Thursday, January 24, 2008

tHen i'm a bOOkahoLic

Today is a lucky day for me, ‘cos I’ve found the shopaholic series latest, shopaholic and baby, at Popular bookstore. And it was the last copy! YESSSSsssss!!! It first came out really pricey (circa RM65) last year as it was larger than the normal paperback novel ( and it’s not hard cover either!). Anyway, the standard paperback (around RM36) is finally out and my sharp eyes were drawn to it (spot on!) when I was actually looking for another book hehehe… For those who are not so lucky, please head over to Times’ at warisan for an extra 4 bucks J ! There are few copies left, so hurry!!

If Becky is a shopaholic, then I’m a bookaholic.

I love you Kinsella!

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