: On the way to a wedding dinner...

Him: We go home early k...before 9pm.
Me: Ok...why?
Him: Sakit perut (stomachache)

Scene 2: At the wedding dinner...(Me chatting with a friend)

Me: So what time you guys going back later?
Friend: Before 9pm.
Me: Same here! Going somewhere?
Friend: Nothing much, the boys just wanna watch football on TV.
Me: I see, that explains it.

I'm not going to bite your head off for wanting to watch football, you know. Boys! Tsk! Tsk! :p


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August baby

Yup, it was confirmed that I had Hepatitis A :( I was on leave for a week and stopped going to dancing classes and attending functions for the meantime. I avoided having my pictures taken as I knew that I would look horribly strange with my yellow eyes and yellowish skin. But now I've gained a bit energy, back to office, and looking forward to being my own self again :)

Anyway! It's the month of August and I'm looking forward to end of the month as I'll be turning 28th :D I've arranged a b-day dinner buffet and hope that I'll get lotsa goodies and especially ang pows haha! I'm starting on my search for the perfect b-day dress (am looking for a maxi dress or another as it's the month of fasting. So its not really nice to wear that party dress that's like...way too sexy!And I want it to be NOT black. I think colors are the in thing nowadays) I just bought one yesterday at a botuique, 30% off. A really nice classic LBD (except that its purple with a bit of lace.I've always thought that lace is really sexy *winks*). But I was thinking to wear it during my friend's wedding this coming November whereby the theme color is purple. So, yeah..good luck to me in finding my b-day dress or else everyone will say 'oh dear, her dress is recycled!'

Monday, July 18, 2011

little yellow-eyed monster

That's what I am right now...*SIGH!* I have not been well since last week. During my visit to the 1st doctor, I mentioned that I had lost my appetite, feel like vomiting, feel tired all the time, and that my pee pee was on the yellowish side. He asked to see the urine sample. One glance at it and scolded me, "You have not drink any water at all, young lady!" And he prescribed me some gastric, anti-puke, and multivitamins medication.

Few days after that, I'm not getting any better, and my pee was still an awful sight of yellow despite drinking gallons of water. But it was strange, despite all that, I did not have any 'normal' sick symptoms such as flu, sore throat or cough. I just felt terribly tired and totally not into food. And worse yet, my colleagues commented that my eyes are becoming 'yellow'! Aghast, I googgle-d the following symptoms:

- Loss of appetite
- Fatigue
- Yellow eyes/skin (jaundice)
- Dark urine
- Itchiness
- Feels like vomiting

And this is the answer I got: Hepatitis

OMG!!!! I have a problem with my liver?! But I'm not alcoholic!! I quickly looked through the causes of hepatitis section and found out that you can be infected by someone who has the virus. And it can also due to lack of personal hygiene (I MUST wash my hands before consuming anything from now on!) and toxic from raw/undercooked seafood (I have been eating seafood regularly in shops during lunch breaks. GLUM!)

Right after work that day I paid a visit to another doctor who is more reliable and straight-forward. When she looked into my eyes, Lady Doc immediately took my blood for hep testing. And she told me that it will take months for me to recover, and that means NO alcohol, NO oily deep-fried food, and NO extreme exercise for 3 whole months! SIGH :(

Anyway, liver woes aside, here are some pics in which I spent time with my friends and HK friends at Mamutik Island before I got sick. Compared to Manukan and Sapi, Mamutik is less crowded (which means less rubbish!) and more Europeans and less bratty kids running/screaming about. So it's perfect for those who just wants to chill and read a good book or just simply doze off under the sun and amongst the windy breeze :)

My friends from HK. 1st time in Sabah and 1st time snorkelling!

With my girls Kristin and Melissa :) I miss my normal skin color SIGH

Met a new friend, Hani, from Bogor :) I love her waterproof camera hehe

After this, I will be going to the clinic to get my blood test results. Hope it's not too serious! Fingers crossed :p

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So happy for them!

Sai and Diana were my coursemates back in college during 2006-2007. Didn't expect at that time that they will end up being a couple 'cos they were different, personality-wise. He's a serious (and sometimes moody) dude and she's a fun-loving-crazy girl...and Io and behold, now they are engaged! He who hails from Pakistan, and she from Jakarta; this shows that differences in terms of countries, culture, lifestyle are no barriers if you love,respect and support each other and want to spend your lifetime together.

I'm so so happy for these two lovebirds! Congratulations and all the best to them :)

Check out their lovely engagement pics

Thursday, June 2, 2011

vote for tina!

Hi guys! Do vote for me if you can at this 'Shots by Ashley - Who's that Girl Self-Portrait Contest' Who gets the most 'likes' wins a photoshoot and makeover :D

In order to vote for me, 'like' the Shots by Ashley page first, then 'like' my picture as shown below. Contest ends 30th June. Thanks guys!!!

"Like" Tina!

Girls, if you are interested you can join too. Closing date for entry should be on 15th June if not mistaken. But it's only open to Sabahans I think :p

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flaunt it Like it's Hot!!

