Sunday, November 8, 2009

show's over!

Finally! After a struggling month of constant practicing (everyday on weekdays), the day of the much-awaited performance had come and ended successfully with a capital S. Eventhough it was a small private function, the audience had a great time and was much entertained with our performances (well, they should be! Considering that we practiced like mad until midnight everyday). We did around 10 dances with the likes of retro, hip-hop, bellydance, salsa, cha-cha, and contemporary. I did 4 dances and thank God I remembered my steps and did not trip on my heels during the cha-cha dance (as I'm not a trained Latin dancer).

Overall, I made a lot of new friends from this show and hope that we're able to do a bigger (and better!) one next year :)
My new Filipino friends - Seriously talented hip-hop dancers
Bellydancers and chair dancers :)
The bellydancers performing Shakira dance

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