Monday, March 5, 2012

A Hair-Dyeing Weekend

Had a good weekend? My latest weekend project was..yes you guessed dye project! I've never done a DIY, so I was so excited to give it a try on my guy's hair..the poor guinea pig, but hey he trusts me :) So I got myself a DIY hair dye kit complete with hair color (dark chocolate), conditioner and a pair of disposable gloves from Revlon; a few hair clips, hair color comb, some newspapers and we're ready to roll!

It was pretty easy. After producing the hair color mixture, I just squeezed 'em out from the bottle onto the hair and used my fingers and comb to make the color spread more evenly. Short hair is very convenient and I was done in less than half an hour :) Then I gave it 30 minutes for the color to be absorbed into the hair before washing 'em off followed by conditioner. Another waiting time of 2 minutes, rinse off the conditioner, blow-dry hair and we're done! So here are the results :D

Before the Magic Makeover - He has grey hairs here and there :p

During the makeover - I dye his hair while he keeps himself busy with his phone :)

During the 30-minutes wait...looking like Antonio Banderas here hahaha!

Ta-da! No more grey sideburns :D

Nice chocolate-y hue :)

By the looks of it, he looked pretty pleased with the results :D

Oh, Mum and I re-visited this cute cafe that sells the yummiest scones at a reasonable price (only RM3.50 per scone and its very filling!) The last time we went there was a year ago and we're hoping that the scones will still be on their menu..and they still are yay! So I had a hot-from-the-oven, totally scrumptious scone served with fresh vanilla cream and jam (I finished every bit of the vanilla cream hehe) with 3 in 1 teh tarik and Mum had turkey sandwich served with chips and a hot mug of Milo :) Such a great way to de-stress with yummy nibbles and a relaxing environment. If you're in KK, check out this place at The Crown Borneo Hotel Go when it's just the 'right' time for tea around 3 or 4-ish PM so you won't miss 'em!

The yummy scones and turkey sandwich :)

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