Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who's the Boss

Sometimes getting a present for a guy is a bit boring. If it's not a shirt, then it should be shorts. If it's not a bag, then it should be wallet. And I'm not into gadgets either, so don't bring me to that department!

I have so many things going on lately from work to dance practice to fund-raising events. Poor R's birthday had already passed by, I have attended his b-day party, and I haven't got him a present yet! Jahat betul me oh kan hehe~~

So I went for a super express b-day shopping and got him the Hugo Boss Element deodorant stick. I like it 'cos the smell's not too strong or too masculine and I guess it suits R's shy personality. Hope you like it, R :)

The cologne, not the deodorant stick hehe

Hugo Element is made up of light, fresh top notes of calone that fade away into zingy ginger and coriander heart notes. A cedarwood base gives the fragrance a masculine end. Element is an urban, romantic scent with blends of citrus, woods and spices and is inspired by the formation of granite stone which touches all elements-- coming from fire, becoming part of the earth, and weathered by air and water

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