I've taken up a new, shaping and painting people's nails! :) I've always looked in awe on how manicurists do their thing effortlessly and help their customers' come up with neat and gorgeous nails. But nowadays, manis and pedis are super expensive. I remembered during my college days, it only costs around RM15 for mani and pedi set (single color only). Now they're charging RM28 just for manicure!I once did the French Manicure at 1 Utama shopping mall and was charged RM49...totally outrageous if you ask me. So I thought, you just need to master the basic skills of manicure and you can do it on your own or do other people's more outrageous manicures in nail salons :p

I've just started on 2 models and it's kinda like my weekend project. When I'm able to do people's nails with ease, perhaps I can make it as my weekend job heehee. We'll see! :D

My 1st Model: Kristin

She prefers short nails. Painted hers a sweet pink color :)


Painted her toenails too!

my 2nd model: sweet cousin Jetrute :)

She just gotten her 1st manicure :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love it like Hong Kong :)

If there's one thing everyone should have done in their lives, it's definitely travelling. I love it whenever I've just came back from a vacation or even a business trip, I'm always so excited to share my stories with everyone at home. And even better, having the knowledge and being able to provide travelling tips to those who wants to travel to places you have been to e.g. (1) its totally safe to walk around at night in Amsterdam, and you can find H&M shops anywhere over there! or (2)The yummiest fresh milk in the world can be found in Denmark or even funny facts like (3)Finding the loo in Hong Kong is like trying to discover gold :p Seriously!!

Talking about Hong Kong, I went there for a 1-week holiday back in January (before Chinese New Year. Don't go there during CNY!) The most memorable experience for me in HK? Yup, you got it right. Finding the precious toilets to ease yourself hahaha! Can you believe that their MTR (train) stations haven't a single toilet?! And you have to look at the station map to locate 'the nearest toilet' (with a star sign...i still remember hehe) What's matter how hard you plead to the shop owners to let you use their toilet, they won't allow it (even if you made a purchase of their stuff. i've asked!) Unless there is a wet market nearby whereby the toilets are for free (thankfully they're clean enough), you'd have to walk into a cafe and order yourself a cuppa before being able to use their toilet. If you happen to be at a boutique mall (no fittnig rooms here), there are toilets available but it's automatically locked from the inside. Only the boutique staff have the keys, so you'd have to wait for them in order to enter. Phew! Tiring, isn't it?

Anyway, toilets aside. Let's move on to more positive stories :) It was winter season in HK during January.As long you have a warm winter coat on with your jeans and sneakers, you'll do just fine. Personally, I think winter over there is equivalent to spring in Europe. Don't even think how's winter gonna be in Copenhagen. Brrrrr!!!! In terms of the Hongkies, generally they are quite friendly and will help you if you are lost. It'll be an advantage if you are able to converse in Mandarin (if you don't know Cantonese). Majority of the elderly speak Cantonese, the middle-aged able to understand Mandarin, and the youth being able to understand English. There's a lot of China nationals around too, so you can speak Mandarin to them no problem :)

As for shopping, well once you've been here, you won't want to go to KL anymore! All clothes are of the latest fashion and so cheap you'd think it's illegal under the trading law hehe. But too bad it's winter, so you'll see more of cute winter coats (which, sadly, you won't have the chance to wear in Malaysia). But there are still spring/summer clothes on sale and international brands like H&M have started selling their spring/summer collection. And you won't see any strappy heels around though, more to ballet flats and boots. I was hoping to get a nice pair of strappy heels, but I'm quite happy with my purchase of black flats (very comfortable!) in which I can use for exhibitions whereby I am required to stand for hours for 2-3 days :p

Here are some pics I took during my trip. Enjoy!

The hotel that we stayed - Anne Black YWCA in Kowloon. Not bad, RM140++ per night

The bright night streets of Kowloon

My high-school friend Dotty, who stays with her HK hubby over there :)

One funny street sign. In translation it literally means, wash clothes street :D

Ladies Market in Mongkok. Don't go here! It's just like Petaling Street..full with rude and pushy sellers

At the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant. Only go there if you want to have the 'Jumbo Experience' cos the food's pretty expensive there :p Shark fin's soup can cost up to RM100 PER BOWL :p

The free ferry ride from the port to the floating restaurant

How the restaurant looks like during the day, without its colorful light bulbs :p

Saw this huge cemetary right in the middle of the city on the way back from Aberdeen to Central!

One of the boutique malls I'vebeen to - Island Beverly.You'll see it right after you exit the Central MTR station

McD in HK is quite tasty! Especially the chicken wings. And the french fries tasted more potato-ey :D

Sunset view between TST and Central. Took this from Harbour City (the whole mall is of luxury brands. Believe it! Poor meagre me can just do window shopping haha)

Took this while on the ferry from TST to Central. Much cheaper than if you take the underground train

Me at Victoria's Peak. Wanted to go during the night as the scenery will be even more magnificent with the night lights and all. But too bad we don't have the time. And it's hazy during the day, so we're not able to see much of the view :p

The Love Section at the Peak where people will post up love notes for their loved ones. Pretty sweet :)

These incense sticks in one of the oldest temples, Man Mo Temple, take weeks to burn out!

The longest I've been on to...Central-Mid Levels 25-mins escalator ride :D

Going up is fun...cos its just escalator and some stairs ^-^

But going down is so tiring! Its either the stairs or steep slope. So remember girls, don't wear heels if you plan to go here!

Night view of the skyscrapers. But that night the lights show wasn't that appealing though..wasn't quite impressed :p

The cable car ride to the Buddha and Monastery. The weather's so hazy everyday :p

Not for the faint-hearted...i think there's approximately 350 steps to reach the Buddha!

My favorite Fa Yuen Street...loads of cheap but good quality clothes :D

Met Goofy in his Chinese suit in Disneyland :D

The beautiful night scenery of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

A typical 'Lok Lok' foodie shop in the city :D

Yummies! :)

A typical dish (rice with omelette with veggies) which can cost up to RM12. and it's for 1 person but can be shared by 2! mahal la :p