Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Golden Age Goodbye

The 15 year-old poster we bought from London is still hanging on the walls of our house. When I was little, I’ve always wondered:

How did he manage to stand on his toes like how they do in ballet?

Why did he like to cover his ‘private bits’ during his performance?

What similarities he see himself with the black panther?

Why did people cry and faint at his concerts?

Why did they make a huge statue of him?

Why was he portrayed as a knight (wearing armour suit and holding a sword)?

Why did they not give him the title ‘Sir’ as they did with Sir Paul McCartney (since he was portrayed as a knight)?

He had led a very troubled and disturbing life, yet he had influenced people to appreciate the beauty of music and had brought hope to the future of children around the globe.

He had gone through the era of the golden age, now we wish him peace in the spirit world.

He will definitely be greatly missed by all, that’s for sure.

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