Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My 1Borneo store wishlist!

need i say more?
Great clothes! Just waiting for the sales period hihihi

Feel like trying its famous celebrity fave lip balm

Gorgeous gorgeous shoes...
come here quick ya!
a brand in debenhams dept. store. i like it 'cos it has size for super petite girls like me!

famous us beauty chain store.i can just spend the whole day there!
Saw its mini booth in Tune Store last weekend. Haven’t try any of their products yet. I like their packaging though.

Yummy food in big portions!

It has opened!I like their reliable strapless bras hehe
Its range of red lippies eg Viva Glam are really HOT!

I adores its dresses, shades, earrings, and especially the knickers! Cute and naughty with bows, frills, and dangling jewelries hehe
It has a certain target market (A pair of jeans can cost about RM600), but I like their perfumes though…smells nice!

mmm shopping haven. It's more on the sophisticated side

Gorgeous heels...for those who likes quality
come fast! My foundation is finishing quick!

They serve great margharitas in big glasses. Memang ada kick!

My fave lotion brand. I swear by Rosewater and La Source

It sells everything from clothes to bags to accessories. A very colorful shop, perfect for the hip, the classy, and the casual

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