Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hail to the power of the influencer!

Be the Happy One...everyday!

Doesn't it just make you feel good being able to influence and making an impact of others? It comes in many ways, like motivating your little sister to get better grades for a better future or getting your mum to take up yoga for health improvement. Me? Well, I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or not, but I influence people to SPEND their money to feel good hahaha! *Angelic smile*

Since I discovered this cologne for men by accident during mega sales in Mid Valley shopping mall years ago, It was like discovering the ultimate treasure of the King of Scents for guys (seriously!) Without much persuasion by the salesgirl, I got myself the promo set in a flash (yeah, even if it was for guys). Luckily, I didn't use it and when my bf materialized (now ex), I was promoting all out for him to use the ever lovable Clinique Happy (He's been using it the whole time when we were still together and never used another brand).

I gushed all about it to my college friend too, who was a loyal user of Dunhill. Then, one day, I dropped by at his apartment to get some notes and guess what? I got a glimpse of the familiar orange bottle on a book rack in his room. I was like, 'You got the cologne!!! Like I told you to!!' And my friend just gave me a little smile. Guys, I think they are a bit shy to let the world know that girls can influence them to buy things that they wouldn't normally buy.

And it doesn't stop there! My current man is also on the Clinique craze (He used to be a Davidoff fan) and will religiously get a new bottle whenever the old one runs out of supply. Lemme let u in a li'l secret, last Valentine's apparently a secret admirer gave him Polo Black and what did he do with it? Gave it to his friend! I mean, that's not cheap, man. Even if somebody gave me a perfume for a gift, I will still use it (I can't stand Tommy Hilfiger Jeans though, it was so dizzying I gave it to my aunt - even though it was a gift).

And lastly, a friend of mine (whom I just met) got himself the promotion set after I described to him the heavenly smell from the orange bottle - and he didn't even had a whiff of it before that! Being a fan of big names like Hugo Boss and Paco Rabbane, I think it's pretty amazing for him to just purchase Clinique without even sampling the scent. Now that's what I call super influencing power hehehe

Why don't u try it too? Like what my friend said, and I quote: 'Now I'm Happy everyday!'

Doesn't make sense? Get that orange bottle today and you'll see why :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here comes the bride...and the bridesmaid!

We were sweating like hell...but hey, it's the fun that we had that matters :)

My cousin's wedding has got to be the most economical ever. Being her bridesmaid (and it's my first!), I was expecting make-up artists and hairstylists with their endless supplies of foundation, eyeshadow and hairspray. Instead, we had our hair done at the salon (luckily the hairstylist did a good job on creating 'natural' wavy curls for me) and the bride herself did my make-up! She remarked with distaste that the bridal studio gave her the most horrendous bridal look and decided to use her own make-up skills which were more 'natural'.

Since both of us are the same height, I had to follow whatever heels that my cousin was wearing. I brought along my most outrageously high heels (which I only wore once) and discovered they're the ones I need to wear for the reception. I got panicked for a while with a lot of 'what ifs' popping into my head. 'what if I tripped over my gown?', 'what if I fall off the stage?' But thankfully, I didn't. Even with a bit to drink, I can still swivel and dance and do the twist on my heels without making a fool of myself! And if you're wondering what sort of hideous bridesmaid dress I was wearing (big puffy sleeves,lurid shade of purple,gigantic bows which only look good on flower girls etc)...well it's none of the above! My dress for the day was a sexy, strapless shade of red satin with criss-cross details at the back (my cousin let me choose :) thanks to her hehe) Even some of the guests were confused on which was the actual bride! *teehee*

All in all, the reception went on smoothly and everyone was just happy eating, drinking and dancing (no cute guys though.seriously, WHERE are the cute guys in KK?? Apart from the man of my life of course *winks*) Even though the soles of my feet were burning towards the end of the day, I'm just so happy for the couple and hope for the best for the two lovebirds :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What A Lazy Blogger!

"oops..." says V the bunny

Once again, the lazy blogger strikes again! no blog entries in 5 whole months!! You might wonder what's happen to this little kampung girl. Don't worry, I'm still around, out and about :) It's just that work has really got me tied up around its pinky and when it comes to weekends, I'm usually laptop/pc-free cos I spent 5 days non-stop staring at the computer screen in the office. Not to fret though, I'll post up some entries and pics soon. See you guys in a bit, I promise!