Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Crow As I Can See

Hi guys!! Oh my gosh, it's been ages since I've written (I mean type) anything here. Things have been so crazy since someone replaced her boss's seat hehe *winks* My workload has definitely piled up since last November and it's never-ending! When I'm trying to figure out promotions for the upcoming month, my new (and cute) assistant comes buzzing up to me talking about the latest updates on the quotations for premium gifts. And while I try to concentrate on what she's saying, the accountant intercoms me to check on whether I have the proposed order list for the next batch of XX skincare products. A minute later, there will be a call from the beauty centre whereby there's a customer who have signed numerous packages and asking for a hefty discount if she signs for another similar package. While my ear is stuck to the phone piece, there will be a knock on the glass partition and I looked up to see my always-on-the-go GM beckoning me to get to her office...and fast. And  when I'm about to leave my seat, I'll see a new email popping out on my pc from one of the many exhibition organizers enquiring on when I'm going to send to her the required forms. And all this while, my cute assistant will still be hovering nearby waiting for my feedback.'s that CRAZY and this happens EVERYDAY. Going outstation is like bread and butter nowadays, people who know me will go "Wow! You're always's so exciting!" and I'm like 'Dude, all I want is to just stay at home, read my chic lit novel and cuddle up with my guy' :p Hey, I like my job. It's challenging, but I hope that things will cool down soon or else I'll end up with more unwanted grey hairs and darker eye circles :p

Today was hectic as usual at the office, but I got a rare phone call from my guy (he's crazily busy like me too) that really made my day. It went something like this:

Me:What's up? (Eyes still glued to the computer screen)

Him: You know about the company annual dinner this month? Well I'm not attending.

Me: Really...why?

Him: Guess what they want me to be...that Wu Kong monkey thingy!! (Note: The annual dinner has a theme entitled 'Superheroes'. And he wanted to go either as The Joker or The Crow)

Me: WHat?! the Monkey King?!! hahaha (Eyes finally diverted from the screen and imagined him in monkey costume with a tail attached)

Him: Yeahh! they're not giving us much choice. And about the singing competition, they're like 'You must sing this song, and in Malay'...and my group mates only can sing in Chinese. In the end, most of them aren't game for it. So I was thinking, what's the point to attend if you can't have fun? So I told the bosses that I'm not attending 'cos it's the same day as my parents' wedding anniversary.

Me: Okaaayy (Note: His parents wedding anniversary was 2 months ago) Too bad..thought I could paint your face for the annual dinner.

Him: S'ok, there'll be other parties...maybe my cousins will plan one themed party soon. Aiya, Arch has dressed up as Joker before. I can go as the Crow!

Me: Okaaay, you will be the Crow.

Hahaha sometimes my guy really act like a kid and I just go along with his kiddie attitude. But it's ok 'cos as long it's main-main saja :) And he does make me de-stress with his humor and funny real-life tales, so he's a good catch *grins*

Happy 1st weekend of April you guys!!

Can't imagine him looking like'll be so funny :p