Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At long last!!

Well here I am again *giggles*. So sorry for the long disappearance, I’m just so swamped with loads of work (it just keeps piling up everyday! That’s how it is when your company wants to achieve too many goals at the same time) that I didn’t realize 4 months had gone by without a trace. Currently, besides work, I’m practicing for a dance performance next month. It’s a fun Jamaican-ish + hip-hop dance and we get to wear long, wide & swishy skirts when we can lift ‘em up past our shoulders! But I wonder will we look silly doing groovy hip-hop moves in our latino heels?! And for this month, as all Sabahans know, is our Harvest Festival, and all villages have started their own celebration of sports, singing & instrumental competitions, and of course, the highlighted beauty contest. At my village, we had our own celebration few weeks ago and M & I were in charged of the choreography of the catwalk :) As usual, events were delayed and the beauty contest which was supposed to start around 4pm was delayed to 6! Anyway, what’s important is that the weather was clear (even if it’s a tad hot) and everyone had a good time (no fights involved!).

I know you guys can’t wait for pictures, so I’ll just post a bit here which show some happenings from January to April. Enjoy!

My cousins and relatives celebrating the coming of the New Year. The usual tradition: everyone gets wet, including the tua-tua(s)! And no, I did not get the ‘water balloon attack’...I had make-up on, hello!! The kids did the shuffle (on wet floor!) with slippers on! God, I was really scared that they’d slip and hit the concrete at that time.

My gorgeous cousins, eba (left) and aca (right. she got 3rd place in my kampung’s beauty contest. Congrats!), are so lucky…they get to celebrate their b-days every New Year! So it’s compulsory for them to get the water attack…case closed :)

Hmm…I think this was the CNY celebration at gatal’s place. Turns out that his hunky bro, Gundohing Kevin, is given a funny theme every year and he must wear a costume based on the theme. This should be a bikini theme hehe…I should’ve designed a G-string for him for the finishing touch :)

Makan time! I had a blast sampling lots of and lots of yummy food during CNY. The best thing is? I didn’t put on a single kilo wheee!!!

First time playing mahjong! Looks like I’m more interested in building blocks hehe

Me and my bestie, toyboat, stuffing ourselves non-stop with yummy, carb & fat – loaded dishes. We’re officially food lovers!

It’s good to join certain activities (go for dance class, get involved in charity etc) ‘cos that’s where you get to make lots of new friends…and some of them may be your relatives whom you never met! These lovely gals here are from my dance class.

Getting to know new friends also make you explore and discover new things! Like this drink for instance…I discovered that I prefer my pina colada over whisky or beer :)

My former high school classmate’s romantic Valentine’s Day wedding. And this couple are high school sweethearts and go waay back before that, so sweet!

I had a great V-Day this year celebrating with my gatal! He wore the oh-so-soft fcuk shirt I bought for him, we went to my friend’s wedding, then hang out with his friends for karaoke + moginum session, and we played our own version of hide-and-seek game in the end heehee

My former high schoolmates. Some are married, some have become mothers, some are going to be engaged soon, and the others (like me!) are still in single status :)

On V-Day too I got to meet up with my former college mate, the pretty Ms. Sharifah. She’s always the last minute one when it comes to assignments and exams, but still managed to effortlessly pass ‘em with good results!

Reunion with my uni (during my masters course) buddies at kL. It was only 5 days, but we really had fun doing stuff that we love the most – shopping and makan!!

Chilling out with my besties at Labuan. Had the best weekend getaway ever…and this was the first time I actually sang karaoke in front of other people (usually will just keep quiet and watch others sing) !

Discovered a really nice beach spot during our joyride in Labuan. There wasn’t anyone around…hmm are Labuan people afraid of getting tanned??

Hanging out with my colleagues while supporting my friend at the bachelor’s contest.

Taking a shot with the bachelor himself (in white tee)

Attending my colleague’s wedding. Wish her and her hubby a happy and lasting marriage :)

Me and my new car hihihi…but Mum won’t allow me to drive it at night. Takut sia p moginum then do something stupid which will involve the car hahaha.


Gallivanter said...

OMG, the bikini costume photo, I found it funny but disturbing at the same time! No, I'm not gay! :-P

V oN toP said...

haha very funny right!its all for fun :)