Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't make me malu lah

Had a nice last last weekend? Mine was both embarrassing and fun at the same time hehe…lemme tell u the sordid details!

Sunday morning…I drove mum to a kampong to attend its AGM. It’s called Kg. Kibunut, and the road was so bumpy and full of potholes everywhere that I felt sorry for the tyres of my car hehe. Plus, the weather was so hot, it’s like being roasted under a super hot oven!
At the small balai raya, Mum sat in front facing the audience with the head village, chairman etc while my cousin and I found a spot where the ceiling fan was blowing nicely :) I was happily reading the day’s news (I know it’s gonna be boring, plus they’re speaking in Kadazan, which I unfortunately not fluent in, which will make it even boring) when all of a sudden, Mum asked me to sit in front with her. ‘You wakil Komulakan (youth group) la, so u sit in front’, she said. Dah la I was feeling sleepy because of the searing heat, now I have to be on my best behavior and no way I can doze off in front of everyone! Throughout the meeting process, I tried to look as attentive as I could and prevented myself from grabbing the news on the table for a read. It was that boring.

I was in a midst of daydreaming when I felt a nudge on my elbow. I looked at Mum expectantly and she said quietly, ‘the ketua kampung wants u to give a brief intro on what Komulakan is all about. Can u do that?’ Like a person who just got a dose of bitter espresso, I ‘woke up’ with a jolt. Hell, no! I didn’t prepare any speech at all and I’m not about to make a fool out of myself. One of the uncles sitting at the table gave me a questioning look and I shook my head adamantly. He got the message and he himself gave the intro on Komulakan (of course in Kadazan) soon after. Phew! I thought I was off the hook and began to relax…until about 15 minutes later. Mum gave me another nudge and whispered, ‘the ketua really wants u to give a brief intro. Just say your objectives and what are your activities.’ I’m like ‘no,no,no…I don’t waaaaaant’ in a whinny tone when I heard my name being called by the ketua himself.

There was a round of applause. Damn, there’s no way out now. I stood up, gave a nervous smile, and started ‘Hi, I’m Tina…the vice-chief for Komulakan Movement…’ It was the most embarrassing moment for me that day. I didn’t even start with a proper ‘Good afternoon to the ketua kampung etc’ greeting. Bascially I was just repeating what the uncle has previously explained (but now in Malay version), objective for the movement (make new friends…ha!), and some activities that we did. I didn’t even end with a proper thank-you. I just said, ‘Itu saja’ and sat down! My mum was like ‘why didn’t u say this, say that bla bla bla…’ Mana la I tau kan? Tiba2 kena suruh cakap. You should have watched the audience. They were ever so silent and looked at me with this look, which I interpret as ‘What’s this little girl doing up there?’ Haha…but anyway, everyone shook my hand after that and said, ‘Terima kasih, Komulakan’. I also met the ketua kampung’s daughter, which they recommend her to be the ketua Komulakan for that kg. itself. She’s nice and friendly, hopefully we’ll be able to do an official launching after the grand AGM in August this year.

I still felt embarrassed on the way back home (my cheeks were still flaming!), but I cheered up ‘cos I had a b-day party to attend to (gatal’s cousin). I think I overdressed that nite, in my black halter top (looks super nice and it costs only RM10!), Levi’s Lady Style, c&k vintage peep-toe heels, and a black & white polka-dotted hairband perched on my head. Everyone was either wearing shorts or sports pants…except for gatal’s brother’s gf, who was wearing sky-high heels, so that’s ok. I had super yummy shepherd’s pie (must learn how to make it!), my ever-favorite leafy veggies cooked with oyster sauce, and steamed prawns! And after that I had about 5 glasses (cute little ones) of Bailey’s and met a new friend too. She’s one of gatal’s cousin’s girl friend (belum jadi girlfriend lagi, she says!) and she’s really cute and friendly, and apparently loves playing computer games and a whiz on pc hardware! I think that’s cool, unlike me who knows nothing about computers. So anyway, I had a gud nite, listening to the others singing their hearts out with the help of a live band and chit chat with those who I jarang2 jumpa. As usual, gatal sang guardian angel for me…but I want new song! I want gatal to sing Stolen hehehe!

Oh, guess baju apa gatal bought for me from his sales trip?

This white frill-sleeved top from TS! It looked like any other top but I think it looks cute on me! It’s cute and clingy…hmm I guess gatal likes that, so that’s why he chose it muahahaha. I showed it to Mum, and the first thing she did was searching for the price tag. Typical. She stared at the tag and said, ‘Mahal juga’. I dunno whether she felt amused or not that her daughter’s bf bought a ludicrously expensive item which could easily be found in any other ordinary shops in KK ten times cheaper. Anyway, it’s the quality that counts right? *grin*


Diana Rikasari said...

lol....hi, i'm tina huehehhehehehhehe....
marc gave u such a cute top...:)

V oN toP said...

hihihi cute rite?next time when we go out, i'm going to wear that top and marc is going to wear the brown shirt i bought for him in jakarta ;)