Thursday, September 17, 2009

Never stop having fun!

Who says you’re too old to have fun? As what the SK-II ad says, ‘Age is a number’. I really had a great time participating in the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun contest. Mind you, I’m not a pageant-holic. But when the organizer told me that it include dance and you get to wear cool costumes, I was thinking, ‘okay, this isn’t just about parading the catwalk. It’s more like a musical.’ And it was! During the first heat I got to wear retro outfit, swishy skirt and all, and did the twist dance. The following heat I became a playful bunny girl decked in neon pink aerobic-styled suit complete with cute bunny ears and black walking stick. (Description sounds stupid I know, but it works!) We were asked to do perform a cutesy dance which we had to make use our dancing sticks. That week was the busiest for me as I cracked my head searching YouTube dance clips on how to actually do a stick dance without looking silly. In the end, I got my dance instructor to give me a few easy tips and she had been a really great help. And after the bunny dance, we got to wear these really beautiful black gowns from eclipse whereby the cloth material was super smooth and you know that it’s made of good quality. Besides that, we were also sponsored colorful acrylic nails and wore gorgeous jewelry for the night. (But of course, that was the first and last time I wore artificial nails. The process of removing them off was tedious and a little less painful than getting your tooth pulled out).

It was luck maybe, ‘cos I got to the finals and that night, I wore a set of frilly corset-like top with miniskirt and lots of lace. That night we perform a series of Latin dances and I praised my petite male partner for being able to coordinate with my dance moves even when we only had a few practices. I did not win a placing but I did get the title miss popular and that was good enough as it reflected the voice of the public hehe! The week after that the winners and some others were invited to do a body art show whereby selected art students from SIA were responsible to ‘draw’ on us using special drawing tools and simple ones like crayons. The themes were vast including flowers, snake, lion, tree, and leopard. I got the flower theme and the girl who drew me was really talented and took nearly 2 hours to draw my entire left arm, part of my thigh, and on the left side of my face. The hairstylist did a fantastic job on giving my hair a massive ‘lift’ and even though the finished product was impressive, if I were to be left in a park, to strangers I might looked like some loony with flower tattoos and wild flowers stuck on her frizzy hair!

Anyway, I had a blast throughout the whole event and kudos to the organizers, make-up artists and hairstylists for doing a great job. And the other girls are also superb, supportive of each other and did not initiate a single cat fight :)

Personal fun is one thing, working fun is another. After a year and a quarter working with this skin health company, I finally had the chance to tag along with my colleagues to participate in an aesthetics exhibition held in Singapore. The 1 week business trip was truly exhausting, not only we had to set up the booth ourselves; we need to be well-equipped to serve potential clients who are mostly doctors and to be really convincing in order for them to take interest in our products. Our company also organized a workshop and we had to make sure that the attendance is ample enough to make it a successful one. Luckily, all went well and I did not incur any bad experiences during my first overseas business trip. And I must say that Singaporean doctors (aesthetics) look really good and you wouldn’t think that he was a doctor in the first place as our general impression of them are stuffy men with unkempt hair and bad taste in clothes. They wore trendy casual outfits with well-kept hair to add, and of course their face glowing and smooth like silk. Sigh…how I wish we have more of like them here in KK, but I can say that all doctors, no matter how good-looking or not, will always have bad bad handwriting hehe.

Well! Those were some good experiences. Hari Raya’s coming soon and I’m looking forward for a ‘food’full weekend stuffing myself with Raya cookies and delicious rendang. Will update soon and I wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims :)

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