Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm a repeat offender

That would be the exact version of me...lots of tissues in my pockets but with a less red nose :)

you know, i really need to learn my lesson. never EVER attempt to kiss your boyfriend when he's got the flu & fever symptom (now he's having dry coughs). It's the 2nd time and the disease is definitely more teruk than the last. Couldn't sleep a wink last night due to sore throat, annoying headache with a dash of insomnia (or hyperactive mind syndrome). That got me to 'terbangun' 3 times at 12am, 3am, and 5am. Finally managed to drift off to slumberland after a gulp of paracetemol (not good, i know!) and tokusen.

Thought I can managed work today so I woke up with determination and went off to work, feeling slightly dizzy driving under the heavy morning rain. Mana tau...once I sat in front of my desk, all the feelings of sleepiness and dizziness started to invade me. I could barely lift my head and kept on wandering to the ladies' blowing my nose off. "My nose banjir," that was what I told my colleagues. During lunch break, I only had the interest for homemade fish ball meehoon soup and met up with gatal who's taking the half-day off (since he still sakit). I was tempted to spend the remaining hours snuggling in my comfy bed too, but being my stubborn self, I'm like 'what the hell, it's only a few hours left.' And so I tried my best doing some work tasks for the whole afternoon. Now it's half an hour towards closing, and Mum's going to fetch me (luckily!). Right after that, I'm going straight to the clinic, then go home and hit the hays.

Gatal's going for football selection somemore later this evening...I can't even stand of doing hip tilts in my Tuesday bellydancing class.

Ughh...I hate being sick!

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Diana Rikasari said...

i hope u get better soon my tina tuna....