Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August baby

Yup, it was confirmed that I had Hepatitis A :( I was on leave for a week and stopped going to dancing classes and attending functions for the meantime. I avoided having my pictures taken as I knew that I would look horribly strange with my yellow eyes and yellowish skin. But now I've gained a bit energy, back to office, and looking forward to being my own self again :)

Anyway! It's the month of August and I'm looking forward to end of the month as I'll be turning 28th :D I've arranged a b-day dinner buffet and hope that I'll get lotsa goodies and especially ang pows haha! I'm starting on my search for the perfect b-day dress (am looking for a maxi dress or another as it's the month of fasting. So its not really nice to wear that party dress that's like...way too sexy!And I want it to be NOT black. I think colors are the in thing nowadays) I just bought one yesterday at a botuique, 30% off. A really nice classic LBD (except that its purple with a bit of lace.I've always thought that lace is really sexy *winks*). But I was thinking to wear it during my friend's wedding this coming November whereby the theme color is purple. So, yeah..good luck to me in finding my b-day dress or else everyone will say 'oh dear, her dress is recycled!'

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