Thursday, November 17, 2011

happy 6th and many more to go!

Hapee 6 years to me and him this November!! Looking back, I guess we have matured up a notch (just a wee bit!) but we still goof around a lot and act like kids sometimes :p Sure, we do have our ups and downs (At times I would get frustrated with his forever-busy hotel career and he would get irritated with my whining of his forever-busy hotel career); but in the end, there's no point to argue in the first place 'cos it's what he does and what I do for a living. So yeah, patience and to understand the situation is really, really important in any relationship :)

Fortunately, he still has the time to bring me out for Japanese you're forgiven, buddy :p

We had beef soup, beef wrap with golden mushrooms, agedashi tofu, chicken gyoza, squid teppan, and green tea ice-cream. Food rating 7/10 :)

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