Friday, April 27, 2012

All you can Eat at KK!

New restaurants and cafes are mushrooming like mad in KK this year. Love eating out? So do I! Based on review in magazines and recommendations from friends, I have checked out Station 1, Kudos, Seven Seas, and Fullhouse. And I planned to try Le Safran in Suria Shopping Mall next! So what do I think of each eatery?

What attracted me to Station 1 is that this franchise has been long operating in West Malaysia and that it served a variety of food ranging from Western food to our lovable Malaysian treats. It has even advertised on! (and we know how expensive radio advertising is) I've tried eating at Station 1 once with my friends back in my college days. I remembered that there was a space for live music entertainment featuring local artists but did not remember how good the food was hehe! There are 2 Station 1 outlets in KK, one in Suria Shopping Mall (vintage concept) and one in Lintas (normal outdoors cafe concept). I went to the Lintas branch with my guy and we ordered lamb chop, fish and chips, and the Mexican pizza. And at the Suria branch, my friends and I ordered pizzas and soups and rice. The verdict? The taste of the food is not bad but the portion of one dish is lesser than average and it will definitely be not enough for guys (that's why my guy ordered lamb chop and pizza!) And the price will probably be not that worth due to the portion :p In terms of service, it was pretty slow in the Suria outlet and why is it that one tom yam soup takes so much longer to arrive than the pizzas and chicken rice? They forgot the soup order, no-brainer! :p And it happened that the soup was ordered by my lawyer friend, who threatened the staff that if her soup did not arrive in 5 mins' time, our total bill will get 10 percent discount. And the soup arrived in less than 5 :p So yeah, Station 1 is just another normal cafe with glossy menus haha!

Kudos, on the other hand, prides itself as a sophisticated and modern European dining spot in City Mall. I have passed by Kudos before and saw that the closed-door restaurant was pretty small (not that small though. And it has provided tall-legged wooden tables and chairs outdoors. Sometimes I wondered what's with the tall tables and chairs? I mean, the uncles and aunties won't feel comfy sitting on them. Even I feel awkard sometimes with my short legs hanging in the air haha! I was meeting up with someone to talk business over dinner, so I called up to make a reservation, just in case we did not get a table! The person who answered the phone was a lady who talked very professionally. She asked whether it was my first time going to the restaurant etc. And I guessed that she's the owner ;) And I was right! When we reached there, the restaurant was packed and it held a comfy and positive atmosphere where families and friends gathered to catch up with things and enjoy good food. The lady owner approached our table and went through all the dishes in the menu one by one and explained in detail on the ingredients of each dish. She even cracked a few jokes that made us feel instantly at home, so yeah, like I said, she's a pro! We had beef lasagne with garlic bread, fish and chips, and lamb shank. And I tell you, the food was absolutely delicious!Like the garlic bread, it's real garlic on real bread, not just some flimsy piece of white carb :p As a conclusion, thumbs up for Kudos :)

I discovered Seven Seas (not the cod liver oil!) in Breeze magazine. I think it has just opened doors this year and conveniently situated next to the highway in Kepayan (convenient for me la,'cos it's just on the road back home sweet home) What caught my eyes (and gut!) were the gorgeous pics of the food. And of course, the rave review of the food writer. It wasn't hard to spot the place as you can even see it from the highway.I think not many people know about this place yet, but if you haven't then you should! I went for the most talked about steak sandwich served with fries and the portion is enough for 2 people! Oh ya,I must also compliment on the waitress for being very friendly and patiently described in detail ALL the dishes listed in the menu haha! Ini baru la world-class service!Ms. Waitress mentioned that the beef in the sandwich is homemade and flattened so that it is easier for us to chomp on ;) As for the fries, they also added some kind of BBQ sauce instead of plain old tomato/chilli sauce which makes it different from other fries dishes. Towards the end of our dinner, it happened that some local award show was being aired 'live' on TV and Mum wanted to catch a glimpse of any of her fave singers on the show. So we ended up watching the show together with the waiter/waitresses haha!It was a good food experience, will go back for other dishes!

I'm sure most of you would know about Fullhouse by now...yeah, it's that cool restaurant with larger-than-life toy cars being displayed! The first impression that I had when I saw Fullhouse is that it could be a English restaurant with its white walls and elegant white sofas, outdoors white garden table and chair set, and it even has a mini fountain! There was also a section where they sold clothes and stuff, but I'm sure they are pretty expensive ;) My Mum and I settled for the garden table set (with an umbrella on top and fake grass at the bottom!) and felt that we were in an actual garden (But it's not comfy for those who wear shorts and miniskirts though, 'cos you may end up with chair prints on the back of your thighs hehe). We had the Aglia Oglio spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes (quite yummy but it get sweeter and sweeter by midway.So I think you should get an ice lemonade to balance out the taste), fried calamari rings with wasabi mayo sauce (umm...not really recommended. the rings are tasteless and whaa....? Dip with Wasabi sauce??!!Maybe it suits you, but not me!), and sandwich with fries (just normal). Oh, the honey green tea drink is good. You should try it if you're a fan of green tea like me! Plus points for Fullhouse is the very fast service (The food arrived in less than 5-8 minutes after we made our order) and I like their French uniforms hehehe :)

So that's about it for now! I hope you guys have some good foodie experiences like me and I'll catch up with you all soon :)

 Kudos :)

Beef lasagne with the real garlic bread :D

My crazy friends and I in front of Fullhouse, Suria Shopping Mall!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Havana La La La

Met up with a good friend recently and I decided that we try out this Spanish fusion food restaurant called Havana Bistro at Warisan Square. I've always passed by this place on my way back home from work but never had the chance to try it. I snooped around online looking at people's reviews and noticed that the feedback and pictures looked quite promising. So, off we went there on a normal weekday night.

The place exuded a cosy atmosphere with warm yellow lighting, salsa music being played in the background, colourfully decorated tables and chairs, and beautiful paintings adorned the wall. There weren't many customers (maybe due to weekday working blues), but one thing's for sure: the waitresses are one of the friendliest in town! The girls' bubbly and warm personality instantly made us feel like home. My friend, who's very particular when it comes to politeness, remarked that (and I quote), "Wow, you make me feel happy now." :)

There are a variety of dishes to choose from, but not all are available. Like the crepes with ice-cream dessert (my request) and tapas (friend's request). We weren't in the mood for cocktails since it's a weekday, so in the end we ended up ordering chicken ham + cheese pita and spicy garlic mushrooms (me) and Havana Stuffed Chicken (friend). The pita was so-so, but the mushrooms and stuffed chicken were superb, and it goes well with the price too ;)

The conclusion? We had a fun night catching up dinner in a relaxing, stress-free diner served by friendly girls with lovely smiles. The only thing missing is a salsa dance session hehe. But we would definitely return in the future...and maybe start our own salsa flash mob :D

We're at Havana!

Cosy ambience :)

Nice pic!

Yummy spicy garlic mushrooms!

My chicken ham+cheese pita bread

The Havana Stuffed Chicken! Recommended :)

Me and my Pita bread :)

Have a great weekend you guys! Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!