Monday, June 9, 2008

Bad Luck Sunday

Such bad luck for a cheery Sunday. Not only our land cruiser broke down halfway to Keningau, we had to wait for 4 hours for the tow truck to come to our rescue and forked out RM450 for the towing fees. We missed the funeral, breakfast and lunch altogether, and spent the 4 hours sleeping and watching Tom & Jerry movies in the crusier (the only vcd we found!). Anyway, what’s happened has happened. Let me share with you some pics I took during the UPKO (United Pasok Momogun Kadazan Dusun Murut Organisation) Kaamatan held on the 30th last month.

I remembered on that day, the weather was really hot (in the afternoon) and the venue was at a field (Padang Besar Tamparuli). Then in the evening it started raining heavily. But that didn’t stop people from coming as there were lots of stalls selling all kinds of yummy food, both modern and traditional. And of course, there was the 40 lovely girls contesting for the beauty queen title. Mum was in the beauty contest committee so I got to see all girls backstage, up close and personal hehehe. All of them wore really fantastic, colorful costumes and towered almost a head above my petite frame (and I was wearing heels!). While I was busy taking pics of them with other pro photographers, one of them approached me and asked whether he can take my pictures. I was like, ‘Me?!You should be taking pics of them!’ And Mr. Photographer said patiently, ‘Yes, I have taken pics of them. I’d like to take yours as well.’ I was having doubts that this little man (around my height) could be some deranged lunatic just wanting to take pics of young girls for his own viewing pleasure. But then, he was wearing a proper uniform and that a pro-looking camera was hanging from one of his shoulders, plus he looked serious enough. So I agreed.

What I didn’t expect that he would be taking soooo many pics! It’s like he took about 100 shots of me only. When I asked him about it, he said he needed to take a lot of pics in order to have the perfect snapshot for his painting. That’s when I realized that he was a portrait artist and his artworks (watercolour paintings) have been displayed in the art gallery section in the Sabah National Museum. So I got excited la, ‘cos like, my face could actually be displayed on the walls of the gallery! Mr. Artist said that the next upcoming exhibition will be in August and if my picture is to be displayed, he will give me a call. He also asked whether I have done modeling before ‘cos seems like I know how to pose. Hahaha! Biasa la…I everyday posing in front of my mirror kan. Besides my face, he took quite a lot of pics on my abs too (I was wearing midriff-sort-of top that day). Thinking that it’s one of his creative concepts, Mr. Artist said that it’s part of the theme entitled ‘Crunch’. Crunch huh? All I can think of anything related to crunch is Coco Crunch hehe.

Anyhow, I pray that Mr. Artist will paint a very nice picture of me and display it nicely for everyone to see!

these nenek2 are waiting for their turn to perform a traditional ritual in welcoming the harvest

40 luvly girls crammed backstage. It's really heaty there...even the enormous fan doesn't help!

a view of the girls from the back hehe. I wanna do a Murut costume (the long sleeveless dress in the pic) for myself since I haven't got one yet!

busy memorizing answers for the Q&A session. Pakai A4 paper lagi tu hehe

the girls listening to a briefing on who's going to walk where on stage later on. I like this pic 'cos it shows all different costumes :)

this is rachael, my friend from my neighbour kampung. She's got the sunniest (and most charismatic) smile ever! When she smiles, it's like seeing the sun...seriously!

V and last year's winner, elizabeth. My God...I'm SO SMALL. and she said she looked fat...mana ada ohh!

the winner is from penampang, 2nd is from penampang, 3rd is from ranau. the winner is 1st runner-up for miss penampang, and the 2nd is 1st runner-up for miss sabah.yeahh...penampang girls rock!!

a very sweet girl with the poise, elegance, and a confident attitude. She deserved the title :)


May Salitah said...

i like ur blog! =)

V oN toP said...

haha full of crappy stories saja ni. thanks anyway :)