Thursday, April 5, 2012

Havana La La La

Met up with a good friend recently and I decided that we try out this Spanish fusion food restaurant called Havana Bistro at Warisan Square. I've always passed by this place on my way back home from work but never had the chance to try it. I snooped around online looking at people's reviews and noticed that the feedback and pictures looked quite promising. So, off we went there on a normal weekday night.

The place exuded a cosy atmosphere with warm yellow lighting, salsa music being played in the background, colourfully decorated tables and chairs, and beautiful paintings adorned the wall. There weren't many customers (maybe due to weekday working blues), but one thing's for sure: the waitresses are one of the friendliest in town! The girls' bubbly and warm personality instantly made us feel like home. My friend, who's very particular when it comes to politeness, remarked that (and I quote), "Wow, you make me feel happy now." :)

There are a variety of dishes to choose from, but not all are available. Like the crepes with ice-cream dessert (my request) and tapas (friend's request). We weren't in the mood for cocktails since it's a weekday, so in the end we ended up ordering chicken ham + cheese pita and spicy garlic mushrooms (me) and Havana Stuffed Chicken (friend). The pita was so-so, but the mushrooms and stuffed chicken were superb, and it goes well with the price too ;)

The conclusion? We had a fun night catching up dinner in a relaxing, stress-free diner served by friendly girls with lovely smiles. The only thing missing is a salsa dance session hehe. But we would definitely return in the future...and maybe start our own salsa flash mob :D

We're at Havana!

Cosy ambience :)

Nice pic!

Yummy spicy garlic mushrooms!

My chicken ham+cheese pita bread

The Havana Stuffed Chicken! Recommended :)

Me and my Pita bread :)

Have a great weekend you guys! Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!

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