Sunday, November 8, 2009

show's over!

Finally! After a struggling month of constant practicing (everyday on weekdays), the day of the much-awaited performance had come and ended successfully with a capital S. Eventhough it was a small private function, the audience had a great time and was much entertained with our performances (well, they should be! Considering that we practiced like mad until midnight everyday). We did around 10 dances with the likes of retro, hip-hop, bellydance, salsa, cha-cha, and contemporary. I did 4 dances and thank God I remembered my steps and did not trip on my heels during the cha-cha dance (as I'm not a trained Latin dancer).

Overall, I made a lot of new friends from this show and hope that we're able to do a bigger (and better!) one next year :)
My new Filipino friends - Seriously talented hip-hop dancers
Bellydancers and chair dancers :)
The bellydancers performing Shakira dance

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

not a boyfriend/fiance/hubby stealer


I've been accused twice this year for trying to get my claws onto another's property. Twice!!

The first one practically yelled at me through sms that I was deliberately trying to ruin their relationship, and I was like, "Hello girl? Since when sms-ing and meeting up for drinks a crime?!" And the second was even more the hubby himself happens to be my cousin! She whined about how he never respond to her sms and calls (they are at long-distance level at the moment)and that strangely he used to sms me and chat online once in a while (which she thinks is better than her situation).No. 2 did not really point her finger at me, but I definitely got her hinting when she get the impression that he prefers to communicate with me than her. Well, that's not my problem! Maybe the poor guy is still trying to adjust to his new marriage life. You see, guys are just as complicated as girls hmph!

And I gotta give it to my mum for being the most observant person ever. I haven't seen my cousin for more than 10 years, so naturally we're really glad to see each other during their wedding. We also attended their post-wedding lunch at his aunt's place, and during that time my cousin would occasionally sit at my side and have a light chat with me or checking whether me and mum have enough to drink and eat. But few days after that, I heard mum talking on the phone saying that my cousin spend most of the time with me during the lunch and that his wife might get mixed signals. Of course, she was talking in Kadazan but I still can figure out what she was saying haha!After that, she told me that if my cousin drop by at KK, we should invite both of them to our house for makan and chit chat. In my heart I was thinking, 'Mum you watch too much soap opera! For sure the wife wouldn't get jealous easily' And see what happens now?

Mum should definitely be a part-time fortune teller.

So what went wrong? Maybe I was over-friendly? too touchy-feely? Sigh...I just hope I won't get any false accusations anymore anytime soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's raining men...and may they seep into the dark dark monsoon drains

Boyfriends can be such insensitive jerks sometimes. Like for example, my puppy of 3 months just died a terrible death and I called him to let him know my sad feelings. Naturally, you respond by being sympathetic and say soothing words like this:

Me: My puppy just died. I ran over him, I feel so guilty I’m literally crying my heart out.

Him: Oh no, that’s terrible. What happened?

Me: It was too dark and it was hard to spot him. Usually he will wait at the garage, but that time he followed the other dogs to the main gate. I drove really slow and honked a few times, but I guess he was frightened and accidentally went under the car.

Him: Poor puppy, you must be really sad. I’m so sorry about that, is there anything I can do to help? You want me to come over and talk about it?

And instead, this is what he actually said:

Me: My puppy just died. I ran over him, I feel so guilty I’m literally crying my heart out.

Him: What happened?

Me: It was too dark and it was hard to spot him. Usually he will wait at the garage, but that time he followed the other dogs to the main gate. I drove really slow and honked a few times, but I guess he was frightened and accidentally went under the car.

Him: Babe, these things happen. You can’t do anything about it now.

Me: He’s still a little pup! He’s a special breed!

Him: Yeah well, my pup got ran over too last time, and it was special. But past is the past, babe. (chuckles)

Me: You meanie! You’re not taking this seriously, are you?

Him: Of course I am. But look, what can you do? Hey, I got an incoming call now. Text you later k?

