Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a weekend of yummy scones and spanish food :)

I finally got to wear my new H&M dress for an Association's dinner :)

Another fantastic weekend! Had our successful clubbing marathon (of course someone sponsored our drinks teehee!) and checked out 2 food outlets in KK.

Since we were invited to an impromptu b-day dinner, we only had a few hours to spare for our marathon (so we called it our mini marathon!). We ended up at Promenade’s La Rendezvous and BED, both destinations which I haven’t been to in decades! Everyone knows that hardly anyone would go to La Rendezvous (mediocre live band, and the fact that no one goes there), but when I revisited this place, it seems comfy (the chairs) and the atmosphere more private, and best of all its non-smoky air that won’t get you having smoke-infested hair that last for days. If you just wanna chill with your friends, have a chat and actually being able to have conversation, then this is the place to be. It’s not the place to be seen, but more to the place to chill :) I had my usual pina colada and my fren Kristin wanted to have a go too, and I was glad that she loved it :)

With our Pina Coladas at La Rendezvous

At Bed, the band was playing better and they sang mu current favorite song, Nothing On You! I decided to have a go for the Long Island Black Iced Tea (since I like Black Tea, just wanna see it its better than the original Long Island) and Kristin went for Blue Lagoon. Overall, both drinks tasted like the original Long Island! Ah well

Long Island Black Iced Tea and Blue Lagoon at BED!

Next day, Mum and I went to check out this place which my boss claimed that they served yummy scones. It took us quite a while to find the place (The Crown Borneo Hotel at Tanjung Aru). The place was tastely decorated and the air-conditioning system just the perfect temperature. We ordered the sweet scones (RM3 per plate) and club sandwiches. The scones tasted really good (warm and crispy), and the clotted cream is just heavenly! Mum decided it was too sweet for her, so I guess those who’s not into desserts might not like this. Oh, for teh tarik lovers, their teh tarik 3 in 1 hot drink is really yummy, and I saw another patron’s frothy cappuccino looking good too, so I’d probably recommend that as well hehe

Sweet savoury scones with sinfully heavenly clotted cream

Another dish we ordered - club sandwiches! The chips were good too :)

The next food destination was La Fuente, the new Spanish restaurant at 1 Borneo. Again someone sponsored the food (my uncle) heehee, we ordered almost one of each on the menu which consist of smoked salmon salad, bruschettas (tomatoes on bread drenched with olive oil), mini pepperoni pizzas, braised lamb shank, and seafood paella. All dishes are great, but the winner has got to be the lamb shank. It’s so soft…simply cooked to perfection! The only downside was the paella, they shouldn’t cook the paella in tomato puree. We sabahans find it a bit hard to eat rice with tomato sauce! And for drinks, my uncle’s wife brought a bottle of Bailey’s and we got to drink without any corkage fee! (She worked there before so she got the benefits). Too bad it was working day the next day, so we had cut down a bit of the alcohol intake and go back early!

Eva (uncle's wife),moi and mum feasting away!

Smoked salmon salad sprinkled with lemon and olive oil. Yumminess~~

Diced tomatoes on bread drenched with olive oil..taste normal la

Mini pizzas with pepperoni and lotsa cheeeese

The best dish of the night - braised lamb shank. SO SOFT

seafood paella...if they still serve with tomato pureed rice..better skip it!

Finale - Bailey's brought by Eva from corkage charge! :)

So what’s in it for next weekend? Thinking of going to the island for a relaxing treat, but we’ll just have to wait and see ! :)

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