Friday, May 16, 2008

Make Me Over

I don’t mind being a guinea pig…especially when it comes to makeovers! My beautician friend, Claire, gave me day make-up makeover according to the colour of my dark blue blouse I was wearing that day. I’ve never really experiment with totally blue eyeshadows as the wrong type of application will make your face look washed out. But the results were good in the end, and my eyes appeared ten times bigger! We also played around with different types of hairstyles particularly the ‘messed-up-but-cool’ look. How I wish I have a personal hairstylist who can do my hair everyday and not to worry a single thing about flyaways, flat, limp and greasy hair, and hair that sticks out at the ends!

And here are some pics of the makeover!

I love this simple 'do! If only I'm rajin enough to do this everyday ;p

Whoever says curls make u look old isn't true! I think it makes you look cuter!

Me posing outside my workplace :)
I’m feeling happy ‘cos I’ve finally got a parking space at the basement of my workplace. No more long walks, crossing busy roads, getting caught under the rain and harsh sunshine!

Oh and recently I wore my new leopard-print pumps to work. My God…punya sakit! Dah la it’s still on the hard side (lucky I wore sheer socks or else my ankles will be full of cuts and blisters), then my toes kena pinched until I almost feel like crying out loud. Oh man…I'm only gonna wear those on special occasions.

Another lesson learnt: Don’t judge the shoe by its appearance. No matter how pretty and unique the shoe is, don’t buy it if it doesn’t feel right on your foot :(

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Diana Rikasari said...

you look so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy