Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally. I can Breathe

Forgive me a thousand times for not updating this li’l site of mine. My job is really one endless train journey. Everyday there is something new to do…thinking of new promotions for the beauty centre every month, handling customers from beauty centre and outside suppliers and distributors, helping out with my boss for upcoming exhibitions, creating attractive wordings and headlines for advertisements and write-ups…and the list goes on and on. And now, we’re opening up a new retail outlet in few days’ time so we’re like training new staff in terms of products (Not easy since we have 2 skin care lines and 3 aesthetics devices. For 1 skin care brand, there’s like about 30 products and you gotta familiarize with each of their benefits and ingredients and what sort of skin care program is suitable for teens, young adults, or the elderly depending on their skin type. Ugh!) Besides training, we’re also preparing all the stock, product brochures, member application forms bla bla…plus we’ll be having an opening ceremony of the outlet this coming week and I’m in charge of sending out invitations to VIPs, newspaper reporters and dealing with catering. Phew! And coincidentally, my boss thought of our company having a website, and I was the lucky one given the task to prepare out all the info on ALL of the products and services we have. And now it’s the December, the busiest month of the year. Not only we need to be prepared for the big crowd of customers wanting to look beautiful and young for Christmas and New Year AND Chinese New Year, we need to think of new promotional strategies for our current and existing members for the year 2009. Arghh…

Enough about work! I may seem like a workaholic but I’m not! I’ve still got my social life hehe…I still attend my belly dance classes, went for my Kadazan language classes (just took the final exam last Saturday!), organize monthly gatherings for my fellow Komulakan friends, attend the party’s AGM, organize yet another Komulakan Youth Nite where I played hostess and was in charge for food & drinks and games (everyone was pretty entertained!), did a dance & dinner show with my dance studio girls (everyone love it!), did more dance performances for my friend’s wedding, went for trip to Ranau with my fellow Komulakans (was supposed to go to Apas, Tawau this weekend but couldn’t make it ‘cos I was as busy as hell), oh! And I also got to celebrate my 25th birthday hehe! I got a lot of pressies, thanks you guys!

But I missed out some things too…like hanging out with my gatal. It’s been months since we went to the movies, or eat out at a restaurant, or just catch a glimpse of each other.It's like we're in a different wordls or something. He’s been pretty busy himself, worse than me!…he’s more like the doctor on call.
And my good friend has left for Spain (Barcelona!) to further her masters few months. Miss hanging out with her, stuffing our faces with glorious food, dance ourselves silly at clubs, and sing like mad at our usual karaoke place. Hopefully she'll bring back some hunky Spanish guys back(esp those who can cook! Yum)

Anyway, below are some pics that may depict major events that happen during the past few months in my life *wink*

See you guys soon!

More work to do. And it’s the weekend!


V and friends & cousins during her b-day :)

V and friends during her 2nd b-day bash hehe!

One of our monthly gatherings (Merilyn's b-day)

my cousin Bobbie's engagement...a day after my b-day :)

my 1st level Kadazan language graduation ceremony...with all my 'classmates' hee hee!

my dear friend May's wedding. Absolutely love her wedding gown!

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Mira Maulia said...

ew, yeah I also feel that time's running so fast lately..
and this makes us feel so tired

cheers from mira :)