Me: Yeah, yeah ok (grumbles)

And that night he never text me back. At least send a few words of “Don’t worry too much, babe. It’ll be fine”. Stupid man. An animal may not be human, but it still has a life, it still breathes the same air as we do, and they are definitely a man’s best friend...hello!

Gawd I’m so pissed at him, all he care right now is his career, his friends, his nighlife, his beer, and his obsession with football. I may not be his priority, but he should at least act the way it’s supposed to be during certain situations, like this for instance.

Men! Boyfriends…blech!

ps - sorry guys, i'm not talking about you..just referring to this mister of mine

Never stop having fun!

Who says you’re too old to have fun? As what the SK-II ad says, ‘Age is a number’. I really had a great time participating in the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun contest. Mind you, I’m not a pageant-holic. But when the organizer told me that it include dance and you get to wear cool costumes, I was thinking, ‘okay, this isn’t just about parading the catwalk. It’s more like a musical.’ And it was! During the first heat I got to wear retro outfit, swishy skirt and all, and did the twist dance. The following heat I became a playful bunny girl decked in neon pink aerobic-styled suit complete with cute bunny ears and black walking stick. (Description sounds stupid I know, but it works!) We were asked to do perform a cutesy dance which we had to make use our dancing sticks. That week was the busiest for me as I cracked my head searching YouTube dance clips on how to actually do a stick dance without looking silly. In the end, I got my dance instructor to give me a few easy tips and she had been a really great help. And after the bunny dance, we got to wear these really beautiful black gowns from eclipse whereby the cloth material was super smooth and you know that it’s made of good quality. Besides that, we were also sponsored colorful acrylic nails and wore gorgeous jewelry for the night. (But of course, that was the first and last time I wore artificial nails. The process of removing them off was tedious and a little less painful than getting your tooth pulled out).

It was luck maybe, ‘cos I got to the finals and that night, I wore a set of frilly corset-like top with miniskirt and lots of lace. That night we perform a series of Latin dances and I praised my petite male partner for being able to coordinate with my dance moves even when we only had a few practices. I did not win a placing but I did get the title miss popular and that was good enough as it reflected the voice of the public hehe! The week after that the winners and some others were invited to do a body art show whereby selected art students from SIA were responsible to ‘draw’ on us using special drawing tools and simple ones like crayons. The themes were vast including flowers, snake, lion, tree, and leopard. I got the flower theme and the girl who drew me was really talented and took nearly 2 hours to draw my entire left arm, part of my thigh, and on the left side of my face. The hairstylist did a fantastic job on giving my hair a massive ‘lift’ and even though the finished product was impressive, if I were to be left in a park, to strangers I might looked like some loony with flower tattoos and wild flowers stuck on her frizzy hair!

Anyway, I had a blast throughout the whole event and kudos to the organizers, make-up artists and hairstylists for doing a great job. And the other girls are also superb, supportive of each other and did not initiate a single cat fight :)

Personal fun is one thing, working fun is another. After a year and a quarter working with this skin health company, I finally had the chance to tag along with my colleagues to participate in an aesthetics exhibition held in Singapore. The 1 week business trip was truly exhausting, not only we had to set up the booth ourselves; we need to be well-equipped to serve potential clients who are mostly doctors and to be really convincing in order for them to take interest in our products. Our company also organized a workshop and we had to make sure that the attendance is ample enough to make it a successful one. Luckily, all went well and I did not incur any bad experiences during my first overseas business trip. And I must say that Singaporean doctors (aesthetics) look really good and you wouldn’t think that he was a doctor in the first place as our general impression of them are stuffy men with unkempt hair and bad taste in clothes. They wore trendy casual outfits with well-kept hair to add, and of course their face glowing and smooth like silk. Sigh…how I wish we have more of like them here in KK, but I can say that all doctors, no matter how good-looking or not, will always have bad bad handwriting hehe.

