Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All grown-up!

V and her childhood cousin-friends :)

July is truly the month of many marriages, and one of them is my long-time-no-see cousin’s whom I’ve not met for more than 10 years! I still remember the times when we (plus his elder brother) used to celebrate Hari Raya visiting up to 12 houses per day stuffing our faces with rendang and kuih! I’m pleased that he’s ready to settle down with his girl whom he was with for almost 6 years. And only now I came to know that he’s got the most fantastic job as a diver at Sipadan Island, so I know who to reach to when I make my next trip to the famous island.

Anyway, I just got back from my so-called shopping trip today. Thought I could get some new work outfits, but can’t seem to find anything at all at all my favorite boutique haunts. All I see are graffiti inspired t-shirt dresses, dresses that are too flowery, and outfits that are too loose and painstakingly shapeless. Is it the trend of Night Dress Land?

Oh well, hope I’ll get more luck tomorrow!

And I can’t wait for toyboat to come back from her Eurotrip and get me my ‘toy’ teehee!

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