Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jalan-jalan makan angin with my Brit Police Hat!

Who says you can't have fun with your friends and relatives at the same time? I had a super fun weekend with both! My niece Devina (It's kinda weird to have someone who is only 1 year younger to call you Aunty!) and her KL friends came over here for a 'cuti-cuti sabah' weekend holiday and luckily I managed to take a few hours of my time and hit the clubs with them. It was really raining heavily that night, but hey! Who cares ;)

Me and the KL gurls~

Me and Devina, who calls me Aunty!

Right after that I headed over to Shen's to join gatal and his gang (Initially I didn't want to go, but he kept sms-ing me saying he was so drunk and needed me to be there. So I was like ok-lah, time for gf duty to take care of her man hehe. And I was right. He was so pissed he can't even stand straight hahaha..tu lah, who ask him to drink so much!

My very drunk gatal..he can't barely keep his eyes open!

Me and Elaine...luvly fren of mine :)

Me and Lyn Chiang...gatal's KB gang!

Me and another KB gang! He can really groove to the music!

Two days after that, me and 3 of my friends went for a 3-hours road trip to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau (also known as Tip of Borneo) at Kudat! Thank to the heavens above that the weather was good and the sun as shiny as the sunflower :) But it was really really humid and when we finally reached there, we were all sweating already after 10 minutes!

Guess who? hehehe

We had lunch consisting of chicken curry rice, maggie mee special and coconut water at the canteen. Be prepared to pay RM5 for a mere Maggie Curry soup with bits of chicken slices, tomatoes, and eggs :p If you wanna budget, bring your own picnic basket!

The RM5 maggie mee special!

Me and Sharon having refreshing natural coconut drinks :)

The view overlooking the Tip was simply magnificent. I have never seen the beach stretched so wide and the waves so big (I call it mini surf wave!), and of course, the sea looked vast and endless. It's my dream view from my bedroom window :)

My dream view from my bedroom!

The uphill walk towards the Tip~

It's like having your own private beach :)

The gorgeous view of the Tip. That's our driver below hehehe~

Nice natural sculpture made by the waves :)

Trying to show off our best air poses!

On the way back, we bought ourselves some snacks; I got peanuts, kuih cincin, and ubi kayu keropok which looked like flat A3 paper. And here's the climax part of the story: We stopped by at this roadside stall which sold jagung bakar as my friend really wanted to have some. Perhaps it was my mistake to switch off the engine 'cos when I wanted to start the car, it couldn't! And my guy friend, being an expert mechanic, failed to make the 4-wheel become alive again. So what were we to do? Waited 3 hours for the tow truck to come and save us! By the time I reached home, it was already 9pm (3 hours delay) :p

The infamous jagung bakar! Must-try hehehe~

My friend Toy hiding behind the ubi kayu keropok 'paper'

We took this pic before starting the 4-wheel. All look so happy wanna go home fast!

And what happened after that? Wait for tow truck for 3 hours! Sampai malam bah~

Anyhow, we had a great experience (even the car breakdown episode!) and looking forward for the next road trip!!!

Me fooling around with my Brit police hat esp bought from Denmark! Bring something unique all when you go for road trips, I guarantee you the memories will get more memorable as it gets!

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