Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Fantastic Year for Us,I Wish You All!

Happy New Year all! XOXO

The beginning of every new year is always exciting...there's the 1-week Chinese New Year holiday coming soon yeah!!, upcoming bonus pay and hopefully increase in pay?? ;) And hey, not to forget our New Year resolutions which may be the same year after year e.g. must lose weight!, or less smoking please, or put that glass of wine on hold! :p I'm not sure about yours, but my resolutions are pretty simple:

(1) MUST be punctual to work (or anywhere else)...still working on it...sigh!
(2) LESS spending, MORE car loan will be finishing in a years' time, so gotta save for a new car! Initially I wanted to keep it for few more years, but Mum's been nagging since she can't drive manual. This really sucks 'cos I really like driving manual :p and I have to remind myself to NOT buy any more bags (esp designer bags) since I've still got lots to last 5 years :p
(3) GET a part-time job...thinking to be a freelance writer which can make me busy during the weekends hehe

New Year is about everything new and people are looking forward to make more money as cost of living, cost of socializing are getting higher and higher..but we must not forget that our elderly will get older year by year. Before this,I will get annoyed if my parents asked me to do stuff for them especially when I'm flat-out tired back from work. But now I am more aware of this situation and I will do things for them without them asking and try to be patient when they can't catch on what I'm trying to say or point out. Do simple things which will make them feel grateful towards you e.g. carrying heavy stuff,do heavy-duty chores or just spend some time with them simply chatting etc etc. You will feel great, I guarantee :)

All of you must have your own resolutions and goals for this year of the dragon and I sincerely hope that you can achieve them all :) Actually, I have one goal to achieve by this year..pretty big one but it's too early to tell heehee.

Adios and Happy Monday Blues :p

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