Well! Those were some good experiences. Hari Raya’s coming soon and I’m looking forward for a ‘food’full weekend stuffing myself with Raya cookies and delicious rendang. Will update soon and I wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

miss popular, new baby pups, cute doctors!

just got back from singapore for a 1-week business trip. flat-out tired and in desperate need of relaxing leg massage.

no wonder my blog title is not making any sense at all!but of course, they are all slightly related *wink*

Will upload yummy pics soonest and yak about singaporean doctors who are waaaay much cuter and with excellent sense of fashion dressing :)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All grown-up!

V and her childhood cousin-friends :)

July is truly the month of many marriages, and one of them is my long-time-no-see cousin’s whom I’ve not met for more than 10 years! I still remember the times when we (plus his elder brother) used to celebrate Hari Raya visiting up to 12 houses per day stuffing our faces with rendang and kuih! I’m pleased that he’s ready to settle down with his girl whom he was with for almost 6 years. And only now I came to know that he’s got the most fantastic job as a diver at Sipadan Island, so I know who to reach to when I make my next trip to the famous island.

Anyway, I just got back from my so-called shopping trip today. Thought I could get some new work outfits, but can’t seem to find anything at all at all my favorite boutique haunts. All I see are graffiti inspired t-shirt dresses, dresses that are too flowery, and outfits that are too loose and painstakingly shapeless. Is it the trend of Night Dress Land?

Oh well, hope I’ll get more luck tomorrow!

And I can’t wait for toyboat to come back from her Eurotrip and get me my ‘toy’ teehee!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Golden Age Goodbye

The 15 year-old poster we bought from London is still hanging on the walls of our house. When I was little, I’ve always wondered:

How did he manage to stand on his toes like how they do in ballet?

Why did he like to cover his ‘private bits’ during his performance?

What similarities he see himself with the black panther?

Why did people cry and faint at his concerts?

Why did they make a huge statue of him?

Why was he portrayed as a knight (wearing armour suit and holding a sword)?

Why did they not give him the title ‘Sir’ as they did with Sir Paul McCartney (since he was portrayed as a knight)?

He had led a very troubled and disturbing life, yet he had influenced people to appreciate the beauty of music and had brought hope to the future of children around the globe.

He had gone through the era of the golden age, now we wish him peace in the spirit world.

He will definitely be greatly missed by all, that’s for sure.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DJs Re-energize!

me in my new pink dress :)

DJ B the human energizer!

One thing for sure: our local DJs need to learn a thing or two from their KL counterparts. My company was one of the sponsors for a Jap shoe brand launch and I was given 2 complimentary tix to the party thanks to one of the organizers (All bosses were overseas and I brought my dance partner instead. They needn’t know that teehee!). We got free goodies including this really cool golden bag with tiger motif and loads of discount vouchers (Didn’t get to use any yet as my schedule was too hectic and I gave one free 2-weeks trial pass to a friend as I don’t do gym-ming!). For a RM55 ticket, a small bottle of Tiger and RM2 sushi’s don’t give the worth, but I gave them the credits for hiring that DJ-MC crew known as Biggie and Syze. I think my partner and I were the only ones dancing 3 hours non-stop (I’ve checked the crowd!). Right from the beginning when DJ B started spinning the tracks, we literally were hogging the left side of the bar and didn’t care about getting empty seats (or whoever was gawking at us). The best part was when the DJ played all my fave old school R&B from Usher, Ja Rule, and especially N.E.R.D.! (KK DJs never play N.E.R.D. songs. Ndak syok ba) I was momentarily transported back to my college clubbing days where there was a time I telampau syok sendiri on one of the little platforms located on the huge dance floor of a well-known club with several other girls hehe. Plus, we also earned ourselves free drinks sponsored by a nice gentleman (whom my partner commented that he merely did that to get his entertainment expenses claim haha). I wanted pina colada but the bar was out of supplies, so I stuck to long island instead.

I was lucky I didn’t get extra spider veins on my legs after that night, but I am willing to take the risk for another cloud-nine-deliriously-happy experience like that (no alcoholic beverages needed).

KK DJs, now it’s your time to make us swoon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At long last!!

