Tuesday, May 6, 2008

red looks good on your nails, not on your dress

How was your weekend? Sleeping the whole day and lounging on the sofa watching back-to-back movies? Well, I spent the weekend dancing! Dance for practice, dance for rehearsal, and dance for the actual performance hehe. Thankfully we had a successful performance…the crowd was responsive and they were sporting enough to volunteer themselves at the dance floor during the open-dance-to-all session. Most of the volunteers were guys…where were the girls?? And I thought guys loathe bellydancing! Pity that one of our belly members couldn’t join us in the performance this time, but not to worry ‘cos there’ll be more waiting for us towards the end of the year!

All’s well do not end well though, as my monthly struck upon me on that day itself. Thank God I was wearing a liner, and double luck for me for wearing a dark green dress. After our performance, we stayed on for a bit at the wedding. It was during the time when I was cha-chaing away with my uncle. When I went back to my seat, my belly partner whispered into my ear, ‘U datang period ka?’ Alamak! ‘Obvious ka?’ I whispered back. ‘Ndak la. Kecik saja tu, macam pulau!’ Hahaha…she really knows how to put in her words. Luckily, I’ve brought a spare with me and headed straight for the ladies’. The moment I closed the cubicle door, I turned my dress around and had a critical look. Phew…it wasn’t that obvious.

When I went back inside the hall, I sat down and hoped that no one will ask me to dance. In the end, one guy did (forced by the groom) and his girlfriend was giving me this look, knowing I was the one shimmying in my swishy purple flair skirt earlier. But the song was finishing, so no one get to have a sneak peek of my barely-there bloody stain!

It was a great weekend. Despite the minor embarrassing flaw, I managed to earn few extra income for my own use :)
the sheilas for their 7th performance

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