Tuesday, May 27, 2008

V the little hostess

Once again, another Komulakan e-club gathering was a success! This time, it was held in pusakag (karaoke café) in donggongon and as the organizer, I was a bit worried that no one will show up. But the crowd turned out good (eventhough they were a tad bit late. Biasa la tu kan…sabah timing)! Thanks to Melissa, Shirley, ivy, michelle, ewon, willie, Gideon, Daniel, lis, ann, merilyn, chadley, and osmund. Anyway, I played hostess that nite, trying my best mc-ing and making sure that everyone’s not bored and having a good time. I did some ‘interviewing’ and guess what answer my cousin Chadley gave when I asked him what his specialty dish is (he can cook!). ‘Air’, he said, as in water. Du-uh! He’s forever the prankster and he’ll get u laughing until yr stomach hurts if you would’ve known him. It was my favorite part actually, giving people a good time! Shirley was the b-day girl of the month, and we bought her the most gorgeous blueberry cake and brought her dancing on stage whenever lagu rancak dimainkan. A sporting one, this girl. Apa pun ok haha! And congrats to Gideon and ann for their upcoming engagement next month. I was the one urging them to let out the secret, and Gideon was like, ‘ok guys, don’t forget to come to my granny’s b-day ya…’ Aduhai…but that’s good ‘cos we had a few good laughs.

Surprise, surprise. Mum and her friends decided to stop by and her friend’s daughter, Marina, came along too. 6 years back Marina and I were in this dance group doing traditional and ballroom dance performances. Miss those times :)

Anyway, we spent the whole night singing karaoke (sumbang or not we just sing!), dancing, makan2, and of course, drinking. Maybe I was the hostess or whatever, dunno why I kena suruh minum saja. jD mix vodka mix tiger…I can feel my head spinning in no time. But of course, being the hostess, I can’t let myself sprawling on the floor. So I determinedly let my chin up, and made sure my legs are crossed at all times hehehe. Also, as a hostess, you can’t leave until everyone does. So I only managed to go home around 2 plus in the morning and had barely 4 hours of sleep. Next day I headed off to work, still trapped in the pissed mode. I staggered up the stairs to the office and walked in with a blur look on my face. Suddenly I spotted this guy, his back facing towards me in my boss’ office. Hmm…this should be the new graphic designer starting his first day in the co. Without a moment hesitation, I literally marched to boss’ room and greeted my boss and PA (they just came back from Shanghai with new haircuts) before introducing myself to the guy.

ME: Hi! Are you the new guy? (Eyes trying to focus on him despite the dizziness of my mabukness. I offered my hand for a handshake)

GUY: Hi! Yes. (Looking a bit terkejut before shaking my hand. I think no one intro themselves to him yet that morning.)

ME: Nice to meet you, I’m Tina. And yr name is? (Grinning stupidly)

GUY: You can call me Ah Fan. (smiling…with amusement maybe?)

ME: Ok! Ah Fan… (I looked at my boss who was watching me with this look on her face. Did she guess? Nah, don’t think so).

Come to think about it, it was pretty funny. I mean, if a stranger suddenly introduced himself too enthusiastically to me, I would think ada udang di sebalik batu. But Ah Fan was cool about it. Turns out we went to the same high school (my very very senior cos he has graduated when I just started my first year). But he seriously doesn’t look his age. Clad in casual tee and jeans with studs (the big round ones) on his ears, he looked like a college kid. When he said he was in his early 30s, I was like ‘Whoa!’ Betul ka ni?! But ok bat u…look young is good hehe.

Anyway, welcome to the world of aesthetics skin care Ah Fan, and we are eagerly awaiting for your creative concepts and designs

It's V the little hostess!

komulakans can't wait to get their hands on the yummy food!

The b-day girl of the month...my sweet li'l Shirley :)

congrats to Gideon and Ann for their upcoming engagement :) aramai tii!

group photo of le komulakans..pre-mabuk mode hehehe~

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