Well here I am again *giggles*. So sorry for the long disappearance, I’m just so swamped with loads of work (it just keeps piling up everyday! That’s how it is when your company wants to achieve too many goals at the same time) that I didn’t realize 4 months had gone by without a trace. Currently, besides work, I’m practicing for a dance performance next month. It’s a fun Jamaican-ish + hip-hop dance and we get to wear long, wide & swishy skirts when we can lift ‘em up past our shoulders! But I wonder will we look silly doing groovy hip-hop moves in our latino heels?! And for this month, as all Sabahans know, is our Harvest Festival, and all villages have started their own celebration of sports, singing & instrumental competitions, and of course, the highlighted beauty contest. At my village, we had our own celebration few weeks ago and M & I were in charged of the choreography of the catwalk :) As usual, events were delayed and the beauty contest which was supposed to start around 4pm was delayed to 6! Anyway, what’s important is that the weather was clear (even if it’s a tad hot) and everyone had a good time (no fights involved!).

I know you guys can’t wait for pictures, so I’ll just post a bit here which show some happenings from January to April. Enjoy!

My cousins and relatives celebrating the coming of the New Year. The usual tradition: everyone gets wet, including the tua-tua(s)! And no, I did not get the ‘water balloon attack’...I had make-up on, hello!! The kids did the shuffle (on wet floor!) with slippers on! God, I was really scared that they’d slip and hit the concrete at that time.

My gorgeous cousins, eba (left) and aca (right. she got 3rd place in my kampung’s beauty contest. Congrats!), are so lucky…they get to celebrate their b-days every New Year! So it’s compulsory for them to get the water attack…case closed :)

Hmm…I think this was the CNY celebration at gatal’s place. Turns out that his hunky bro, Gundohing Kevin, is given a funny theme every year and he must wear a costume based on the theme. This should be a bikini theme hehe…I should’ve designed a G-string for him for the finishing touch :)

Makan time! I had a blast sampling lots of and lots of yummy food during CNY. The best thing is? I didn’t put on a single kilo wheee!!!

First time playing mahjong! Looks like I’m more interested in building blocks hehe

Me and my bestie, toyboat, stuffing ourselves non-stop with yummy, carb & fat – loaded dishes. We’re officially food lovers!

It’s good to join certain activities (go for dance class, get involved in charity etc) ‘cos that’s where you get to make lots of new friends…and some of them may be your relatives whom you never met! These lovely gals here are from my dance class.

Getting to know new friends also make you explore and discover new things! Like this drink for instance…I discovered that I prefer my pina colada over whisky or beer :)

My former high school classmate’s romantic Valentine’s Day wedding. And this couple are high school sweethearts and go waay back before that, so sweet!

I had a great V-Day this year celebrating with my gatal! He wore the oh-so-soft fcuk shirt I bought for him, we went to my friend’s wedding, then hang out with his friends for karaoke + moginum session, and we played our own version of hide-and-seek game in the end heehee

My former high schoolmates. Some are married, some have become mothers, some are going to be engaged soon, and the others (like me!) are still in single status :)

On V-Day too I got to meet up with my former college mate, the pretty Ms. Sharifah. She’s always the last minute one when it comes to assignments and exams, but still managed to effortlessly pass ‘em with good results!

Reunion with my uni (during my masters course) buddies at kL. It was only 5 days, but we really had fun doing stuff that we love the most – shopping and makan!!

Chilling out with my besties at Labuan. Had the best weekend getaway ever…and this was the first time I actually sang karaoke in front of other people (usually will just keep quiet and watch others sing) !

Discovered a really nice beach spot during our joyride in Labuan. There wasn’t anyone around…hmm are Labuan people afraid of getting tanned??

Hanging out with my colleagues while supporting my friend at the bachelor’s contest.

Taking a shot with the bachelor himself (in white tee)

Attending my colleague’s wedding. Wish her and her hubby a happy and lasting marriage :)

Me and my new car hihihi…but Mum won’t allow me to drive it at night. Takut sia p moginum then do something stupid which will involve the car hahaha.